World of Warships #2 – The Only Tier II in the Village

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I’ve had a load of fun playing World of Warships with Sjin, we aren’t very practised or good, but we had a real blast!


  1. 17 views,17 seconds ago…

  2. oh you didnt die

  3. wow this is painful to watch…

  4. So painful to watch! :,(

  5. wow what 5th comment only? Turps you get too little D;

  6. This is really painful to watch…they are total noobs sure but still.

  7. I love watching people be bad at games

  8. Kinda love this tbh

  9. its a great thing to be a youtuber and get all shitty things ingame for
    free. just have to play 10 matches, upload them to youtube, and say how
    awesome this game is.

  10. StrangeVooDooMonster

    your trivia about knots, was wrong…

  11. How dog is shit is your knowledge of WW2? You didn’t know the British had
    ships? The fuck kind of education did you have?

  12. woo woo!!! turps comes down from the – where ever – to give us a vid.
    I hope turps puts out more vids :)

  13. Sjin: ‘I didnt even think we made boats’ um…ok what rock has sjin been
    living under

  14. wow i really feel the need for gauging my eyeballs out my head after i
    watched this.

  15. You can tell people are new when they comment some rendition of “this is
    painful to watch”. You really should expect this level of skill if you’ve
    watched the yogs for at least a couple of videos.

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