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“Ladies and gentlemen, this is your speaking” -Captain Warships, 2017

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  1. Sellout

  2. ᏚᎻᏆᎡᎾ

    see you guys in 4 months

  3. DarkkMane is the Giga-Nigga

  4. When you take a code even though you’ll never play the game

  5. ayy thanks darkman for the code but sadly I cannot watch your video because you are black.

  6. Radioaktiv Getoastet

    I have the feeling that every League-Youtuber is getting sponsored by World Of Warships

  7. I have a sinking feeling that this video is naut going to be a disappointment. Dark could you teach me how to plunder a fine booty?

  8. Khvote Windrunner

    thats how u do a sponsored video kids!

  9. Last time i was this early, the cell was the powerhouse of the mitochondria.

  10. dick nugget i said something stupid now can i get likes

  11. Aserola44 Gaming

    idc if you got paid to do this video.. shit, i would watch you play anything. darkk papa

  12. pfff, boats… real men play war thunder with glorious tanks and planes

  13. _If only we had some fucking water_ Rofl

  14. Barry Allen the Fastest Man Alive

    Realising Darkk is a selout hit my heart like a boat. With guns. A gunboat.

  15. Benjamin Lither

    Anyone notice 6:55 when he said ‘if you look right’ when he was actually looking left?

  16. Nice 18 fps man

  17. I love me some Dead People

    I like this new game mode for LOL, what’s it called?

  18. Killer Queen ღ

    Haven’t seen the video yet but, if he doesn’t play the “Deja Vu” song I’m unsubbing.

  19. Kristján Guðmundsson

    i laughed my ass off while watching this XD

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