World of warships – 20 super special containers on NA

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  1. OMNI cheats, I opened 20 and got nothing but a Tirpitz

  2. I opened yesterday same boxes in EU and got same ship’s and almost same flags and camo

  3. I did that and only got camo, flags and 270 days premium time. Wish I got ships on NA

  4. Welcome to the NA server

  5. friend of mine opened 20 mega crates and got 9 premium ships, 6k gold, and a shitload of camos

  6. I have bought 60 mega containers this year and have gotten 2 years of premium, so many ships including Kidd, Loyang, Kii, Tirpitz, about 24000 gold and tons of flags and camos. I am very pleased with the containers this year. NA rng is awesome.

  7. I opened 10 small containers early on , and got 1 with 30d premium time , I have not seen it since , nor have my friends . I suspect
    they have secretly removed premium time from the “presents” ( as seen over 200 among my friends )

  8. I’m on SEA server, I got 10 containers. 2 years worth of Premium, 4000 Gold, 2 Ships and the rest flags and cammo.

  9. I opened 20 on EU and only got camo and flags.

  10. This is depressing, how good crates you got. I have a feeling WG really sets it up for streamers, so people buy.

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