World of Warships – 2015

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  1. Anti-Aliasing ?

  2. Tone, Kitakami, USS buffalo, what happened to them?

  3. great work but could you develop a mobile version

  4. great team 😉 big

  5. I joined near the end of the open beta and by now, WoWs managed to drag me
    aways a bit from WoT. It just does so many things better. It feels like
    every 2 weeks a new patch comes out that brings improvements. they might be
    small or minor, but when the big patches come, it takes your 15 minutes, to
    even read everything that has been added or changed. And there were already
    a couple of surveys. I have never seen a survey for WoT…. With WoWs, you
    just have the feeling that the dev team cares about what players like and
    what not. If it goes on like that, I will have countless hours of fun in
    the future. WoWs dev team, keep up the good work!

  6. Andrew Wong (qwertwaszx3425)

    at the end, sneakpeak for a coming update/teaser/easter egg?

  7. Lol that ship in the final of this is the Space battleship Yamato? That
    would be very awsome to see in this game!

  8. 3:54 I tried to bro-check my future employer like you, i didn’t get the

  9. Is there going to BE anymore “World of” games

  10. 3:02. Sneak pekk of new branches?

  11. Another fact:
    2,780,000 players fapped on “Meet Dasha” video.


  13. Wargaming do Boats from th Netherlands in The game :D

  14. Is there like test server on this game?
    Because I want to test out the higher tiers!

  15. All that Epic Stuff Guys….and it´s worth a shit since you suck so much at
    What is Grafik worth if it´s not fun to play your game?
    Look at some amazingly successful games that use 10 year old engines…put
    effort in Balance and make each Kind of Ship at least playble instead of
    putting cream on top of a pile of garbage please!
    Even some Streamers start to “abandon Ship” already, please don´t make a
    2nd World of Warplanes, because i love the Game so far. Your Chance is NOW!

  16. We. Want. German. Battleships!!!

  17. Was expecting some combat stats similar to the OBT’s Stats Overkill video.
    But I guess those would’ve been just too ridiculous to even try to include,
    so whatever.

    Overall last year was pretty great, so I’ll be keeping my expectations
    sufficiently high this year.

  18. only good department of wargaming

  19. I see some interesting stuff on the Wiki

  20. very nice!

  21. I have challenge fow Make World of Warship to mobile hahaha

  22. When are we going to see an Australian Ship? What about the HMAS Sydney,
    who was lost with all 645 hands.

  23. The Dark Brotherhood of Warships…

  24. Good Video!

  25. Don’t forget the on going Fleet of FOG invasion.

  26. 3:00 that doesnt look like the wiki i can find? Can anybody help me, id
    like to be infatuated by her information.

  27. Really, very big compliment to wargaming, you have so much done to this
    game, it was so hard work, i cant believe it how much it is. This Game is
    awsome, really! All looks perfect and the graphics are so realistic! But
    the only thing which i miss are submarines. Yes I know you said there wont
    be any submarines, but why? Can someone tell me why there wont be any

  28. Submarinos é o que eu quero!

  29. I wait the French tech tree but the evolution of WoWs is very impressive, I
    follow the game since the beginning, this is a beautiful work. I hope that
    the WoWs community will continue to grow, it’s worth it !
    Special mention to the makers of this video, that’s awesome :D

  30. Are we going to achieve the Royal Navy this year?

  31. So when will the space maps come?

  32. 6million!! dannnyumm

  33. Super battleship Space-Yamato I see… We’re going to space now!?

  34. So.. Where can I buy the patches that the guys in the hood are wearing? :O

  35. these stats are funny XD 218k players at one time XD

  36. But where optimization..?

  37. coool

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