World of Warships – 2017 Preview

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posted a article on their website discussing what will come to in 2017. I discuss each item they highlight with some insight to what it could mean and what I’d like to see from the additions. German Destroyers, Soviet Destroyers, Heroic Commanders, Commander Skills 2.0, and Depot are among the additions they want to bring in 2017. Hope you enjoy the discussion and have a wonderful day!

Tier X Nation Class Ship Replay


  1. I hope that more British vessels come along. Everyone wants British
    Battleships but I want some British DDs

  2. Really surprised we didnt get Graf Spee for River Plat weekend.

  3. we have so many CVs in the Asian server

  4. I think that second Russian DD is the “you-trash-me.”

  5. And when are they implementing an ingame replay system ?
    that’s crazy you’re forced to get a mode for using such an easy and
    feature !

  6. In world of tanks Xbox they have commanders with unique skills. Like one
    consumable has a double use in the Krafts Panther.

  7. UnexpectedInquisition

    Germans do have citadels however. Misleading to say they do not. I think
    its theoretically possible to penetrate it; just highly unlikely. Correct
    me if I am wrong.

  8. I am still waiting for UI scaling… I cant play in 4k not because of
    performance but because the UI becomes tiny.

  9. One thing though. Do we get damn clan flags? Clans can choose emblems so
    why can’t we put them on flags. there’s always a second flag spot on ship
    masts and there is nothing there.

  10. Admiral Nimitz’s special skill will be an ability to sneak up on Japanese
    aircraft carrier’s

  11. How in the world are they adding more Soviet destroyers before adding any
    British destroyers (or even battleships)? They already have a Soviet
    destroyer line (and several of them are purely paper designs); why the hell
    are they adding more before adding some desperately needed lines to the
    British tree (the 2nd/3rd largest and most powerful navy in the world in
    WW2)? German destroyers are a welcome addition, though.

    I really don’t like Wargaming’s Russian favoritism–adding a second Soviet
    destroyer line (and having so many paper designs in both the cruiser and
    destroyer lines) when the Soviet navy was highly ineffectual and largely
    irrelevant in WW2 (and the Russian navy in WW1 hardly did anything
    either…and it got its ass handed to it in the Russo-Japanese War). The
    Royal Navy did more to defend Soviet waters than the Soviet navy did. And
    yet, even after all this time, the British tree has only a single cruiser
    line, and that’s it. The American battleship line has a gaping hole in it
    (namely, the South Dakota-class), and so does its carrier line (the
    Yorktown-class). Carriers in general still lack armor-piercing bombs, and
    AA is so imbalanced in general (and not historical) that carriers are a
    rare sight.

  12. Did they nerf japanese 203mm guns? I didnt citidal enemy cruiser ONCE while
    Shooting at their broadside often ( yes i know how to aim…)

  13. People are already bitching about the number of BB’s that camp and snipe
    and the solution WG comes up with is to go full retard on the number of new
    DD’s they add, so now the BB’s have even less incentive to push in and deal
    with pesky little bastards hiding in their smoke launching their “walls of

  14. Oh great, WoWS is adding another stupid psychic captain “skill” (JOIN THE
    NAVY, LEARN ESP, 100% GUARANTEED) to make playing DD’s even more of a drag
    and Concelament Expert even more useless even though it is a MAJOR
    sacrifice of skill points.

    I can’t say I like where WG is taking the game and I am VERY tired of them
    screwing up my ships after I get them where I want them. I am not looking
    forward to re-doing all my captains again. Their willy-nilly changes are
    really getting to me.

    I am not spending another dime on anything Wargaming.

  15. Any captain? Can I have Tarkin ?

  16. Any thoughts given on an entire missing class of ships…the submarine?

  17. when I get that ???t c??n?e skill on khaba and ?????? they’ll have
    glorious ??? like ??? in day, after some beating ofc 🙂 hope they dont
    change the skill

  18. lechatdu91 ChatonQuiMetDesBifle

    Wtf comme war Era destroyer what happened on their little head ? they are
    going to fuck this game up

  19. id sooner stick pins in my eyes than play this shite

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