World of Warships || 2018 Hodgepodge

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Just a little something to entertain you guys


Pic Sources



-The Ukrainians
– Hopak (Instrumental) –
Senran Kagura Estival Versus OST
-【艦これ】 軍艦マーチ(はやーい)「Alice in the hole!」
– Open Up! Way to the Title!

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  1. This is just a filler video because I didn’t really know what to make. Recommend me what you want me to create by replying to this comment. I’ll consider it.

  2. No bulli Mutsuki

  3. Yay! Another one. Glad you’re back. Entertaining as always.

  4. Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

    First Yuro now Sharon? what a great weekend…

  5. Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

    I was waiting for Yuro to do this meme but you did it first… 6:02

  6. Delicious Hopak. Honestly any sort of funny nonsense you put together is good enough

  7. its about god damn time

  8. It’s not gay if torpedo tubes don’t touch

  9. Yay! New SRM! Good to see you’re still doing these. They’re fun as heck to watch 😀 So I hereby recommend you continue to create things that are fun. (Love the anime references too!)

  10. Lmao i was in a game with HackingLIama yesterday

  11. Good stuff…I notice that you’ve never done a Pepsi Can video.

  12. And so it BEGINS…

  13. how can i have that part of the video? :)))

  14. I swear you and Yuro both know the perfect time to upload videos. 🙂

  15. Why is your graphic looks so bad LMAO

  16. _t o d o k e t e_
    scharnhorst na sa niwa

  17. After careful consideration, this video has been found to adequately meet my needs for entertainement.

    Thank you. Consider it liked.

  18. So you’ve came back. Now I can rest in peace

  19. Sharon and Yuro- WoWs power couple.

  20. Thanks for the headshot when I was a wallet warrior noob who didn’t want to play the danae. <3 love you Sharon and let's divvy sometime -HackingLlama

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