World of Warships 2018 Plans – Whats coming ?

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  1. what you want to see in 2018 for World of Warships ?

    • Eclipse lol

    • Alex Gonzalez bien dicho con latino america y españa

    • -soviet BBs.
      -the cold war soviet DD branch.
      -french destroyers.
      -a new way to purchase special premium ships (for example with lots of credits).
      -a heavy cruiser branch for the royal navy.
      -the t9 and t10 for the japanese DD split line

    • Itzthefire buying premium with credits is very necessary

    • I want to see *actual* cyclones. Ships rising and falling with the waves, water crashing over decks..that sorta thing.

    • Apart from American Cruiser split and French BBs: 1. New lines: British DD, Russian BB, and Italian Cruiser lines. (2019: Italian BB, French DD, British CV, British Cruiser line split, New Cruiser line (like South American or Spanish/Austrian etc.)). 2. USS Alaska 3. USS New Jersey (Tier 9 or 10)

  2. The British cruiser line also needs a cruiser split.
    We need those 203mm Tommy Cruisers.

    • Alex Gonzales

      How the ship would look and the fine design detail are mostly fictitious but not the spec sheet.

      Tzoli has amazing online sources and a good number of ships he makes in his gallery (that you might think are fake) are based on real spec sheets.

      Another example is the Super Yamato design A-150.
      Nobody knows what the real ship would have looked like even-though we have the spec sheet..
      We can only assume a design from the spec sheet and from various descriptions of those who did see the plans before they got fire bombed out of existence.

    • Also a lot of these Churchill CAs would have resembled HMS Neptune but with bigger guns.

    • tamenga88
      And then thoses ships are simi-ficcion or only a proposall or conceptual design’s??

    • tamenga88 LOL That t10 CA looks like HMS Reknown.

  3. Lots and lots of explosions………………….BOOOOOM!

  4. Hah! I want Varyag! Legendary ship for Russians ^_^

    • I didn’t either. It’s just that, their gameplay is *very* different to all other classes. And RNG and the painful difference between potato and unicum player. Your team is pretty much screwed if enemy CV is unicum and manage to take down your CV player first. Most game only has 1 CV per side. Basically if they’re dead no one can replace them, even though if Lady Fortuna is on their side, they still could score damage if their air group still flying despite the CV was sunk (yes, it happens before)

    • Also, like I said before, RN CVs plays differently than another CVs (even GZ has similarity to other CVs in extent). Their armor might be as memetic as German secondaries for CV standards, but their aircraft is… kind of lacking (I think even stock Lex could do better in hangar capacity). Sure there’s Saipan with its T9 planes, but are CV supposed to tank more (deck armor) with less power (less amount of planes)? (maybe?)

      But then again, this is the line when CL spews AP and BB spews HE. And their paradoxical CVs are already paradoxical IRL (yes, without WG bias). Some suggestions are welcome

    • Sabrin Nur well i guess they have to do smaller higher Tier Airgroups then ( maybe like 3 Fighter Squad with T8 planes on T7 CV? )

    • Well I think they could try the tanking thing, and let RN CVs Start planes when on fire( without the captain skill maybe )and give them good concealment so that they can get closer

    • Plausible in good concealment. They’re not as humongous as their IJN and USN counterparts (which is probably one of the factors of their low hangar capacity)

      While able to launch planes while on fire sounds unfair, Illustrious *actually did it* during Okinawa campaign. That, and its deck isn’t as badly damaged as the Essex-class despite being hit by kamikazes as well. However, Glorious failed to do so when the German Twins attacked so it’s maybe only preserved for T8 above. It’s also good for countering their few amount of aircrafts, since they can’t send airgroups as many as their Pacific counterparts. As for tanking, while they have good armor for Carriers, it’s probably not impressive enough against cruiser guns (the big caliber ones, at least), let alone BB’s. Except if they have memetic secondaries like GZ, I actually won’t recommend tanking… except against other CVs since apparently, RN CVs are good with them IRL… somehow

      IDK about higher tier planes. AFAIK, most of the non-biplanes they operated are lend-leased from the Americans. While this hilariously worked against *Bismarck*, from all things, against Super-AA botes, like the Atlantas or Mino… unfavorable things might happen to the planes

      Forgot to add this but their speed isn’t as good as other CVs as well

  5. What is also needed is a First Person Camera option to walk the decks of any ship even during replay to appreciate the size and scale of these vessels.

    Ridiculous special captains
    Like Popeye for the US Navy
    Mr. Bean for the Royal Navy
    Asterix for the French Navy
    Astro Boy for the Japanese Navy

  6. Your channel has greatly improved over time. Keep it up man! 🙂

  7. Actually simple, Japan is always on the game are rubbish, and other countries are strong.This is the 2018 wows plan

  8. Where is the Alaska???

    • carlos anibal ceron del castillo

      Greylord GR 305mm in a cruiser…. Mm

    • Greylord GR I think the displacement of Alaska is heavier than that of boundary between CAs and BBs so far. I think it will more likely become BB, Battlecruiser if it comes out.

    • carlos anibal ceron del castillo OP OF ALL OPs

    • carlos anibal ceron del castillo Sir, we have them in the form of this “Stalingrad” boi WG talked about some times ago

      Apparently, “Russian Alaska” before the actual Alaska (ironically, Alaska used to be a Russian territory). BECAUSE RUSSIAN BIAS, TOVARISHCH

      Though I haven’t hear anything about it for a long time…

    • carlos anibal ceron del castillo 280mm for Graf Spee seem fine for a cruiser!

  9. Hope Wargaming would fix Match Making such as AFK


  11. I em not a scared boy

    Wargaming can we cut it with Russian cruisers and give us the Russian Battleship Line already, also gives us like german Carriers, sure they didn’t build any but you can still make a line with planned versions. We seriously need a new Carrier Line like now.

  12. I want see Captain Dasha Perova. 😀


  14. Thank you shipmate

  15. I em not a scared boy

    We need to get Erich Raeder in here!

  16. No mention of Musashi? (guess it is already kinda in game although only test)

  17. i want a canadian destroyer as a premium for the brits

  18. (Worcester with Minotaur rate of fire)new tier 10 Atlanta

  19. How will the cruiser split affect the Atlanta and the Indianapolis?  Will power creep leave behind the 2 premiums?


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