World of Warships 2018 Santa Boxes – Containers may have Missouri, Belfast, Kutuzov and more!

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It’s time for the World of Warships 2018 Santa Boxes and I’m opening 60 of them! I’ll show you what I got, what you can get and which boxes are the best value for your money. The containers all have a chance to drop ships, and some of the ships being offered are the Missouri, Belfast, Kutuzov, Nikolai and more! This is a great chance to get some of those premium ships you missed out on.


  1. Missouri could be in them? YESSSS!!!!!

  2. To me, your pulls are NOT worth it. Absolutely horrible results.

    • Yea i checked it, you get a doubloon replacement if u got the ship, so he only got 1 ship out of 60 containers, horrible

    • Ydoum's Gaming Den

      +Martin Prendes yup. WG made our expectations high from the past two years and now are shitting on us. lol

    • +Dornpunzel I hear you. It’s a BIGGGG no no from me as well. Spen $100 or more on some shitty flags and cammos. Uh uh WG, you’re not suckering me in again.

    • +Dornpunzel oh man i couldnt agrre more the fun thing is that i have and will see youtubers opening this <> by hear them say woww niceee not badddd i get flags

    • +Sotorious my advice would be: spent the money on a game where the devs are worth it. Support them to make more great games. I just finished spiderman on ps4 and it was worth every penny. So much professional work, detail and love deserves my money. And not these greedy fucks over there in russia counting billions of euros/dollar by selling “virtual goods” like flags for ships by baiting you with the hope for a broken overpowered ship that should have been fixed or removed for a long time. Same story for years over at world of tanks.

  3. Oh no. Oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no, oh nooooooooooooo. No no no no no. Nope. My wallet will NOT like it. IT WILL NOT! Buuuuuttttt, for a chance at Missouri? Well then, the poor wallet may suffer. OH! AND THE GREMY IS BACK?!?!?! FOR REAL??? COOL! That is very cool!

  4. I want 50 million credits, I don’t think im asking too much here. :p

  5. omg, that means whales who are missing a few ships will have to buy tons of crates to get the few they dont have? jesus, this is terrible. why isnt it drawing ships and giving you duplicate doubloon value like last year? this is a travesty. i want special signals, i have all the ships, it barely gave you ANY. all you got was 20k coal too, terrible.

    • me thinks they wanted this out sooner then later so people have time to digest the bad news

    • Jingles mentioned that they have 2 ship lists – the ultra rare never going to be on sale again list, and the others (which are tier 5+ and don’t need steel to buy). From that he got ships he didn’t have from the list selected, or dubloon value for one he did. So how many ship crates you get is random, but the ship you get will be one you don’t have, unless you have all of them – then you get the port slot, 10pt captain, and dubloon equivalent.

    • +Neil Harbott
      what i dont understand is why they default give u the monaghan instead of the ship u r supposed to get its gold value…

    • +cobrazax I’m guessing that it’s the lowest value ship in the list. So either RNG for the ships you don’t have, or if you have them all, the gold for the lowest value ship – For the most part, I think this is a better way than they’ve done it before, where you can RNG any ship in the list, because it gives priority to filling the gaps in your fleet.

    • +Neil Harbott
      i think it was always giving the ships u dont have…
      they still should NOT reward u the lowest gold value, and give u the original gold value of the ship u were supposed to get, if u already have all ships.

  6. 1 premium out of 60 crates “No Soup for You” 🙂
    World of Gambling = RNG based crates.

  7. Augustuvi Primce dea.V.

    my wallet is died

  8. Really? Kronshtadt? I just bought her 3 days ago……

  9. The best deal is not to buy a container! Think about it – you save real money!

  10. i think you really got just one ship. If you would have pulled one more and you have it already, you would get the Doublones instead.

  11. Wargaming: we are gonna make it so the Missouri will no longer be sold
    *sells it anyway but as gambling*

  12. Jingles got 5 ships out of 60 crates, I say you got hosed

  13. Time for another rip off

  14. 60 boxes, 1 ship and no duplicates?? Well, good luck to the guys who start the game. A big pass for me. Nice video anyway.

  15. Its not very bright of WG to give all these Christmas boxes to CCs who already have most of the ships in the premium category. Because we the community can’t get a feel for the drops rates. I suggest WG pick members of the community who don’t have all the premium ships, gives them the 60 boxes and asks that they record it.

  16. Total Rip dont do it FFS.

  17. 1,667% its a ship? Really? 60 Boxes and only 1 Ship? Guys, safe your money and dont throw it to Russia

    • Yup! Same thought here, not that it matters as the computer I will have available to me on Christmas does not run World of Warships.
      It is my linux based laptop.

  18. Ydoum's Gaming Den

    Those boxes are TRASH BEYOND BELIEF! This has to be the lowest chance to get a ship out of them across all the years.

    • Ydoum’s Gaming Den He already has pretty much most of those ships, so he gets 0 chance to get them in the crate. I know this because Jingles managed to get 5 or 6 ships from his 60 crates.

    • Ydoum's Gaming Den

      +Aven Pillay it was confirmed that duplicates still are a possibility

    • Ydoum’s Gaming Den I’m pretty sure the chances for the duplicates are lower than if you do not have the ship.

    • +Ydoum’s Gaming Den true but the more premium ships you have the lower the possibility of getting a premium ship

  19. What is scary is when you look back over the last 3 years a tot up how much you spend on this game.

    • I thought it was a free game? :/

    • +The Gaming Python Oh it is but once you start buying premium time & flags/skins and premium ships it tots up over time.

    • Most people get a free buffet and hotel room when they spend a fraction of what we spend on this game. Want to know how Wargaming has money to have a production section or pay actresses or host huge events and have the marketing it does? Because I want the Missouri so bad I’m willing to spend $100 on crates.

    • +Lawren Downing Yea i forgot about the look crates, As much as i love wows i have decided not to spend anymore money Last count was about 600 pounds i`am not proud ,And if the wife knew i would be walking around with no bollox. It`s shocking how a game can creep into your wallet over time .

  20. Disgusting business policy from Wargaming side. Design OP ships sell them for a short period in order to make a bait and let people know about them. Then make the only way to get them via loot boxes. I would so much kick WG in the ass and leave this frikken game. The problem is there is no alternative, they are a monopoly.

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