World of Warships – 2018 Wishlist

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Discuss what I want from for 2018 in . UI Scaling, CV overhaul, Team communication improvements, and revisit many commander skills. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier VIII Pan-Asian Replay


  1. Roses are red.
    Chocolates are brown.
    I expect nothing.
    And I am still let down.

  2. My wish for 2018 : NERF CANCE- i mean nerf RN BB

    • I think only T9 and 10 is OP the otherones are rather balanced.

    • They are fine. They don’t need any buffs

    • Unless it’s Conqueror we’re talking about they don’t need nerfs. Just get modules to reduce fire chance and buff your ships ability to repair damage. And Royal Navy battleships have weak armor, and below average secondaries. They have eh characteristics when compared to other battleships.

    • jonmalizia I don’t think there very good. I am not afraid of the them. There he is annoying but not powerful.

    • they’re not that OP, if you think about it compared to the montana, they both have 1.9 sigma, about 24 or so km range, but montana AP shells have better penetration and damage due the the heavier shells. Even though it has that super heal, 90% of times your not healing the full value. Each head can head about 40k hp, but you can only heal 50% of pen damage, therefore if you take too much pens, your head won’t get full value. Its also covered in 32mm armour, so 203 HE can pen it.


  4. Couldn’t agree more. We have plenty of lines/premiums; we really need the issues and mechanics to be fixed and refined. I’d be perfectly happy to to not see a single new ship this year and instead get all of the issues worked out.

    • Dakota Bernacki You forget that every companys primary objective is to make money, especially with a freemium game…

    • MadCourier 6 I understand that I was simply expressing my personal opinion on what direction I would like the game to take. I am certain they won’t do it.

      But new content isn’t the only thing that ensures profit. It would be wise and benefit all if they improved their base game.

    • Dakota Bernacki and after that they should start making some ships HD like in wot

  5. maps! We need maps! it is starting to get boring on the same maps. maybe some new game types would be fun. Put an island in the middle of epicenter on tears of the desert, problem solved. I was sad when they got rid of bastion. But if people don’t like forts shooting, maybe they can just be surveillance stations, that detect ships at a range.

    • The problem with bastion wasn’t that the Forts were shooting. It was that the Forts have 405mm guns that have a 4 second reload. The surveillance stations were very hard to hit as well. The only way to train your guns to shoot high on the terrain where some were located was to be at the minimum zoom. It was not all that different from regular domination only that now DDs didn’t want to get close to the cap zones. It was more sad at how the game mode went from alright to downright deplorable.

    • hm maps is a good point, i actually think they do have enough maps, they just have to be available in every tier, which is certainly not the case.

  6. my wish for 2018:
    more CV’s !!!!
    CV balance

  7. The biggest one that needs to be mentioned- *BB AP on DDs*

    • Realism is and always has been a bullshit argument for this scenario. Because if we’re going with realism here, please nerf BB gun accuracy to realistic values.

      From a game design point of view however, large calibre AP pens on DDs are stupid because the DD really has no counterplay against BBs. Show broadside: Eat multiple overpens, try to minimise the profile the battleship can shoot: Get that big fat penetration. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. And that is the issue.

    • Ascarion Yeah that’s true. I understand that realism never will be a factor, otherwise 1 torpedo would sink any ship. It just annoys me 😛

    • Um, it took 10 torpedoes and 7 bombs to sink the Bismarck, and most larger warships that were hit by torpedoes in Pacific theatre survived.

    • Oh.. I thought torpedoes were a lot more vicious than made out to be in game. Didn’t realize torpedo belt armor actually worked that well.

    • Modern torpedoes are scary stuff. One of those might drop most BBs… but for obvious reasons, they’re a bit more potent than WW2 ones. Then again.. duds were a common problem too.

      As for ‘nerfing’ BB gun accuracy to realistic values. Lol? You do realize that they’ve artificially shortened the engagement ranges in WoWS right? And at 10km… or.. 6.2 miles… Most of the later era BBs… wouldn’t be missing all that much. Now the longer range engagements maybe… also let’s talk about the nerfed turning circles they gave BBs xD.

      I find it a bit absurd that you’re trying to claim that there’s no counter play for a DD against a BB. DDs are one of the largest threats to BBs outside of over island fire slingers. Even other BBs are more managable because you can dictate your engagement direction and often distance. The thing with DDs is that playing aggressive is a trade off. Risk vs Reward type deal. You stand the potential to drop a ton of torps or rain tons of fire down on the enemy at the risk of being pelted from… pretty much anyone paying attention (And willing to work as a team). You could always stay further back, go silent, and drop torps. Yes, torping is harder from a distance… but I’ve seen plenty of BBs and Cruisers dropped from 12+ Km with long range torps.

      Edit: Oh… and I forgot to mention the amusing hard cap they put on secondary guns. Lol at the American 127s only reaching out to 7km…

  8. Stop radar & hydro working through islands
    Change ships so that they steer from the rudder rather than from amidships
    Stop torpedo reloads
    Stop instant fire & flood heals
    Standardise spotting. If a DD can see you, you can see the DD
    Make running around & friendly ramming cause damage
    introduce waves, swell, tides & wind
    stop cyclones (i can’t see a ship at 8km but can see an island across the map)

    WoWs is an arcade game, so it won’t happen. Got to keep the kids happy, eh?

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      I agree with only 3 of statements… and thats Radar, AA and Hydro going through islands…
      Introducing  wave swells and tides – great idea – but needs a new game engine :(((( (unless it just does more splashes on the bows of ship)… Wave swells and wind – is a heavenly idea (that could affect smokes perhaps) – I doubt wg would implement such mechanics – : ((((

      Stopping Insta fire and floods with dmg control  – is a good idea actually – perhaps it reduces time of fires and floods to like 80% – so a 2min flood would just be 24 seconds (120sec / 5)…

      However I disagree with the removal of instant flooding heals – cause floods can be healed for 100% in game that takes time – kinda simulating flooding pumps in action… – then again “we don’t want to make the game too complicated – wg” 

      Stuff that I disagree with:

      Ships – do turn from the rudder… – but it appears to be turning a midship – due to the lateral resistance – but ships drift on water – when turning – so it can’t turn from the rudder like a car turning on the road.  

      Stopping torpedo reload cycles – would kill dds and sever the already messy – rock paper scissors factor
      Standardised spotting – will kill dds and cruisers – making this World of Battleships (if its not already). 
      Friendly ramming – to sink ships??? – the player base is mostly if not quite potato – so thats a horrid idea

      Why remove cyclones??? They are our only source of “weather effects – plus clearly you don’t understand how a storm could make Optics useless – preventing the detection and aiming of enemy ships (and how ships with Radar can use this to an advantage – which I find somewhat slightly historically accurate aka USN Radar FCS vs IJN Optics)

    • Conventryboy68 Cant agree more well said! Also: make running into islands deal tremmendous damage! Image you ramming an island with a destroyer/battleship and no damage at all! LOL

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Cause major dmg when ramming to an ISLAND!!! HA thats actually good one… you know why???

      Cause that would make Notser sink in every game!!!

    • Add to the list: Limited main battery, secondary and AA gun ammo. We can’t have arcade gaming in a simulator, right?

    • Great suggestions.
      Also make the range of guns consistent with their size. It’s dumb that a DD’s 5 inch main guns can out range the exact same secondaries on a CA or BB.

  9. My wish is to reduce the repair cost for t 10 ships. I did 140k damage on my yamato recently but my team lost and i have to pay a huge fine for it. I grinded that thing with no premiums and i felt there’s like no reward for playing all that time to get to t10. Idk maybe im just bad but at least reduce the repair cost.

    • You sound like you don’t have a premium account. The way this game and WoT are set up, is that, particularly without a premium account, you need to play some mid tier games to pay for your high tier games. This is how they try to keep the mid tier battles populated. And it’s not going to change. If you don’t have a premium account and you don’t play very, very well, you will lose credits in tier 10 battles. That’s the way it is and will stay. So you have some choices to make. You can either get good enough to at least break even or turn a profit at tier 10, or you can pay for a premium account, or you can learn to balance your play between high tier and mid tier ships to pay for your high tier play.

    • They already did. It’s called Type 20 Camouflage.

    • Wow thx for the advice guys, really appreciate it.

    • These huge repair fees are in place to make you play low/mid tier games now and then.

    • lol its like yall dont have the T10 prema camo 50% repair cost reduction everytime i make it to t10 in a like ill shell out the 20ish dollars for better income

  10. 1080P is fine – the best is the enemy of good enough.

    Give me:
    Mainline British destroyers.
    British heavy cruisers (even just one or two as winnable premiums).
    An F-key for “torpedoes fired”, “beware my torps” or some such thing, *with ability to target the friendly ship most at risk* if you please.
    +/- 1 matchmaking at all tiers (maybe even Tier 1).
    Ranked battles and ops for all tiers down to 4, say.
    Campaigns to win ships universally able to be completed in co-op, so unicums and the like don’t ROFLstomp lesser or newer players and shut them out.

    I am not sure I would bake Last Stand in, but certainly I think it could fairly be made a Level 1 skill. Then the player could buy their captain with a 1-point destroyer or light cruiser commander out of the box and get it immediately.

  11. Improved chances for a supercontainer – at least 50 “try your lucks” over the past few weeks and not ONE.


    Weather, stormy choppy seas that affect aim and shell travel time.

    Smoke from guns firing that lingers, but partially transparent to allow visual on allies and enemies, but no UI markers.

    Passive hydrophone indicator

    Recoil from big guns

    Ships list when flooding

    Crew movement on deck and bridge, visual rushing around when ship is on fire/repair and damage control parties are activated

    Anchors for maneuvering options, with a time to deploy and cooldown to retract, maybe chain breaks if deployed at full speed?

    Reversing engines is more effective

    Ability to fire individual guns per turret or automatic sequential firing, akin to real battleships etc.

    Naval bases in matches that if captured and held provide fleet bonuses

    Sea mines!

    I love this game but with respect it could go so much further!

    • Some ideas are nice, but they will not really fit in the game. The engine don’t support submarines, and bbabies complain about shimakaze 20km torps being op, imagine they hitting a sea mine, and getting instakilled at the start of the battle?

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      There is recoil from guns already! – its just to quick if I’m honest… they need to slow down the stabilisation of the guns after the recoil (and maybe add a steam sound effect too!).

    • Jim Audsley, +1 just because of the word Submarines! (Coincidentally, I also agree with the rest 😉

    • Planejox CrazyHorse

      Happens every year when containers are on sale brother

    • a majority of these ya wouldnt work i would like a majority of these visuals, and anchors are used so ships wouldnt drift in winds(the movie battleship got it wrong it would of serisously damaged the ship at that speed) also Subs cool idea but only destroyers and some cruisers could damage them under water and only if you had hydro you could spot them, and to Rafael im a bb player and majority of crying i see nowadays is from CAs and shima 20km torps arent op they are slow af ya most people can avoid but people are stupid

  12. I’d like to see WG change Premium Accounts. I don’t feel I get what I paid for. Buy a day, only play (on average) 4 hours. 20 hours of wasted time. It just doesn’t feel great. I would like something for the time paid for, but not played. I don’t think that is too much to ask for. Only count active time in the game. That with an expiration timer (buy a day with two days to use it up) would be better than it is now.

    • I completely agree, considering I work 12-hour days, so I only have about two to three hours at most to play between work shifts before I have to get back to bed for the next day. I don’t think I should be running through all my premium time fruitlessly just because I can’t devote every single moment of my time to my computer. Heck, my laptop died on me a few months ago, so I’ve been out a computer for the last several months until now, and I’m lucky I hadn’t re-bought any premium time before that, otherwise it would’ve all been wasted. Obviously WG doesn’t want all that time to stack for people like me who don’t play everyday or don’t play as much, because then a three-month Premium buy could last half a year or more, but they should do SOMETHING to give those of us not on all the time a little more for our money.

    • Well you two just figured out how WG drains the money out of your pockets.
      It is all part of their monetization strategy.

    • You can sorta-kinda already do this by buying economic signal flags and camos that give you bonuses to XP and credits earned, etc.

    • Christopher Jonasson

      I agree, if u are well off u can just buy a year premium, like who cares. A system with pay for ingame hours and some sort of counter of ingame time used would give players with less money more value.

    • As nice as that might be, Wargaming’s premium time is no different from most other major online MMOs except in one regard… most Online MMOs will charge you $19.99 a month for time… Wargaming only charges you $12.59. And I’m fairly sure that out of a month of only playing 4 hours a day tops on average… you’re missing out on a bit more than a day. If they were to do it your way… Those prices (And the price of everything else) would almost certainly go up…

  13. All I want from Wargaming? A proper replay system. Maybe the ability to watch replays from prior patches.

    • your pc captures the game play automatically like wot

    • Yep, and replays from a previous patch after you update your client will sometimes stop working so you can’t record them. I’ve lost one or two replays I wanted to upload to my youtube channel thanks to that. Now to be safe, whenever a patch releases I spend the day doing the recordings so I don’t lose it.

  14. Buffs to most Japanese ships

    • Buff Zao AA even further so I can troll CVs harder.

    • It wouldnt even be that hard. Buff their AA a bit so CVs can’t just hover over them and slash their torpedo reload times.

    • That’s not the buff Jap dds need. Imo, they could use some unique concealment related buff. Like, shorter bloom time, even lower air detection… AA and guns aren’t their thing and that’s okay. Some Jap dds could also definitely use a speed buff…

    • To all of them? no need there. The DDs do need some love but the cruisers are fine and the BBs are ok as well, Yamato has her spot, Zao is still a monster if well played, CVs are still the standart at which the other nations are measured. So how come “most” of them need buffs?

    • hm, i know a lot of JNP-Ships that dont need a Buff, they sometimes need or demand a certain playstyle but not a buff.

  15. My wish: Unscrew the IJN DD line, it feels like all they are good for now is spotting and maybe hit a lucky torp here and there, the guns turn to slow to be really usefull in a pinch unless both dds are broadsiding each other and have their torps on cooldown…

    • sorry man but i think the jap DDs have a few really good ships in their Techtree…so you dont get my vote on that one

  16. just another youtube account

    Here’s my wish list +1/-1 MM for T6 tired of trying to play my Arizona when 7/10 times I’m matched up against T8’s

  17. High-capacity shell type on 254mm+ guns instead of high explosive, and a tier 8-9 Premium Alaska-Class battlecruiser, classified like a Scharnhorst. Fix Yamato’s broken AP

    • and how is the yamato’s AP broken? cause it over matchs bow amour tough shit get over it the yamato pays a big price for been able to do that and that price is the ships speed and the fact that guns are the slowest turning in the game and the fact that it can and will be one shooted if a battle ship gets a slight flank on it.

      and also they cant really fix its ap cause 1 its not broken 2 the thing called over match

    • Alaska would totally be a T10 imo. With its decent rate of fire and big (For a cruiser) guns? If it was like the Spee and only had 6 I could see it at 8-9… but all 9? Not to mention I do believe they have mentioned that the Stalingrad (reward for Clan play?) is going to be a T10 and it was comparable (on paper) to the Alaska.

    • Alaska, yes please. I would love to see more choices in how ships are configured. Like a Bismarck/Tirpitz hull with 4×3 283mm guns. Probably have to be Shiny horse accurate as opposed to Graf Spee levels of dispersion & sigma. but talk about the potential to make cruiser players soil themselves…

  18. Wishes: Removal of carriers

  19. Silent_Assassin_Gamer

    I vote for CV removal

    • Ever heard of AA, cruiser support or asking the CV on your team to provide fighter support? Of course not because you are one of those people that use a BB to capture a point alone separated from the team. xD

      I actually stick with the team when playing with CV, concealment expert helps me not to get shot by artillery.

    • I don’t play any WG game other than WoWS. And no you’re wrong it does take skill to make flight paths for the planes and manual aiming as well(which is only available in tier6+) so if you think you know exactly how CVs work and you only have a CV below tier 6 then you don’t know anything about them. The only easy kills I ever get are against BBs that go alone with no cover whatsoever and DDs that can’t dodge for life.

    • Daniel Pogosyan do you know what sarcasm is ?

    • I am pretty sure he wasn’t sarcastic… he deleted his comments.

    • i think that would be the wrong move, and a loss for the game in general, cv improvement is the better way to go.

  20. What the Game Really needs, on a tech standpoint, is 64 bit compatibility.
    the game would stop crashing so much for alot of people if instead of 32bit the game is 64 Bit, it would also allow for texture improvements and faster loading times.

    • sorry to hear that you are having problems with it, but on my pc is run fine, and crashes are very very rare.

    • The problem is that most of wargaming’s audience is Eastern Europe and on average the computer arnt as good as Western Europe/North americAn computers
      Basically the game would have to run within the parameters of the 32 bit in the 64 bit version

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