World of Warships 2019 Goals – Be a Better Player

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2019 is here and everyone’s goal should pretty much be to be a better player. But being a better player goes a bit deeper than skill. We should all strive to be a better player in how we interact with other players. Being a better person is just as big a part of this. I;ve given a few thoughts on both. Happy New Year everyone.


  1. WoWS new year resolution: To never rage at my team especially in cases when my death was completely my fault
    (1 Match later)
    Well I tried.

  2. My resolution is to be a nicer player. That means no salt in the chat box, complimenting players who do well, both greens and reds, and calmly and quietly reporting not nice players. Basically give the game some sugar to balance out the salt.

  3. Happy New Year Zoup!

  4. My goal is to stop playing WOWS once 0.8.0 is released

  5. My resolution is instead of saying in game to the only DD in a match

    “ oh I thought you would spot instead of going to our backfield”


    “Please spot , you are the only DD in this match, thank you!

    Sound good ZOUP?!

  6. I have been around this game for some time (closed beta) and have dedicated alot of time to bettering myself in it. I have and I know this is 100% my own doing as I have developed the stigma that iam toxic and stat shame players. This is true to an extent but as of late I have made serious efforts to curbing my harsh comments and offering help to players I see that make basic mistakes.This sparked an idea as I see a serious lapse in tutorials for many things in game that War Gaming and the Community Contributors lack and just are not doing. This is basic skills a player needs to do well in battle regardless of the map or team composition, I.E- map awareness,positioning of your ship (early and late game) diverse captain builds to best suit the ships you play and individual play styles as well as clan wars cpt builds, ship builds, clan wars strategy to only mention a few. I for one am not a CC and was never very good at video editing so this to me is the next logical step as to how I could help the community.There is tons of knowledge us experienced players hold close to the chest as if we do not want the average player or the rest of the player base to know and this is wrong! So what I`am prepared to do is offer my services as an experienced player in random battles (over 20k on all servers) clan battles (o7) one of the top clans on the server (NA) and KOTS VII winner (o7) to assist clans in broadening their knowledge about the game. This will include private sessions with your clan members willing to learn and develop a chemistry with other members to do well and progress.And any other individual requests clan leaders ask of me during the training session I will be more than willing to accommodate! Now there was questions raised immediately if I would charge actual money for these sessions as i`am taking my own time to conduct them and to answer honestly I will leave it up to the individual clans who would participate if they are willing to contribute in a fashion they are comfortable with.To me it is more about seeing the community actually benefit from this experience than making a profit on the backs of others.Please feel free to comment below if you think this is a good idea or even bad but please keep it constructive and also please do contact me here on FB or in game @timmyg1004 if you are interested in one or more of these sessions! I would like to thank you all for your time and wish you all fair seas and safe travels,TimmyG1004

  7. happy new year zoup and all

  8. my goal is to make WG scrap their pathetic rework and instead tweak the current gameplay
    torp arming distance can be increased to demand more skilled prediction drops, which will make evading them easiler if u maneuver properly, rewarding skilled play from both sides.
    spotting from multiple squads is too strong, so making u able to get spotting info from only 1-2 squads at a time would balance this. its like listening to reports from only a few squads at a time on the radio and cant listen to others at the same time. switching between squads to get different spotting data can take time and have a cooldown, so u have to make a choice instead of spotting everything at the same time.
    AA can get stronger the longer u stay in it, to avoid perma DD spotting, or bombers hovering over targets for a long time to get perfect drops on them. this way its actually more reaslitic, as gunners improve their aim over time on the same targets. AA will return to normal GRADUALLY after the squad is out of range, so u cant insta reset it.
    AA can also be converted into direct dmg like in the rework, so u feel the power of your AA more, and get a direct reward for it that is also visually verified.
    AA can be considered to be used manually if desired, to focus its firepower more effectively, IF you dont focus on anything else at the time. of course it should only be really strong up close so its fair.

    btw i do try to help bad players improve with good advice, but usually they either ignore or act like jerks in return. they dont want to listen to 61%+ solo winrate players

  9. Well said. Last year tanks lost 20% of its playerbase… so, wows lets make a goal to welcome new players and gain 20% to our COMMUNITY

  10. Nice vid NoZoup!

  11. Becoming a better player is a constant resolution.

    But it is a game and I play for fun and accomplishment.(and being a history buff and seeing the ships in action is great. (I know they are not real and neither is the gameplay) If either does not work why play? I have other things I can do, but they are more expensive and sometimes lead to trips to the hospital so WoWS is better in that reguard.

    I play the game because I like it and hope to get better. I play almost entirely CoOp games, with just starting to play a game or two of Random, that way I only piss off one team if I screw up.

    Part of the problem is the lack of detail by WoWS in their game play information. Like, no details as to what ALL the keybaord codes are. A glossary of acronyms would be helpful too and well as terms like Kiting. And so far I have found nothing on how the chat works, other than just testing the “F” keys. (sorry about that tier one players!) I think that needs to be added to the game wiki as I am not on Facebook, Twitter or Twitch so I don’t know if that information is there or not.

    But I know the game changes and some of the information out there is no longer correct.

    The CC videos by Jingles, Notzer and NoZoupForYou are valuable in teaching while being enjoyable. And just playing and learn as you go works but is slow. I just figured out how the right mouse button works to look around without loosing your targeting. Just part of learning the game I guess.

    It might be nice if WoWS put in a “learning lab” game (I think there is somethig like that already but I don’t know if I can access it, but the cost benefit is not there for WoWS I am sure. So you can learn the fine points of aiming without affecting more serious gamers in the game. But then I might deprive them the joy of shooting my broadsides.

    There are many types of people and personalities I prefer to be helpful in gameplay but realize that some people are jerks who can best be ignored and hopefully they will get over themselves (probably not).

    I have not been encouraged with what I have seen in the carrier rework. But I also realize that WoWS is a business and wants to make money (and I think I have made a contribution to that) so it is not in their interest to piss off most of their clients. Fix it fast or loose players. I am not going to take the 360 days of Preimum offer because of the carrier rework, going to wait and see how it goes and if I want to continue playing in matches where carriers are present.

    Please excuse the rant like nature of this post.

  12. My goal is to take a break from World of Warships. I’ve being playing steadily for three years and lately, do not like the direction Wargaming is going. Not just the CV rework but the for pay campaign. What is it, $54.00 just to get steel, really Wargaming, are you that hard up for cash that you are now wanting us to pay for a supposedly free to play game. Sorry for this rant but enough is enough.

    Anyway, I do enjoy your videos and will continue watching them. Happy New Years to you and all the best to everyone. Be healthy and safe.

    • The steel is free if you do Tier 10 Ranked and Clan Battles. I don’t think Steel should be offered for cash, as it previously required team PvP play to earn the formerly rare Flint, Black, and Stalingrad.

    • not quite, I bought the campain for under £30 quid because I had a 30% off coupon you get 28 days of premium 2000 dubloons 4 santa and a mega crate and a nice chunk of steel and the santa crates has a chance of getting a premium ship (I got a blyska in one of them) so I already made back my money and some more

  13. A while back I made a decision not to despair on weekends and put basic tutorials up for beginners, the purpose being to try and improve the general standard of play.

    One day, new players may actually decide to search for them….. maybe. Until then, I’ll keep trying!

  14. CynicallyObnoxious

    Yes the people with 35% wtr and 9k avg dmg need coddled especially if they have like 11k matches oh yes coddle coddle coddle dont be mean to them in ranked or any sort of competitive nope nope nope coddle coddle coddle

  15. Hum…Zoup, did you just make the Best Vid of 2019??

    As someone who loves this game and has been playing it since Closed Beta, thanks for the little pep-talk you just gave the community.

  16. WG should post this video in their page!

  17. My resolution in world of warships is to be more observant, to compliment my fellow players and to be kinder to them, compliment my fellow captains when they get kills and like the other person said. Give some sugar to round out the salt and pepper.

  18. Disagree with you zoup that we can’t afford to lose new players. If you mean WG can’t afford it I would agree with that but I am happy to lose a terrible player. When the game dies I will replace it with something else that is newer and better. Long story short I am selfish with my time and the games I play and in a teamwork oriented game I say goodbye to the terrible players.

  19. Thanks for the wise words, as always. Especially the ones about being kind to your fellow players. That sort of talk doesn’t get enough appreciation, so I want you to know that you’re appreciated for saying it.

  20. Bravo to you sir! I hope WG sees this and promotes your video for you.

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