World of Warships 2021 Roleplay

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After playing 1 match where I actually tried to influence the battle outcome and fight for objectives, I died being all alone ofc and then few brilliant ppl in the chat pointed out that I lost because I was mispositioned. Clearly it was my mistake and not the rest of the team lemming to 1 side and doing nothing. So I decided to play the game the way WG wants me to play it and the way most of player base plays it anyway.


p.s. I know most of you play like this anyway xD

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  1. Oh no Flambass why upload this video mate? I literally went to my meeting I had to attend with a sad face , because I couldn’t see you play the way you wanted.
    *Sad* 😭 💔

    • IKR, broke my heart to watch such a sad video from Flambass, but I guess audience can be poor sometimes

    • Oh no, you poor thing. Your life must be considerably harder after seeing a YouTuber not play the game how they want. My heart bleeds for you. We should start a charity just for you. Poor thing

    • @Big B wow, look at you jumping in right on time with much needed smarminess – don’t overdo it or you give yourself another nose bleed

  2. Damn that amount of second or even third degree is insane. This is great, I laughed hard. “I pushed too much” in C6 xD I can’t handle it.

  3. And this is why I have not played WoW for weeks.

  4. The mayor of Salzburg called, he wants their salt back.

    • Ain’t it Salz he want back ?

    • Tell him, he have to fight it off with Old Man Jingles, after Flambass gave permission. 🙂

    • _Be careful not to bite the hand that feeds you. — ancient idiom_ A rational person would think it a mistake to vent one’s frustration with one’s customers in such a churlish and infantile manner. Popularity is a fickle thing. What the mob giveth the mob can taketh away.

    • @Robert Anderson Russian predatory companies that make pay2win game like WoT could care less. It’s F2P for a reason. F2P games rarely ever die.

    • @Zeitgeist X My comment keeps getting deleted. Let’s try again. I agree completely. I’ve described this game as a “sporting woman,” a pretty Russian “sporting woman” but a “sporting woman” none the same. And like that pretty Russian “sporting woman” this game promises you that for just _a little more money_ it will fulfill all of your desires. And just like that pretty Russian “sporting woman” when all your money is gone you will be left with nothing but the disappointment and the shame.

  5. Craig The Chivalrous

    So Wargaming finally broke Flambass….

  6. I can´t even lough at this anymore 🙁

  7. Thank God you finally learned this extremely exciting play style that WG is rewarding…clearly worth spending more money and investing in this game. Heard that soon there ll be new crates where you got a 0.01% chance to get a super rare T6 ship so you can enjoy the game even more….you really gotta get those crates, the ship in question isn t available anymore and as you see, it s totally worth spending more to fully enjoy the current game play.

    • Don’t forget: that rare T6 ship was removed from the game because it was deemed too OP and would never be sold again. Loot crates aren’t selling ships, of course…

    • BB Kevins have always sniped from the back, only difference is that they now got an escuse in form of a skill. Nothing else changed.

  8. Flambass: trolling level hard
    WG: “this is fine”

  9. I don’t care about the rant but that was entertaining AF! I laughed so hard I really had to concentrate not to shoot out last night’s stir fry out of my ass! I’m sure there is a lot of snowflakes doing exactly as you did in the video. Excellent Flambass! Excellent!!! ! !

  10. The “Masters” of wows finally “taught” flambass how to “correctly” play this game like a “legend”

  11. well this makes more sense now. all i get is the “get back” spam when useing jb to support dds during a base capture. f the blue line trolls

  12. The spreadsheet says this is engaging and fun…..never question the spreadsheet

  13. You misplayed again. You should’ve gone to A10 straight from the start, you wouldnt have taken so much fire. Plus you asked for smoke cover too late, you should’ve asked for it right at game start, that way you wouldnt have been seen at all. Oh well, not all your fault though, there was no CV you could hide behind, just bad matchmaking by WG.

  14. You misplayed again, holding central position and creating crossfire.

    Should have gone 1 side of the map. 😁😁😁

  15. “let me enhance his gaming experience” im dying laughing 😀

  16. That closing speech was incredible, thanks for the lols Flambass

  17. ‘Do they know their shit’
    Is very different from
    ‘Do they know they’re shit!’

  18. Your team: “Heck, this is normal”

    So the Potato Masher has finally become the Mashed Potato.

    • IKR … nobody on his team said anything to him! No “shut up with the spamming”, no “get off the A-Line”… just another day in paradise!

  19. You missed one thing, to play the way WG wants you to play, you should have used HE in your Yama

  20. FlamBass: Uses sarcasm
    WarGaming Devs: “The rework is a great success!”

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