World of warships – 2nd game after the break

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  1. Love seeing Bama Games. I got myself the Bama and prefer it to the NC in ranked mostly coz of its turning speed to dodge torps. OP

    • Yeah it’s a nice ship

    • Agree! Though the NC is faster, better guns and a little better AA, i feel its more nimble? Like some kind of super-heavy cruiser?

      Have a little discussion with AtotheK from the WGP2W-clan, and agree with him that the NC is a better ship for clan… And with a balanced team its no problem with ranked either. But the problems with ranked is that you never know what ships you will have on the team.

      The NC is the ship that i’ve had the highest dmg in in a ranked battle with (+150K), but the Alabama is the one i can make those deicisive plays which break up one flank which can turn the game completely.

      Just my opinion 0:)

  2. Not even close.

  3. For me the best kind of music for battles is stuff like “Fortunate Son” from Credence Clear Water Revival or ZZ Top “La Grange” tho i do enjoy your choice of music!

  4. that game was a ton of fun!!!

  5. I’ve noticed W G has a lot of those ”odd” things, like switching the placement of XP n Free XP on those two screens at very end of video. Oh those Russians…the info they give n game can be very ”confusing”. But defintly NOT intentional !!!….right?

  6. Healllealealealeal xD

  7. Nice video flambass 😀 Made my day, thanks, i wish I wish I had target practice like that in my games, but well, you know… Anyway, what’s the song at 7:46?

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