World of Warships – 2nd worst ship EVER best result EVER – no clickbait

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I honestly consider this to be one of the worst ships ever made. I have such bad memories of it from back in the day when BBs were a lot weaker and that feeling stuck with me till this day.

It is beyond slow and you can fall a sleep playing it.

This result however, does not support my claim…so you’re just gonna have to take my word for it or go ham on me in the comments trying to convince me how this ship is actually great GOOD LUCK WIT THAT xD

Enjoy and have watching 😉

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  1. Continental drift is faster than this turd of a ship…

    • @Andrew Duan It’s slow and sluggish with inaccurate gun, high arcing/slow rounds which is not really beginner friendly and even those with some experience sometimes struggle with the US rounds, dreadful detectability, and doesn’t really have armor so it can’t really brawl much. I mean there’s literally nothing positive going for this ship.

    • @nmj 20kms of gun range, 10 guns, it felt pretty accurate when i whent through it, every bb is spotted from the moon at t5, and it doesnt really matter at low tier tbh since the maps are tiny, decent gun arcs for the set up, i dunno. I thought this ships was the best tier 5 ship. Better than the kongo at least…

    • I dont think it is that bad of a ship, im pretty shit at the game and I can still do okay with it

    • @Andrew Duan Every BB may be easily spotted in tier 5 but most BB can easily get to position or cover and another thing you need to consider is how slow the acceleration of the ship is, it only has 28,100 HP when upgraded (lowest in all tier 5 BBs), and it bleeds speed so much when it turn and is slow to gain the speed back. 20km gun range on an american BB is nearly impossible to get a good accurate shot when you’re still a beginner due to the amount of travel time you have to calculate, as you experience more battles and get used to the travel time you could possibly hit those cross-map shots but like I said it’s almost impossible for beginners to hit those and is still quite challenging even to those accustomed to it, most will wait until 15km below before they shot as they have higher chances of hitting the enemy and how many minutes have passed before you were able to reach those 15km below range? Is your flank still alive? or are they all out and you’re going against an entire fleet without any hope to outrun them? You also need to remember that this ship can get into tier 7 battles and knowing most ships including BBs are faster than you then you’re just a big xp pinata waiting to get hit while going to position.

    • nmj I don’t usually see people waiting to shoot at any tier tbh. It’s not like you lose anything by taking potshots. And while it is inaccurate, 10 guns makes it feel a lot better than the 8guns on the Kongo or konig. The shell travel time is actually a lot better than most high tier USN BBs too. Plus, at t5 most battles have double CV doing their best eye of Sauron impression so detect ability doesn’t really mean much.

  2. I love how Flambass keeps trying to put off playing the slow American bbs but bows to peer pressure eventually 😜

    • I wonder what he hates more. Those annoying Mikasa requests.. or American slow bbs.

    • He wants to play OP and only OP. He’s the proverbial Seal Clubber. Changes his nick so folks won’t fire at him.

    • @Du Doch Nicht Not really, he plays everything except ships he thinks are extremely bad. NY is extremely bad and that’s not just an opinion. He changed his name because people kept focusing him despite having better targets to shoot at, they would fire at him when he’s bow tanking in a Kremlin and ignore his fully broadside ally in a cruiser in many games. If you get focused like that you’d change your name. Plus, seal clubbing is in lower tiers, flambass almost never plays them, he plays T8-10 most of the time. None of what you said is even remotely true.

    • @SpartiuS94 Based upon my observations he is OP and only OP……..whines and cries like a girl if his team doesn’t support his sniping. But it may be that you watch his every video and have a fuller understanding of his overall gameplay. I’ve watched only enough to believe he is intolerable. Then again, you may be his biggest fan and stream admin. Do you deny he changes nicks more often than a girl changes her hair color?

    • @Du Doch Nicht I’m not the biggest fan, I see something I disagree with I point it out. However, what your statements indicate about him is that you know pretty much nothing about him aside from a few moments where you saw him complain. For starters, he is a very aggressive player, not a sniper. To make such a claim is just absurd and ignorant. Also regarding his hair color, do you even realize he does it for charity? He puts a stream for charity (all donations) and puts challenges for each threshold. The top threshold challenge is dying his hair, he raised over $9k in the two times he dyed his hair. But sure, shittalk him more I guess. Yeah he can be whiny sometimes, but he is mostly friendly and I’ve watched enough of him live on stream to form this observation.

      But all of this begs the question, if you find him so intolerable, which is perfectly fine, why do you click his videos, scroll down the comments and reply to others to shittalk him? The effort you guys put just to hate on someone is astonishing.

  3. I had to grind through it, the new mexico and colorado twice since I made my Steam account my main…yeah I saved every single bit of free XP and flag to get through them after the first bought of torture. On my first account, I actually started playing before the range buffs – meaning that I was facing other BB that were faster *and* outranged me.

    That being said, the secondaries on a new york with the B hull detonated my farragut…

  4. this ship is good for its tier imo. decent guns, I can punish cruisers alot. got my last kraken (9 kills) with this thing.

    • @Jon B I do, I played back then. I hated kongo. Sure you’re fast, and sure you have a lot more range (spotter plane HE detonations in enemy spawn on first reload o/) but my experience w kongo is just 99.95% overpens and misses, with the odd citadel. Mid range, short or long, it was always annoying.

      Personally I preferred being outranged by some ships to having guns that actually perform consistently instead of kongo feeling like a slot machine even more heavily stacked against you than actual casino machines. But I will admit, I am not nor never have been a BB main, so both NY and kongo were not my favs, they were firmly second worst and worst fav ships (at t5). Minekaze firmly at the top.

    • @ainumahtar Right, I remember Kongo being inconsistent, but the damage averaged out and the issue was it was uncounterable to every other T5 unless it chose to get in close. Then there was the issue of being up-tiered. Sure you might not be particularly effective playing against T7 as a Kongo but at least you had the speed and range to keep yourself safe. As NY you may as well have gone AFK because you were nothing more than a derpy little snack for Fuso and Nagato.

      Minekaze at that time was fun and borderline OP. Funny they nerfed it but kept the same stats on the premium Kamikaze (because of course they did).

    • Yes, Texas and New York are indeed really good BBs. They were my training wheels, after i realized my first t5 (könig) wasn’t as consistent as these beasts. Kongo comes second to NY class for me because the latter can snipe and brawl same tier really consistently. Kongo while being fast, handles like a T7. Still play super dreadnoughts every once in a while to sealclub.

    • I love my NY. I bought the icicle permanent camo for her.

      Yeah she slow but shes a great shot gun.

      I was wrecking stuff in the asymmetric battles in her!

    • remember that compared to all ships this one is pretty low

  5. 1:07 wait flambass actually used spotter plane

  6. I swear when I played that ship it had like 12 km range or something

  7. I actually started enjoying the NY. I played the hell out of it for the campaign. Had many really good matches with it.

  8. Cant understand why you would classify this as being one of the worst ships in the game tbh. I think its fairly good for its tier. Agreed, the speed is horrible, but the guns do make up for it. They’re pretty hard hitting shells with an accuracy that is on the better half of T5 BB’s…

    • I think the transition from the N. Carolina makes it painful they play very differently and the Carolina has precision at long range where as the Yorker doth not.

    • @stalrunner your first mistake is pointing bow in with New York, 14 inch and above can punch through her bows, not to mention the plunging fire. I agree her armor is terrible, but for horizontal dispersion she can effectively punish broadsides ;D

    • @SS E_Weston oh I always angled. I’m just saying that the plunging fire vulnerability meant angling didn’t help.

    • @stalrunner What I usually like to do (this being situational since I somehow always join a flank that soon collapses lol) is wiggle that stern quarter and kite them with the comparatively better gun angles looking aft.

    • @stalrunner you’re right about the weak deck armor, but that’s why the NY should be played as the Colorado: choose a flank and stick to it or go through the middle and try to position yourself in such a way you’re not too far from your teammates. The slow speed just doesn’t allow you to disengage nor avoid torps that easily.

      But the guns do shine at 12-14km anyhow, any given broadside can be punished real hard.

  9. The more Flambass critiques things in the game the better he does. It’s like wg rewards the salty players.

    • You mean youtube celebrities?
      I still laugh when I opened all boxes of gift containers and other stuff.. the best thing I got? some doubloons.. And full salt Flambino got 2 steel pack after “calling” comway. XD

    • @supertamal2000 It’s such a beautiful thing!

  10. I loved this when i played at wow. Easy to get cits for his tier

  11. Excuse me?!! The NY is a damn good ship! Well… It was when I played it last..

  12. there is one ship worse and its a Premium, its the GENOVA

  13. New York, most underrated ship with much potential inside 🙂

  14. I used to race cars competitively. I have won more than a few bets by racing an average car against average (or below average) drivers in fast cars. The driver is much more important than the vehicle.
    Which Flambass just demonstrated. Oh well. In another 10 years I’ll be gud at WoWs too.

  15. I did actually really good in that ship…yes it’s slow but otherwise i like it.. xD
    Am I sick ?

  16. Well, suddenly all enemies started reversing when they saw Flambass so NY was faster than them!

  17. I admit I had some real laughs watching this. I actually like the New York in some ways. Flambass’s reactions are well worth the watch.

  18. Has he blocked any mention of the South Carolina from his psyche?

  19. Slumming again Flambass, not enough baby seals to club at the higher tiers?

  20. I honestly don’t know how but I had a one off game in this ship where I got 150k damage… I would not call myself a good player I would say I am fairly average. I never got anywhere close to this result again.

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