World of Warships – 3 years Anniversary SUPER CONTAINER opening

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It’s 3 years since World of Warships has be launched and as a “Thank you” from WG there are plenty of bonuses and free things that you can get yourself.
I was pretty lucky and got almost everything I wanted, I wish you good luck as well and cya 😉


  1. Christmas in Septemmber… yahoo!

  2. Flambass, do you think it is unfair that WG rewards the highest tier players while those who are still grinding to tier 10 don’t receive anything? To me it feels like the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

    • Last year my pockets remained empty since I didnt grind out a single line. This year I put 11 T10 to work, so no: effort gets rewarded.

    • You get 5 of each special flags for every 1000 games u have played.
      Those r the best grinding flags.

    • Well everyone aims at tier 10, and WG is rewarding ppl who got to it. Ofc from business perspective it makes perfect sense, but I know it feels a bit weird if you’re not there yet but don’t worry, you’ll get there and there will be more of this in future for sure. ppl who’re starting have so much to do anyway

    • There are also some who have played just as long as the top tier guys but prefer to play the lower tiers, not all play top tier just because its there, but enjoy the tiers 6 to 8 more

    • +Glynn Easom if you prefer to play low tier then you don’t need the grinding flags / cammos anyway.


    Still find the newer players (or old players that don’t have t10) didn’t get much out of it, would have been nice if they gave people without t10 more xp camos/flags to grind up, make them exclusive with the t10 SC so people can’t double dip or something. But I guess WG doesn’t care about anything but t10 and selling premiums so it makes sense. Still, got some free stuff which is nice.

    Also saw this on stream but the casual “Eh, last time I was opening about 200 of these” Still cracks me up. XD

    • I hear ya. Mythical containers are hard enough to trigger. I think I need to sacrifice to RNGAllah, RNGJesus has forsaken me. lol

  4. Both Flambass and Flamu got extra SUPER CONTAINER….

    Tell me it is not Rigged

  5. Flambass i take 2000 gold and you take for me 400 detonation flags.

  6. Why only for t10 😭😭😭 damm you wg

    • HeHeHu Nop This one time its petfectly justified; 3 years of Wows so its big “thank you” for people that grind a lot of lines. Im saying it having no tier 10 whatsoever mind you ;]

    • Been playing since Open Beta and I have not yet bought any Tier Xs, even though I have just over 6,000 battles. I think the high tier meta has been horribly unfun (and getting worse), so shy would I subject myself to it? The only reason I have any tier IXs is to help with campaigns that require them.

    • +Jim Rinkenberger I think tx game play is great especially for DDs. Avoid the radars at the start then punish the campers. Its great (and rewarding).

  7. yes, you can do it in coop. Yesterday coop was a blast. We’ve played several games with the same random people farming supercontainers, so eventually we set a challenge in each round – beat the bots under 5 minutes 🙂

  8. I’ve been playing since Open Beta. I don’t play on a real regular basis, so I don’t play premium as most of it would be wasted. As a result of that, I don’t yet have any T10 ships, so the 3 year anniversary and it’s rewards are a complete non-event as far as I am concerned.

    • I’m in the same boat as you (pun intended)

    • That is so not true, you have 200% on all your 1st wins, you get 24 hours premium acca and 5x flags for each 1k battles you played on your account. Why are ppl always like “omg there’s someone who will get rewarded more then me who is actually playing the game??? RLY??? No comment

    • And it should be a non event for you. You don’t play regularly so why should you get rewards?

  9. Have they fiddled with the super containers again? The “premium” rewards (gold, premium time) that I have seen so far were not as satisfying like they used to be. No 2500 gold, no more than 7 days prem, …

  10. I don’t even play this game but I like your content. It’s amazing how you have to buy crates in WoT and you get stuff like that “for free” in which you even get gold. Maybe I will play WoWs again ^^

  11. WG is a joke…..uninstalled a week ago and it feels great……thanks my man for your hard work.

  12. Was the super container thing only for 1 day?

  13. Thanks for the vid! Your enthusiasm is quite infectious and always refreshing considering the amount of toxic players you run into all of these online games nowadays.

  14. lol i got rewarded a few K free xp and 333k coins, 24h premium and a shitload of economic/xp flags for playing 4000 battles since Ive started playing. I didnt even know that reward existed :’)

  15. RIGGED§ Both Flamu AND you got yourselves an another Super container 😀

  16. I love your content but I do not get notified any longer when you go live. I enjoy your content and hope someone will tell me why I do not get notified when you go live.

    • You don’t get notified when I go live on twitch?
      You can follow me on twitter and join my discord, I also notify everyone there when I go live. But your twitch should notify you as well if you have that follow notification enabled

  17. That first container is for sure rigged lol

  18. I don’t play regularly, so I only have 4 tier 10 ships, but also got an additional Supercontainer from my normal daily containers. And one of the containers had the USS Kidd in it. Pretty happy with that 😀

  19. Flambass: Excited over 50% credits. Checks port – 489M credits on hand 🙂

  20. Is it only a thank you if you have T10?
    Or is it no T10, wank you very much and FU?

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