World of Warships – 30+ SUPER CONTAINERS for WoWS anniversary

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I decided to get a win on all 31 of my tier X ships in 1 day and open all super containers in 1 go. In addition to that I had daily containers + a lot of mission containers including 15 cat containers.

This is not me telling you to buy containers, this is simply me showing you what you can expect to get in them so you know what you would be getting yourself into. Is it worth? That's on YOU to decide.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. I haven’t heard from a single player that they pulled something decent out of the supercontainers.
    I would have prefered the special upgrades more than the flags.
    They defenitly nerved the containers for the event

  2. Super Containers has only brought me signals so far. I never saw them as valuable, more like a oversized normal container you can get every day in the xp grind. the containers in general in WOWS has left me underwhelmed. I never buy these as well. I’ll stick with premium ships and premium account purchases for now

  3. A large steaming pile of RNG disappointment.

    Whole game in a nut shell.

  4. Reinforces my experience, too: they’ve nerfed supercontainers.

  5. WG is really asking us to NOT buy any containers.

  6. I’ve gotten nothing but flags and camos. Rip

  7. An Iowa class Battleship

    Should’ve had a Flamu vid running in the background to please the RNGesus gods.

  8. Some people are very happy with credit modifying flags and camo’s… Just because you have so much doesn’t mean they’re bad, any regular player has credit shortages.

  9. Their “Supercontainers” are embarrasing, if you even get one.
    They are so blinded by greed and incompetence that they are sucking all the fun out of this game.

  10. welcome to wargaming fellas! this is how they work.

  11. Yeah I think the algorythm is thinking: “What can you present a guy, who has everything?” ;D

  12. They’re not as “super” as they once were….

  13. **in my best Lord Humungus voice referencing WG games**

    Just walk away. There will be an end to the horror. Just walk away.

  14. Yep, this has always been my experience with super containers, just a high ammount of flags or camo, nothing worth getting excited about.

  15. Only a CC would be complaining about this. Most of us don’t have “thousands” of each flag.

  16. If this video shouldn’t be called ‘Don’t ever think about actually paying for WG crates’ i don’t know what should 😀

  17. rumor has it:
    *WG lowered the supercontainer chance of getting unique camo, signals and ships in this anniversary event*

  18. World of Gambling 2019

  19. for the 4 years i play this game, when it comes to Containers, i only did spend some on Christmas Containers last year and yes it was worth it…….other than that….nope ty

  20. A premium ship is the last thing you’ll ever get in one of those RNG riddled containers

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