World of Warships – 3BBs 2 Brothers 1 strategy 0 DDs

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We picked a division of 3 Battleships because we were playing a challenge, ended on 2 Brothers map with only 1 thing left to do and there were 0 DDs in this game.

Ofc we went down the damn middle channel xD

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Trenlass’ skill makes up for how bad monkey is.

  2. Even a tier 8 cv is totally balanced!

  3. “Strategy” is a pretty loose term for what you guys did there…

  4. Swolensk is SO broken, working as intended.


    *Oh did ya* 😏

  6. to be fair, that mino and cleve with cycling radars and hydros kept 3 bbs and a cruiser stuck in one place for over 12 mins unable to move.
    the problem is that the rest of the enemy team didnt use that numbers advantage in their favor to steamroll on either side, instead plenty of ships decided to turn around and give you 3 something to shoot at, which was both bad for them and good for you.

    tactically, the mino played it right.

    • It’s easier to be salty about mino and t8 cvs.

    • Indeed. I’d say they did it about as good as it could be done. They def played it right. The rest of em however, lettin’ light cruisers do their tanking and stalling for them while they hoom hah around in the big ships without really getting much done. Is kind of part of the meta, to be honest, lol.

    • I also think Flambass’s team did a pretty good job in not overextending early and slowly kiting back on both flanks. “Not having” three of their BBs means they were quite overmatched in terms of health pools, alpha punch and staying power. It takes above-average players to notice that and modify their play accordingly.

  7. Manik Samaraweera

    Saw this from Trenlass’ side, was quite funny.

  8. Just a reminder, that Smolensk tanked 10 times more than Missouri who never gave a broadside.

  9. What’s up with the shells now? They look weird.

  10. 2 Brothers 3 Stooges XD

  11. Mino wasn’t useless, he kept you three in check almost singlehandedly. And had very little to show for it. Tactically a good move I think, but he was never gonna be able to keep it up. Monkey’s sacrifice was a good move.

    • Prisoner of the Highway

      This is honestly one of the biggest reasons I quit. “Doing the right thing” gets you nothing but toxic chat and empty rewards screen.

    • @Prisoner of the Highway Yeah, until they find a way to reward teamplay – actual teamplay, as in a DD doing continued spotting, or one cruiser dropping smoke for another, etc – people will mostly play as 12 individuals. You’re kind of forced to.

    • You two have a great point. I wholeheartedly agree that the reward system is a bit broken and needs a urgent rework.

  12. I don’t like that the ad cards onscreen now block endgame results. It’s happened a few times now 🙁

  13. T8 CV gets 3 drops on a T10 BB without losing a single plane. Yea, CV is balanced!

    • If you’re referring to the part where he gets torpedoed by the CV near the end, then its no surprise the Shokaku successfully got 3 drops, Flambass clearly said that 50% of his AA is gone, if a Bourgogne has lost 50% of its AA it just like attacking a King George V with it’s upgraded hull. So you’re essentially putting T8 planes up against a T7 BB.

    • also, he shot down 3 planes
      2 before the 3rd drop, 1 after
      cv is perfectly balanced
      what’s next, the spiffing brit makes a video about cvs?

  14. ” You been reported six times ” LOL The Mino did a great job in my opinion

  15. I think that that Mino is the same guy, who did that amazing battle, with Kléber in a CV game. It was around 300k dmg, and 7 kills, it was a pleasure to watch it.

  16. 16:10 You Call the Mino useless, then describe exactly how he was useful in delaying your actions . . . ?

  17. Hating on the Mino when he stopped your 3 BB push and got a kill. That’s pretty toxic.

  18. A Mino held you 3 T10 super battleships at bay alone, and you are being toxic because the Mino tactic was too good for you to handle. Grow up mate. I know the Mino player, and he is damn good player!

  19. I watch as Flambass quietly shifts into reverse, sliding back so Trendlass and Monkey are taking incoming fire first. 🙂

  20. There has to be a bug in the game that keeps MONKEY from hitting ships.

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