World of Warships – 3Up3Down – Yudachi – POI

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The Poi boat, Yūdachi, has arrived in World Warships… yup…total collectors item.


  1. woohoo first. 49 seconds :p talk about timing
    nice vid btw thanks for doing these

  2. did someone say…. Poi

  3. I can’t tell if this is legitimate help or a shitpost.

  4. It would be interesting if they added the ijn hibikki in the russian tech tree which was given by the soviet in 1946 served in 1947 and struck in 1953 then used as a training target in 1970

    • It would be interesting if they just released a good high tier Japanese premium.

    • I would like hibiki with changeable hull. Main hull uses 127mm and optional hull uses russian 130mm but with inferior torps. If they can do this with harekaze they should have no problem with this

  5. That last bit made me angery >:(

  6. Reason 2 is enough, but when I see reason 3 of cons. it hurts my soul

  7. If you ever wonder why WG produces premiums that suck its because they have to balance out the broken ships they sometimes release.
    >_> ~Looks at Smolensk~
    ~Looks at Yudachi~ <_< Its Balance Comrade.

  8. Ok now this is the best vid from Ichase…

  9. Even WG is shamelessly using the poi meme to make a video while never sought to do collab with Kancolle, however what’s more infuriating is the fact they forget to put sails on her

    • I think it is more likely Tanaka /C2 / Kadokawa say NOPE to WG, that’s why WG find “alternative” and collab with Azur Lane instead

    • imamage that’s my initial thought too, but it just doesn’t make much sense to me why Tanaka rejected the offer?

    • @Michael Deng because they dont collab with non japanese companies they dont care about the western market i mean you still need a vpn to play kancolle to this day

    • @Sasori Akasuna I heard some opinions pointing out the reason was Kadokawa does not fancy cross collabs between online games, not sure if its due to xenophobia though
      Cuz if they really didn’t care about western fan base, why’d they bother importing foreign shipfus, european events, or even english UI?

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Kodakawa literally shot themselves in the foot hardcore by not collabing with wows.
      It’s like 90% of the first asian playerbase was due to KC alone, it would take another 3 years for Azur Lane to come to existence even.

      Truly wasted opportunity from Kodakawa by which AL, has every single ounce to take.

  10. Who else thinks that there should be a kancolle; wows and azur lane collab?

  11. That´s the most condensed and prob. best review of a ship i have ever seen. GJ iChase gj.

    And the obligatory POI ofc.

  12. Played my first game in her tonight. 24 torps fired. 0 hits.
    My hope is that she will get buffed down the line.

  13. Waiting for the next Yuro vid.

  14. Bad guns, bad speed, bad detection range, slow torps with 9.5 sec reaction time, which anyone can dodge, it’s no buy

  15. The way this boat works is that you send some torps towards the enemy and then they can choose if they want to dodge them or not.
    Them choosing not to dodge them is the most beneficial outcome for you.

  16. I bought it because I want to troll

    Very nice camo scheme though.

  17. We have been asking for this ship for sooo long and all we wanted was a decent torp bote, and we get this?!?! Why does WG hate us….

  18. WG broke our poi, she deserve get more impressive stat…
    all WG do is make Russian Ship OP, and make Axis Ship become trash

  19. Azur lane Yudachi collab is also fine
    awoo is better than nothing.
    still, need Poi actually

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