World of warships – 3x BBs bottom tier THROUGH THE MIDDLE

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I was trying to get some wins for Texas mission but I just couldn’t carry enough.


  1. The enemy team went full lemming.

  2. Aurélien Goerlinger

    With how much wins you post on this channel while passing through the middle on this map, i’m starting to think that this strategy is surprisingly good. Kappa

  3. ‘He’s American, he’s supposed to be fat and slow’. Now I’m sure that won’t stir up any shit, lemme get some popcorn first.

  4. Speshuuuul Tack Tic … Best Tack tic 🙂

  5. he is AMERICAN he is supposed to be fat !! LOL

  6. U 3 r like perm cells going to the egg cell with a high chance of dieng.

    So all 3 of u r like skilled sperm cells.

  7. Impressive! Good thing they only had one destroyer though.

  8. I liked the comment about IJN ships looking better than USN ships.  They are especially nice as reefs all over the Pacific.

  9. Flambass go there with a GK… as I have,… then we can talk 😀 …and I won!

  10. This is why I hate you…… make idiots think going up the middle is ok

  11. Japanese know how to make a ship – Kongo was Brit designed and built for the IJN. Japanese still buit Hiei, Kirishima and Haruna, but the design and first ship were British.

    So the British know how to make a good ship, yes 🙂

    • They may have _learned_ from the British designs, but you can’t give all credit to the teacher.

    • namewarvergeben No. Kongo really made by Brits. Haruna Hiei and Kirishima made by Japan using Kongo’s bluprint

    • That was the original version of the Kongo class, the upgraded hulls with the pagoda style masts were later upgrades made by the Japanese, alterning the original British design.

      Anyway, in my opinion German BB are much better looking than even the Japanese ones.

    • I know that the Kongo was built in Britain by Brits. Perhaps the Japanese built a few copies of it. But the implication in the original comment is that _all_ of the Japanese ships are therefore British by extension, which is the Part I don’t agree with.

  12. 1:49 You got my like xD

  13. Nice taste of music you have^^

  14. Of course, Flambass cannot pass a day without going mid in Two Brothers

  15. Doesn’t have the Texas more than 16km range? As far as I remember it gets a special upgrade module that makes it the ultimate sniper at its tier…

    • Nope, the module is what makes it get to that range. And the dispersion is so bad, you have to be right onto of them to make the most out of a volley.

    • Feril1 thats what I meant, the module gives it range and acceptable dispersion. I have never had any problems hitting with the Texas…

  16. What mission are you doing I don’t have a Texas mission?

  17. Texas 10 guns of freedom!!

  18. 8:50 “Traitor.” Says the guy divisioning with 2 Japanese ships?

  19. Best tactic ever xD

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