World of warships – 3x Hood

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  1. Arkansas Beta is a very good ship because it gets all the modules from tier 1 to 10 and with the -11% dispersion it just reckys evrything.

  2. Why does these guns feel much worser than the Warspites? They’re just the same…

    • difference in guns:
      Warspite sigma 2.0 (so higher chance of shells being in the mid)
      Hood sigma 1.8
      Warspite Krupp value 2330
      Hood Krupp value 2190 (so worse penetration)
      Warpite detonation timer 0.033s
      Hood detonation timer 0.015s (like the other british battleships)
      other then that, Hood has better autobounce functions, Warspite has standard while Hood has the USN 8inch function (straight up better)

    • TY for the info Kuhluh. It is still strange how much more powerful the Warspite is concerning guns. In that sense they should’ve changed either the Sigma or krupp values. Though the Hood still got better speed and AA i feel its just “meh”. Last game i had problems with penning a broadside Colorado, while he wrecked my front, so i ended it all with just ramming him.

    • well, the AP is the same as Queen Elizabeth’s

    • Then they could have given it the same HE…

    • The Warspite is using a later shell version with better penetration.

  3. Hoods guns need a buff. They are the worst at T7.

  4. guessing i,m not gonna get the hood,lol

  5. I need a link to Runner’s “death by Fubuki” XD

  6. and of course the GM who refuses to scout is top on the scoreboard and has rank 1. this game is frustrating to play but fun to watch others play

  7. Ok, I love listening to you guys, but who was it in the back ground with the high pitched laugh..He cracks me up.

  8. Haha What a shit show ?

  9. give the hood 15 sec reload and myabe ill buy

  10. The Hood is one of the top T7 BB’s at the moment for WR, damage and survivability. It isn’t very satisfying to play but many folk are getting good results.

  11. It must have been Peppa. He says at the beginning…”Ok I’m gonna watch this.” His laugh makes me damn near piss my pants. He sounds like snidely whiplash.

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