World of warships – 3x NELSON

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  1. Fubuki almost won that one for his team, luckily rest of his team was not as good..

  2. Rubbing keels with a swede gets instant punishment. lol!

  3. great torp shield a nelson can be

  4. your dds were garbage for not torp screening 3nelsons

  5. so basically your team won in spite of you trying to throw the game 🙂

  6. There are torpedos in front…..where’s Runner my Nelson shaped torpedo shield when I need him lol

  7. better then watching the three stooges…lol had great fun lmfho

  8. I heard that you should take torpedoes on the nose as dmg will be almost 100% healed. What you should avoid is taking torpedoes on your broadside as those hits count as citadels and you won’t regenerate as much HP. Saw that in some Flamu video a while ago, with the Nelson.

    • Zbriu on the bow or any part of your ship once the hp of that section is depleted it’s damage saturation and won’t take any more damage

  9. “… it’s a perfect docking procedure…” 😉

  10. The three stooges does Nelson 😛

  11. Nelson bad ship confirmed, WG pls buff

  12. 7:55 “3 Nelsons went into a bar!” xd…

  13. Torpedo soups

  14. hey flambass, will you be playing the dunkerque anytime soon? is the gameplay same as nelson?

  15. These torps on Runner were fantastic 😀

  16. Is the Conqueror the only British BB that has shells that work?

  17. You sound like a little girl when u panic LOL

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