World of warships – 3x Shimakaze 20km torps WIDE spread only

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Living the good old memes.


  1. After the “cancer division”, now the “LOLz division” 😀

  2. This was hilarious!

  3. best Khaba – counter : Shima 20km torps wide spread 😀 😀 😀

  4. ‘We all agreed to used 20km torps and under no circumstances are we allowed to shoot narrow spread, enjoy 😉 — Watch live at

    Unless your name is Runner….in which case narrow is fine LMAO

  5. You can kill carriers with those btw

  6. Never laugh this much!! Thanks for this gem

  7. We need a Torpedo decelaration skill: -5knts +20% range, so the opposite of the torpedo acceleration skill

  8. Imagine 3 kitakamis with 20 km torps

  9. speshul division 😀 😀

  10. “We all agreed to used 20km torps and under no circumstances are we allowed to shoot narrow spread”
    even Hans has an IQ higher than that, holy shit..

    I fear for your intelligence, and the impact playing like this has on it..
    Secretly, this is OMNI’s top-UNICUM strat for the next KotS?

  11. Simply amazing! Looks like the average Shima gameplay, except it actually worked. OMNI hax if I ever saw it 😉

  12. you should repeat that with your captain skilled for torp acceleration on the 20s reducing their range to 15 and make the spam even worse ^^

  13. So where is the vid of F3 + acceleration? 🙂

  14. 20km torpedos with wide dispersion.. with 2.5km detection… What the hell how can someone get hit 2 TIMES in a Khaba?

  15. this was hilarious!!! that khaba in A omg! XD XD XD i love this stuff!!! so stupid it works is the best way!!!!

  16. What’s the name of the song at 12:00?

    Also, fucking amazing video. The sheer volume of torpedoes–and their spread–was glorious.

  17. all skill; no luck

  18. 5:43 OMNI HAX

  19. Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

    Never have I seen this amount of torps in the water since CBT or Kitakami… God do I miss the torpedo spams back in the day…
    Wish WG just nerfed the torpedo speed of 20 (25in cbt) km torps… And not go for the nuke nerf hammer – by being able to spot them from the Moon.

  20. Music?

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