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Thanks to our sponsor World of Warships, new players can register with the code PLAYWARSHIPS2018 to receive 250 dubloons, 1,000,000 credits, HMS Campbeltown premium ship, one port slot and 3 days premium time!


It’s not a board game this time!!! Can the boys own the seas and sink their way to victory?!?!

The following is for those multicultural:

Ман дар бомбаи атмосфера ҳастам, ба ман назар кунед
Дағаи шино “дар киштӣ дар дарёи чуқури чуқур
Ман панҷ ришта, шамолро аз косаи худ пинҳон мекардам
Шумо наметавонед ба ман осебпазири ман басанда ман дар киштӣ ҳастам

Thank You 🐮🔪


  1. I mean I’ll take a sponsorship but this game doesn’t fit this channel at all

  2. These sponsored videos always suck but I keep watching them because I want my boys to keep their sponsorships 🤞🤞

    • It doesn’t matter if the game is bad. Cow Chop always seems to make it entertaining, in my opinion.

    • That WWII game one where they did the soldier battle skit was top notch though

    • Only cause the games are trash

    • Mr. Sark’s last sponsored video for a game was two months ago.
      C’mon, his content is still gold, goddammit.

    • @WrathofVaughn They’re videos don’t cost much to make, it’s usually them playing video games. In the episodes where they do have to spend money, like Amazon or the cooking show, it’s really not that much money considering they do it once every month. They also get 14,000$ a month from patreon, it’s not like they’re struggling for money.

  3. Why am I constantly getting ads for musically

  4. when i read the title i thought they were talking about battleshots… yikes

  5. I’d rather have an entire video be an ad than them have no money for future videos and projects

    • +Necramonium Don’t get me wrong, they can still occasionally gey some extra stuff like these sets which I am a big fan of, but my main point is the constant upkeep of what they have probably makes that $14,000 waaay smaller than it initially seems

    • Good jokes but if they could be honest about the gameplay and make fun of it rather than hypeing it, then it’d be cool.

    • You think they’re working paycheck to paycheck?
      Do you realize they’re rich?
      Especially James aka uberhaxnova
      They were rich before cowchop existed
      They could continue making videos for years without any pay and live happily compared to a minimum wage worker
      They’re not retarded like ricecum spending their cash on a mansion and luxury cars

    • +Meme Machine You’re counterargument is the point of my second comment. My point is that the $14,000 might not be that much to them. Like I’ve already said, they still manage to get new stuff like the sets which probably costed them a good bit. You misunderstand my argument by saying I’m thinking they live paycheck to paycheck.

  6. The lack of shots in this episode left me a little dissapointed.

  7. James’s eyes look more and more dead every board game video they do.

  8. Aleks as Marshal v2 ???

    “You wouldn’t sink a guy w/ glasses, would you?”

  9. play world of minecraft next

  10. Our boys are making cash money on this video

  11. The game seems meh but ily guys immensely lol

  12. 0:03 Colorized photo of disgraced general of the Soviet Union prior to being sentenced to the gulag.

  13. It’s interesting how they censored something on Aleks’ desk because I’m guessing it’s something like a coca cola can and they censored it because this is a sponsored video for a different thing.

  14. This game looks incredibly dull.

  15. I’ll watch anything to keep my boys afloat in these hard times

  16. They don’t make this game look good at all lmao.

  17. Wargaming’s games are a joke nowadays

  18. Alex looks like he is about to cheat on his wife

  19. *that’s a naval strategy and I should’ve seen it coming*

  20. game is hot garbage but i appreciate the sponsorship!!

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