World of Warships – 40+ Big Santa Containers Opening. Oh boy…

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2019 Is almost over. Lets end it painfully by opening (and getting more) santa containers. I do hope the luck of you lot is better than mine. Who am I fooling,, I’m never lucky.


Welcome to the channel of TheBlackSpirit! A place where World of Warships and World of Tanks are shown to their full glory when I play them.

Here you can find all sorts of video’s. They have all just a couple of thing in commun: It’s all about games, they are edited on a pre-amateuristic manner and with allot of bad and sarcastic humor. You like those things? GOOD! Great to have you onboard. You don’t like it at all? Who are you and what did humor do to you? Anyway, enjoy!

If you like my dose of up the above each video, please leave a like or share your interests/suggestions in the comments!

You can find me on:

Steam: -BlackSpirit16=
Origin: BlackSpirit1993
WarGaming: TheBlackSpirit16
Uplay: BlackSpirit16

Hope to see you again soon!

– BlackSpirit


  1. My luck was as horrible as yours…(sad)

  2. Well, at least you got a lot of doubloons. That is the most I’ve ever seen in an unboxing.

  3. Now you’ve gotten so much doubloons you can buy a premium ship! :^)

    • Well.. I kinda bought more containers with the doubloons I got…….. I need help

    • @TheBlackSpirit I know your feel…
      Luckily, your luck was already better than mine…
      I had like 30 mega santa containers and only gotten 2 premiums out of it (and they are premiums I probably won’t even touch…)

  4. I bought 8, then 4 more with dobloons i got from them. I got Molotov, Abruzzi and Blyskawica.

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