World of Warships 40 TORPEDOES! Kitakami vs Yamato, Japanese Cruiser

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World of Warships Space Battleships – Torpedoes in Space!
WOWS Space Battleships – Don’t get Space Torpedus!

The Aircraft Carrier has 3 different types of planes; fighters, dive bombers and torpedo bombers. At the early tiers you don’t have access to dive bombers. Fighters are great at defending capital ships from torpedo and dive bombing attacks and also hunting down other enemy planes. Torpedo bombers require a bit of planning and skill, but can unleash a 6 torpedo attack run on enemy ships that can have a dramatic result on the battle. Currently there are only 4 classes in WOWS; destroyers, cruisers, battleships and aircraft carriers. Aircraft carriers use a top down, Real Time Strategy (RTS) style of gameplay which is fun and unique to World of Warships.

Thanks for watching!


  1. LOL the guy listening to ABBA in the enemy team jn the second match. Poor

  2. yubari Pls!!!

  3. thats some severe case of torpedis

  4. TheEpicminecraft70

    Nice you sunk it good job 

  5. Baron, you have 20 toprs each side and you fire all of them into one
    target… no wonder that for the next 2 minutes you’re not doing anything.

  6. Yūbari PLS ~~~~~

  7. I wonder if there is Ooi as well.

  8. Use Shift to zoom

  9. Kitakami

    Destroyer of worlds

  10. you got a Us code to spare?

  11. FINALLY an english kitakami review. baron i believe you are the first, i’ve
    been wanting to see that epic torpedo spam for a while.

  12. torpedo hoer holy shit

  13. God bless kitakami and Baron. GG.

  14. Ship requests: The Iowa! no… wait.. the Montana! oh, can’t do that
    either… The Enterprise!!! Oh, wait, no Yorktown-class carriers yet,

  15. This thing will be deadly in a squad of 2 1 goes north / south and the
    other goes east/west you trap the enemy in a grid thay can’t get out of

  16. tier VI TOG pls

  17. Wouldn’t dildos be more effective? They were made for penetrating.

  18. forget running at angles, like 45, 90.. Be 10-20 degrees off or RIGHT
    from behind, 30 degrees is a great angle to launch..they can avoid..
    Off the nose also..

  19. this ship was a beast in Navyfield

  20. IChase is way better at this game than U so I knew you would lose the first

  21. USS Sims, dat speed tho

  22. Yuubari o/

  23. Kitakami, Ooi and Kiso are OP!!

  24. Kitakami is such a good ship for Area Denial!

    Also you should always shoot with the narrow aim for torpedoes!

    This ship is basically a ”run in the front, shoot all the torpedoes
    EVERYWHERE in narrow mode before turning and shooting the other side while
    going back ” type

  25. Hey Baron, can you do an aircraft carrier video PLEASE but don’t do the
    crappy Langley.

  26. Baron the kitakami class or the torpedo cruiser it was a kuma class the
    part where all the torpedo’s are the Japanese took that off and add 20
    torps on each side or more the quad launchers are 2nd there are 5 launchers
    on one you know that? The 5 launch one the Japanese added laser in the war

  27. More kitikami gameplay please or the soviet premium. 

  28. Is the Yamato still bugged or something? It’s turrets get knocked out
    constantly, torps seem to blow up the magazine all the time. Dezgamez has
    video out in which his Yamato got taken out with ONE torpedo hit.

  29. loved the vid baron! maybe some high tier carrier gameplay soon?

  30. it was a win win situation

  31. Where is the uss zumwalt?!

  32. Baron gets from 1 to 100 real quick 

  33. i like when u s4y wht the tits

  34. you gotta get closer with your torpedo runs. If you dont they have alot of
    room to manuver

  35. Great video Baron. Lovin’ dem torpedus!

  36. Baron Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

  37. Cleveland class American cruiser

  38. I wish I could get a code trying to get one now is almost impossible.

  39. Eduardo Maldonado

    Nice, please do more on this ship looks sneaky type play

  40. atlanta

  41. “Who’s abba”

    Table flip.

  42. +BaronVonGamez iirc tier 8 ship has an upgrade that will reduce your
    detect-ability range by 10%, it will make you closer to them by 1 km and if
    you stack that upgrade with tier 5 captain skill concealment expertise it
    will reduce ktkm-sama surface detectablity to 9.04 km, that is within the
    torpedo range of ktkm.

  43. Is this basically boat war thunder? 

  44. Can you play the three ships in the premium shop bundle?

  45. BARON and Phly=

  46. Lol dat Roman Reign’s reference at 3:18

  47. Kitakami sugoi kawaii desu!

  48. No one who was present in this battle left without torpedus

  49. Finaly, kitakami cruiser’s here, thank you!!!!!! (For showing)

  50. The kitikama is in another boat game it absolutely wrecks battleships

  51. Baron, the tier 10 Japanese battleship is not pronounced the way you say
    it. You have to extend the pronunciation of the second “A” so that it
    sounds the same as the first “A”.

  52. yo Baron i want to see the Sims american destroyer plz, I pre-ordered it
    and would like to see some game play of it

  53. You were playing with iChase :D

  54. WHAAAAAA 40 !!!

  55. lol he was in a game against ichase :l

  56. How is the Kitakami not OP? It fires so many torpedoes that it can kill or
    cripple every ship in the game with one salvo.

  57. When is this going to open beta and how can i get it 

  58. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU BARON!!!!!!!!!!!! MY PRAYERS HAVE BEEN
    FINALLY ANSWERED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. I have been waiting for this game for a month, but I was not able to access
    this game yet :(((

  60. They should do a Ground Forces CBT thing, where you purchase a pack and get
    into the next wave :(

  61. I like that all of the guns point forward. It looks like it’s a very
    maneuverable vessel. So you can pretty much go straight in, guns blazing,
    then wiggle a bit and dump all of the torpedoes from both sides, if you’re
    lucky enough.

  62. Hey Baron, who has a bigger Torpedis? You or Phly?

  63. Lets see how you like the Sims

  64. Baron rule 

  65. You purchased the Kitakami with real money? If so, do you keep her after
    the beta?

  66. God i wanna play this game so badly :(

  67. Where’s Ooi?

  68. The icon to this video looks like a vast array of boob tipped torpedo

  69. u need to play the YUBARI Premium ship

  70. 6:42 OMG!! IChaseGaming is in the match.

  71. soo meny toopedoos :3

  72. i was in that first game probably the first to spot him as well

  73. feed them your torpedoes baron…

  74. Kitakami: Harbinger of Torpedis

  75. What new Premium Ship do you want to see me play next?

  76. (In speirses voice) herro barroooon!!! 😀 XD

  77. TORPEDUS!!!

  78. furst of all

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