World of Warships- 4th Of July

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A little dose of ‘Murica for the 4th

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  1. He was also Earl Mountbatten of Burma. A member of the British aristocracy mate. Also the very last Governor of India before it’s independence. And also a friend to the stars of Hollywood in that time period. He used to holiday in Ireland and was eventually assassinated with a bomb on his boat while sailing by the Irish Republican Army (IRA). You chose the name of a very controversial guy to us Brits. Hope you liked the extra details 😉

  2. Murica 1st

  3. Joshua Chalmers

    Happy Independence Day all of you fellow American patriots!!!!????????????????

  4. Happy 4th of July! What Wonderful things America did to me! Thanks America. Although jokes aside I hope you enjoy your 4th.

  5. My GK has been punched alot lately

  6. Happy Independence Day to all my fellow Americans enjoy your family, BBQ’s, and fireworks!

  7. happy 4th July Captains from over the pond

  8. Patrick Sanchez

    happy 4th of july friends! can’t wait to set off some illegal fireworks

  9. The irony of your Georgia being sunk by Canada 1st of July ( Canada day) in a Mino on your 4th of July vid’ love your sense of humour mate. Good vid as usual.

  10. I nuked a Kurfürst in my Neptune from 15km away for 30k…. don’t ask how, but I was so amazed I just stared at it. Then he deleted me.

  11. Jugoslav Stojanovik

    Happy 4th July !!! Folks

  12. old_rust_ bucket

    The GK cit was maybe your shell going into turret 2 barbette .

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