World of Warships- 5 Mistakes You Need To Stop Making

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Hey guys! Today we go over 5 common mistakes you might be making in World of Warships, enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:


  1. Momchil Gradinarov

    As a DD player, I urge everyone to ignore destroyers, it is useless to shoot at them. Unless you are on my team, then shoot them.

    • Carriers: Always keep planes on dds. Focus only dds.

    • Honestly, I can deal with enemy fire by positioning. I cannot deal with 3 BBs behind me shooting some other BB at 20km, while I knifefight for the cap.

    • you would love to have me on your team. In clan battles with the Montana, I can get 3 to 6 hits on a DD for the first salvo for my DD players and God forbid I am in a radar cruiser. It is almost a joke with our DD players, as to who gets me to follow them.

    • @Brett J Bro, dont even, I have to manually tell my clanmates every time I want them to focus a DD and even then I see BB shells fly over the enemy and towards some stupid cruiser. I skold them, they give some stupid excuse, rinse, repeat. I am forced to only play gunboats like Marceau, because I just know, I will have to take all the DD hp on my own or have them dominate my team. This is why we struggle to get out of the first league. Well, that and the fact our clanleader is the bigges potatoe of them all and his strategies are on par.

    • @BruderRaziel ULS , United Last Stand, is only 150 days old as a unit and we got up to the third league div 3 for the last clan battle and second league Div I with the bravo team. This is with the average player in the unit with a 48% win rate. Right now we are both Div I second league. We are having some fun with 3-5 extra players depending on the night for A and bravo teams to rotate out every 3 matches in clan battles. Figure a new unit that can field 3 teams if we could in clan battles, one rule everyone gets to play and everyone we try to get all the steel for each level. We use RPF, radar, hydro, fighters and spotter planes to find the DD’s. We know the matches we have problems with are when the other DDs live longer . Then we try to always have someone there to cover our DDs. We just got enough oil to expand our roster to 50 people today and I think 2 or 3 spots are spoken for.

  2. 17:30
    Quick notification, the healing ratio for citadel damage on Conqueror is 10%. Meaning that if you take a citadel(14800) from Yamato, only 1480 can be restored. Which is absolutely a big deal. No offence btw.

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      I shoulda said it better, I meant that you can eat dirt in Conq because you know that your heal can more than make up for it (not counting citadels)

  3. 5 things….. the first 5 minutes –
    Don’t charge into 5 ships in your brawling BB.
    Don’t try and cap in a 3 radar match till you know where all the radars are.
    Don’t get stuck nose in till you see how many red ships are pushing a flank.
    Dont be giving broadside in your BB or cruiser to launch those torps that will never hit the target and losing half you HP or more in the process.
    Finally play to win cos no one gives af how much damage you did in a losing side.

  4. As a previous BB main who now is DD main. I prefer ranked to randoms now. A single DD can win the match in ranked. And the ammount of glue being ate in random is crazy.

    • Even in a BB Ranked seems to be the better place to game TBH. Smaller teams, tends to be closer matches with a lot of brawling, and while there are blowouts it is easier to at least farm damage/credits. Even with Tier 10 ships I was making a lot of money with a few games. I’ve had a lot more close, interesting, game in ranked then Random.

      Random battles are just blowout games almost every time that are obviously over very early and the next 5 to 10 minutes are just mopping up the remains. Not fun on either side.

    • I prefer the smaller format of ranked too.

      Unfortunately, to get out of the trash fest of Bronze MM, I actually played BB, as a DD main simply because most of the BB just had no idea how to play a BB (don’t show your side) and had no idea how to play BB in ranked (don’t hide your guns behind an island half the match like it was a normal random).

    • @Tx240 I got out of the trash tear with DD just had to Carry sometimes.

  5. 1 thing missing: keep your turrets facing the direction you want to shoot next. Use Shift+X / Ctrl+X and/or RMB to look aroung without moving your turrets.

  6. When it comes to damage repair, I try not to use it when I’m near an enemy DD location. If there was a DD nearby my ship, behind the island, or inside a smokescreen, I try not to use damage repair until the DD is sunk. This is because it can use torpedos which cause flooding. Flood + fire = a very bad time. Even when the DD has been sunk, it might still have launched torpedos, so caution is needed.

    Always nice to have: with big battleships I always get the perks that make the heal and damage repair last longer/heal more. Especially for those that are suited for brawling, such as GK, Schlieffen, Preussen, Pommern. The perk that reduces the amount of fires might help as well, but I prefer to have better heals. One less fire seems a bit too situational.

  7. WallaceBallantine

    Rule number 1: protect green DDs as if they were your children and hunt and destroy red DDs as if they were the devil.

  8. More ideas:
    Stop saying things like “ab” or “bc”. It will give the enemy a free flank to flank you from and shoot your broadsides. You will lose
    If you spawn in the middle, stop running towards a flank, consider supporting the middle cap, especially when one of your DDs tries to cap there
    Stop ignoring your minimap
    Start counting the enemy ships on your flank and your ships on your flank and decide if you have an advantage or not. Don’t push if you are on the weak flank, you will die

    • All good tips.

    • Every single bronze game at the start: bc? ab? Its so bad… results in a lemming 50% of the time, too.

    • @BruderRaziel you are right, but ppl communicating (even when bad strategy tips) is a good thing. Ranked battles where al of your teammates are mutes also results in a loss most times.

    • @bold fella At least for bronze and silver I strongly disagree. When your team choose their strategie before anything is spotted or bad tactics are communicated, I would prefer everyone just splitting 50/50. That way I can adapt and support wherever necessary. I never type a single word in bronze and silver and win 64% on average. The dunning kruger effect is real and trying to overwhelm bronze players with such things as mapcontrol or avoiding lemmingtrains might even be harmful to your own winrate. I know I have a pessimistic view, but in practical terms it works for me :/

  9. This guy gets it. An aggressive “pushing” play style doesn’t mean hitting W key at the start of a match and going straight for the cap. One has to get some intel and see where everyone is going. One may want to push a flank but may be better off holding/fighting retreat and if you over commit at the start you will just die. It can be a fine balance though, too passive and you miss a good pushing opportunity or fall behind. Basically, read the the map and act accordingly.

  10. literally for half the players: “Do not bow in yolo into the enemy” would be enouogh to increase the winrate by at least 5% 😀

    For 2 -> going after DDs:
    Do not encourage people who complain about lack of support. Because 90% of the cases what they dont understand but mean is: “Wtf team i full speed bow into 2 radars and somehow you didnt manage to magically one-shot 5 ships before i die. Thanks for the support u campers”
    Fact is: Weather the DD survives the first 7-10 minutes of the game is almost 100% their responsibility. The teammates responsibility is to kill enemy DD when they see it. But as the game is designed, a DD will always die before his teammates, even if they are super close and super good players, can kill the enemy ships.

    Say a DD goes Bow into a cap. Wich is stupid already in the first place. Now enemy is there with an enemy DD (but stern in, being not an idiot), a Desmoins and say a hindenburg.
    We are coming in, very close, very supportive with Desmoines and hindenburg aswell.
    Now what happens:
    Enemy focusses on our DD. Our DD is bow into 50 seonds desmoines radar.
    There is not a slightest chance we kill the desmoines wihtin 50 seconds. So our DD is 100% dead already. no matter how good we are. No matter if we do perfect focusfire and hit every shot. Desmoines is not going to die in 50 seconds. So our DD is gone.
    Best we can hope for is a trade. But since their DD was not being braindead, he just engineboosts away. Its gonna take min 10-15 seconds to disengage from our Desmoines radar and he is gonna live.

    And thats the point. If you survive in a DD in early game is ~100% your own responsibiity.
    If you wanna learn that, learn movement in DD. Basic rule of thumb:
    You never ever under no circumstanced be bow in, when you could get spotted.
    That means for cap contesting or playing close to caps:
    – as long as not every single radar cruiser is located => you never bow in. He could be on the island close.
    – as long as there is enemy DDs that outspots you => you never ever go bow into. You reverse in.
    – as long as there is a CV in the game => you never ever go bow in. You reverse in.
    – if your smoke is down => you never ever go bow in, you reverse.

    Basically: As long as you are not 110% certain that where you go, you can not get outspotted by either surface, CV or Radar => you do never ever bow in.
    Ofcause endgame, when you are losing, you must take risks. But if you go bow in and get caught in a radar, or caugt by surface spotting your team can not help you. actually they are doing good not comign close getting baited into suiciding by your missplay. Thats how its done.

  11. Good advice. Please do more of these videos. Would cover how to take torp hits in your BB.

  12. Great tips Sea Lord, very helpful. Could you please add some more tips for smoke use? (especially cruisers) How can I support my team better with smoke? I know I can cover the retreat of a friendly BB or DD with my smoke but how else?

  13. Know your ship and know your enemies will make you a very dangerous target on the field. A enemy with 1hp is still as dangerous as a ship with full hp.

  14. Don’t forget to use the mod station! Mods like Regen assist and the info panels are helpful!

  15. I like to hold my fire when I see what I know is going to be a big hit coming in that I can’t avoid rather than fire right away just for that AR reload buff I am going to have. It catches peeps off guard when I start sending shots their way every 9 sec or so with JB because I have reload booster and an enemy within secondary range.

  16. A tip for the heal. There is an official mod that you can add that tells you exactly how much of your health you can heal at any one time. This is really nice for helping you know the maximum healing power of your heal, and when to use it.

  17. It never occured to me that people actually use the standard HUD. The first thing I did when playing this game was changing to alternative view but I came from WoT so I knew what to look for.

  18. I think DD’s that smoke up coming into a Cap and then just sits in the smoke really sucks for the team…They blind their own team and then not spotting to help the ships they just made blind. When ever I see a DD do that I leave and help another cap with a DD that is worth supporting

  19. It’s good to see that this is mostly stuff I am already doing. SLM, if you haven’t already, could you do a video on how to prioritize the three defensive 4-point BB commander skills, especially for secondary builds that can only take one or two?

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