World of Warships- 5 MORE Mistakes You Need To Stop Making

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Hey guys! Today we go over 5 more common mistakes you might be making in World of Warships, enjoy!

Overmatch Wiki:
Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:

0:00 Video Intro
0:54 5.Stop Ignoring Your Mini-Map
4:15 4.Stop Going Full Throttle
7:45 3.Stop Not Pre=Positioning Your Turrets
10:38 2.Stop Using Only One Ammo Type
13:43 1.Subs


  1. I have found map awareness to be critical. The kiting away at lower than full speed is very good advice, see way to many games where several battleships are at the back of the map.

  2. I’ll probably start subs when they release the IJN line or I-56. They’re not that bad from my experience, just really annoying how it stays dark the whole match so you’re on edge most of the time. The worst truly is the DD part you mentioned, the times I get to drop depth charges are very rare but it’s also really satisfying.

  3. Remember kids when playing a submarine Alt+F4 gives you extra speed on your torpedos so always enable this at the beginning of each map you play in submarines. Also it’s a special mode only for you!

  4. I guess he’s right, “to defeat your enemy, is too know your enemy”.

  5. Gintautas Pavalkis

    something you could add and discuss is when to use AP as a DD. that was one thing i noticed looking at unicum stats – they shoot way more AP as dds. you touched on this from the battleship perspective, but you could give dd pointers here that would be way more useful.

    • I’m gonna agree with you. I think that would be a good video too.

    • My only t10 dd is Gearing and US destroyer ap just feels like a wet noodle.

    • @David B it works, but distance to make it good is really low, beyond practical use For example Groningen with its similar 120mm, I was able to cit broadside Riga at 2km, but that can work at slightly bigger distance, still not comfortable. If you get Russian, French DDs or german new line with Elbing, it works much better.
      But US DDs are not played for this. I had Gearing as my 1st T10 DD too, you can get other nation DD to grind or get used to US DDs pros and cons.

    • Also when fighting DDs as a German BB, for pure damage unless they are full health or have armored sides (Kaba, Elbing) AP is better. You won’t break as many modules but that’s only useful if it could prevent torp drops and torpedoes aren’t already out by the time you hit them.

      With Japanese ships though, the HE alpha is amazing so you should definitely go for HE against DDs. Against paper thin cruisers, on a full broadside HE is more consistent, you’re not getting the dev strike without short fuse AP. 5 he pens are better than 5 overpens.

  6. WG needs to stop putting put all of these different lines and classes almost every moth,.between sellong t10s, superships, etc. new players dont get the experience to grind ships so they know how to play them. Constantly adding busted mechincs only frustrates lomg time players who want to see the game prosper, well thats at least my perspective.

  7. I don’t find much success changing my ammo type in BBs, the accuracy is horrible so for a bow in target you’re likely only hitting 1-2 shells most of the time, and I find that if I aim for the conning tower / superstructure with an AP round, I can get it to arm, dealing 3-4k dmg with AP vs dealing 500-1000 HE. You also have a high chance of hitting the enemy turrets and an AP round has a better chance of taking them out than the HE shell. The fire chance is often negligible for 1-2 shots and I’ve shot multiple salvos of HE at other BBs with a 30-40% fire chance with zero fires. Shooting HE in this way also removes the possibility to potentially dev strike enemy allies appearing and sailing broadside to you, offering better targets to fire at with AP. The game is just way too punishing in this instance and you are not encouraged to switch shell types, I’ve found more often than not I am disadvantaged in some way when I switch to HE. The only exception is british BBs.

  8. Glad to get reminded some mistakes I am doing still sometimes, while other tips don’t hurt, nice to hear them to stay cool and smart.
    I have still alot to learn.

    Just 2 examples of your tips working:
    I was switching ammo type in my T6 BB Dunkerque in ranked, just to play effectively against enemy BB, who otherwise would go say angled if I used only my tiny 330mm AP. What a luck, at moments I had HE loaded each of 2 enemy DDs appeared nice almost perfectly infront of my aim, both of them finished thanks no AP only doctrine.

    Then another ranked w my T10 Bourgogne, I was left alone vs enemy Nakhimov and Ragnar, I was with nothing at sight but 2 green caps close by me.
    I was already below half HP, but got that smart idea not to use my W with my superior french speed to try seek and kill enemy, going open sea.
    Juking among islands, Nakhimov brought his squads finding them screwed among islands, both torps and jumping bombs did survivable dmg to me. Ragnar with around 6K health came at mutual spot at 8km maybe ideal way to deal with his torp less smoke less thing. I had to catch up his dance but it was matter of some lost shell on BB spread get into his way. Nakhimov was simply too far to kill me before counter. You can say dedend caps was only option, but I swear I was so confused at moment 1vs 2(both ships respected), it was using map and ship weaknesses to win.

  9. I like how he said “dont just slap W”. this is quite useful info.

  10. Note if you start to play IJN DDs, The Shiratsuyu’s turrets turn at about the same rate as a BB’s.

    Subs, All ships need to have the ASW airstrike. Often a cruiser or DD trying to depth charge a sub is just a joke, especially if there are other red ships that can shoot at you at the same time. WG just doesn’t care anymore. (but then I don’t either, I have given up expecting anything good from WG managment)

  11. I wonder what limiting ammo would do to the game? Destroyers didn’t carry around hundreds of torps. If CVs are limited by AA damage to planes who is to say DDs and other ships should have unlimited torps?

  12. That doesn’t matter. Annoying is annoying, no matter how buffed or unbuffed something is.

  13. So the biggest thing that improved my damage output is stop moving your mouse as much and let auto aim do its thing

    Reason when u move ur mouse then immediately shoot your dispersion increases dramatically.

    So move your mouse less let auto aim do its thing then shoot

  14. Add to 4: DDs don’t have to get inside a cap right away. Use that map awareness to see what the rest of the team has spotted and especially if you’re a gunboat DD: It’s not necessarily something your suited for. Don’t bail on the flank and be sure to at least be spotting for any supporting allies. Most DDs have excellent concealment so if you can confirm what it is your up against on your cap and you can outspot by all means go for it. If contesting is too risky cuz of radar or enemy DD outspots you, you don’t have to push your luck. Try to at least keep enemies spotted and as long as your team hasn’t abandoned you: you shouldn’t be completely leaving the flank either. DDs are some of the best things to have alive late game.

    • A lot of people don’t even realize that not capping isn’t necessarily a bad thing as long as you’re stopping *the other team* from capping as well. It’s pretty much pointless sailing into a cap in the first 3mins into the jaws of 2 other dds and 3 radar cruisers, you’re lit up and murdered instantly, will anyone on your team give you suppression? Will they fuck. Problem with the game is lots of influential actions yield little if any points/exp. A DD or carrier can keep all the enemy DDs perma-spotted for the whole game but no one will ever shoot at them so your contributions become almost meaningless.

  15. Great video thank you! When I do remember to use 3/4 and 1/2 speed and throttle juke I live much longer! I think not doing that is the biggest potato mistake in my play. So thanks for emphasizing that. Incidentally the game (or mod) tells you the max speed of a target but not its actual speed. so going at max speed esp in a straight line only helps your opponents aim. good crosshairs will tell them where to aim for max speed. anything else requires judgment and guesswork by the enemy.

  16. Map awareness, especially CVs. The number of times lately a CV has just sat there ignoring the map and repeated advice to “Get Back” as a flank collapses. Two minutes later they are spamming for assistance as a DD shuts them down with a belly full of torpedoes.

  17. still don’t care ! what buff it to 120 knot torps and unlimited air?

  18. really great tips as always, although i struggle a lot with not using just one ammo type, i’m a BB main so even with the commander trait it takes at least 15 seconds to switch ammo types, and almost every time i switch from AP to HE, it becomes a scenario where i need to use AP and not HE, or vice versa lol

  19. I have tried to play subs. Of the ten or so matches, I died in 8 of them, and the others I just struggled to even get into battle. Countering them isn’t terribly hard, I just bombard the snot out of them. Of all my sub kills, 2 were DDs (no depth charge hits), 4 were cruisers (all gunfire kills) and the rest were my BBs. I am trying put that airstrike, but the struggle is real.

  20. Two very important additional tips for the map are:-

    1.) *You can fire your shells via grid references.* Look on the mini- map at where your turrets are aiming, see a small hollow circle? You can use that to put shells onto the map manually provided they are in range and subject to arching trajectories and obstacles. A lot of people that are very good at firing over islands are masters of this. See a flank is taking lots of dick from a DD or CL from behind an island, you know where they are but the island is in the way? Go to your mini-map, your map will literally tell you if a manual firing solution is possible. Another very useful application of firing via grid reference is shooting targets in smoke.

    If you have multiple ships in range of smoke with nothing better to do and the enemy ship has gone dark you can still put shells into that smoke via grid reference. I’ve had a lot of last minute randoms and ranked scenarios saved by things like “area-saturate first-quarter D5” and yeah the DD will be there hiding, invisible but now he has 60 shells a second raining on him, he can’t not get hit, as he’s getting hit, he’s probably moving, this informs your grid referencing further.

    2.) *The direction a ship is facing has potentially zero bearing on where the GUNS are facing*. Or for that matter what they’re actually engaging. Just because a ship seems to be in some obscure place facing in a strange direction does not mean that they’re potentially engaging a target somewhere else. People often like to float the old maxim of ‘speed is armour’ what they actually mean though is ‘reaction time is armour’ speed and distance are inter-related. Some ships are long ranged, some are fast, some are both.

    Often engagements take place at certain distances because a ship needs reaction time. We literally have multiple commander skills for this to tell us when we’ve been fired upon and how many ships are observing us, jesus we can even tell direction prior to the fact, even when they’re dark. More than often a ship isn’t running away in a strange direction, they’re angle shifting their armour relative to their turret angles, relative to their predicted reaction times of what they know is engagement range.

    Edit: Bloody bold text not workin’

  21. There is major difference between subs and CVs is that with a cv player, even the best CV players, I have options in every ship. I can move between waves to make it hard to get to me, I can see the angle they are coming to position my ship to avoid there attacks I can priority fire my AA. Lots of options in every ship. Against the best sub players you only option in many ships is to run away. The best sub players won’t get spotted very often and can usually stay outside airstrike range.

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