World of Warships- 5 Players You’ll Meet In This Game

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Hey guys! Today we go over 5 stereotypical players you’ll meet on your journey in this game, enjoy!
Ross Rowley:

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0:00 Video Intro
1:31 5. The Quiter
4:31 4. The Farmer
7:05 3. The U-Boat Commander
9:09 2. The A10 Enjoyer
11:42 1. The Identity Crisis


  1. I would add to your list the smoke DD player. He shows 2 main skills
    1. Rushs in the cap, smokes up broadside to the reds and sits ducks until he gets torped/radared
    2. Is the only guy spotting on his flank, smokes up and wants to farm with HE spamming
    The quitter was a very rare breed in my 2500hrs of WOWS experience.
    But now that I think of it, there is a very dumb category that you meet probably once per night: the AFK rusher. That guy stays AFK for 5 or 6 minutes, wakes up, hits 4 times W, and dies in 2 minutes while trying to overcompensate…

  2. I think you missed the guy who thinks he can sail alone to the middle of the map, tank everything that gets thrown at him, when it doesn’t work he blames his team for lack of support.

  3. Because I am clocking on in age “next round number is 70” I tend to play for fun and relax so the coop mode is my daily play, what you find in this with bot subs don’t miss, and you tend to get mirrored by other players that simply sail alongside you so you can’t fire torps even shoot sometimes, lots of players don’t use the mini-map and sail into you, they tend to press W and forget A and D also work as for the hybrid ships I have one but they are hard to play as they don’t excel at anything in my mind I have 64 ships 39 Cruisers and the rest are Battleships and have 7 years of gameplay under my belt even with just playing coop is still fun but not as rewarding, I even have an account on Steam to see how far you can grind without spending money “the grind is real” progress is slow…

    • I’m about the same on the age and doing coop…often matches last 5 min…wish they would add more ships and last longer. I use mostly cruisers and once in awhile use BB’s to get the feel of the different classes. Got a hybrid but haven’t touched it yet…same for subs. Got one and I let is rust in port. Yep, grind very real and slow progress but learning ship mechanics is the best part of the game. I use Mainz as my go to ship and I have it down very well. I’m fine doing coop. Maybe will do clan and random battles after I am comfortable with more ships. Agree with you on the points you mentioned.

    • I’m much the the same nocking on a bit I mainly play co op nice and relaxing no pressure can do with out some knob shouting and swearing telling what I’m doing wrong

    • I’m just over 70 and play CO-OP to The player that peeves Me most it the”pinkie”who just sits at the spawn. A good percentage seem to be clan members who seem to think CO-OP is below them.

  4. You totally forgot the most important one: The whale! They started the game two weeks ago and were fed up with grinding through the tech tree so they bought their way to their first high tier ships. They have no concept of penetration angles, spotting range and think radar is “hax”.

    • StarshipEnterprise

      That’s PremiumN00B not whale. Whale do their homework to learn and play the game, but spend abnormally high money too.

  5. I would add the CV escort player those players that go sit with the CV in what ever square or island they go to and just stays behind them
    This can be any ship from DD to BB

  6. “The flank abandoner” who thinks the best tactic is to leave their flank and cross the whole map to get to “their spot”. They then proceed to criticise the team while they just sail and contribute nothing (apart from noise) to the battle.

    • hit the nail on the head . i always play my spawn , even if all i do is slow down the red team .
      the center spawn is the hardest to play

    • @Grizzz the center spawn is hard to play because it’s usually best left alone. At least at the beginning of the match. Yeah if you’re a dd and can get it quick, then more power to ya, but for most other classes it’s better to flank and get back to the center spawn only if the enemy decides to rush it. (If they do, on most maps they get crossfired to death)

  7. I about died a bit when you said most submarine commanders use the dummy fire torps, but not me with my whiskey class S-189 I use dummy fire torps to zone but when I use my homing torps I’m not dumb enough to be behind the ping but off to the left or right of it. Also it’s worth mentioning that the S-189 can stay under water for awhile like that of the Brits, but Whiskey class gets two different types of torps I like to think that the S-189 requires some skill I’m not the typical player I watch videos non stop usually from TopTier but I mix my play style with that of whoever I see that’s good. I’m told by many that I’m unpredictable and I guess that’s why two tier 8 CVs failed to kill me in the S-189 while I was out of battery charge to submerge too lol. I look forward to the Soviet submarines for sure, the S-189 can easily wax the Germans too (2 stern torpedoes).

  8. I admit that after having a few CVs deleted I got into the habit of being an “A10” CV player. Finding that “sweet spot” of “close but not too close” sometimes eludes me, depending on island placement, etc.

    I also, more often than not, seem to have the bad luck of picking the side of the map where that side gets flanked… or my team straight up abandons it and I have no idea at first, then I’m trying to turn a CV around. Not fun.

    I will say that I’m definitely not an “identity crisis” player at least. I try to time my shells with my planes, and if my gun comes up at the same time I’ll usually fire and then launch.

    • your point about CV’s is more or less me. though i dont do the ‘A10’ bit. I usually set multiple waypoints traveling along the back or close to it.
      I’m seeing a lot of the ‘Identity Crisis’ players at the moment and its starting to annoy me as they are big tanky ships that should be able to soak up some of the fire but that instead gets left to DD and Cruiser players (often in my case as a light cruiser with armor as effective as wet tissue paper.

  9. I like to call these players The Telepathic Admirals. They think of a gameplay move other players should do be doing but it’s all in their head. Then, when the other player does something else, The Telepathic Admiral gets furious that the “dumb” player didn’t understand how to do it or make that play properly. “As if they could read your mind or hear your thoughts. Who’s the dumb one exactly?”, I grumble to myself. These players remind me of my MIL lol.

  10. Can you also do a video for 5 types of players you actually want to have in your team pls?

  11. Good review SLM! The Das Boot ref made me laugh but understand the point. As a periodic CV player i learn from TopTier and there is a fine balance between being spotted and plane response time. Sometimes you get caught but with some practice you can optimize it. Some players on your team FREAK out when you do this as they have likely never played a CV and expect you should be at A10. The Hybrids are fun at mid-long range to use both guns and planes, but being a new type ship, everyone and their dog wants to farm you. When i see a hybrid parked behind an island, he makes an easy target for my CV. Good video good advice !!

  12. And to finish it all of they send you a privat chatt message to tell you to uninstall the game. Even when you were the last man standing in your team.

  13. #6 – The Worrier. Similar to #5.
    That guy that spends the entire battle worrying about what everyone else is doing and does not pay attention to what he is doing. Usually, one of the 1st to get sunk.

  14. you didn’t include the rare player, the team player. you don’t always see one in the battle but when you do have them around they are a joy to have on side and a nightmare to face against.
    I’ve gotten lucky for the last week and had at least one on my team in nearly half my battles.
    It’s so nice to have team members that support each other, playing their ship class properly and focused on the win instead of the kills / damage farming.

  15. I have seen every one of those players, but the worst one that you didn’t mention is: The lemming train chasing after the enemy Carrier to A-10 or some other corner, while one player (usually me) is trying to defend our Base from being capped & loosing the game. Then when I Radio “Requesting Support” & “Defend The Base” only to hear “Denied”, that really pisses me off!
    I have lost count of how many “Two Brothers” games, that I have been alone in the cap with a cruiser & the enemy team pulls a “Flambass” & drives 1 or 2 cruisers with a BB down the slot into our cap.

  16. We do hate you for playing CVs though. Learn to live with it, since you are playing this game on easy mode it’s the least you can do. 😛

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