World of Warships 5 Universal Truths

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There are some universal truths in World of Warships that everyone likes to ignore for some reason. Maybe it makes us feel good, thinking these truths don;t apply to us, but the sooner you accept them, the sooner you can enjoy the game for what it is; a game.


  1. See your point. Except… most of “us” don’t have a problem with CVs, Premium ships, rubbish players, or anything like that. What is mostly griped about is the chronic lack of balance – be it CVs, Russian hyper cruisers/BBs, radar proliferation, and so on.

    I don’t mind Kremlin being a complete fantasy boat, but I do mind it being so completely over the top it takes a concerted effort of at least three same tier ships to kill the damn thing.

    I don’t mind that Petrol Pavlova is another Sekrit Dokumints ship, but I do mind the fact it has the same freeboard as a Gearing, and is basically invulnerable to any incoming fire.

    CVs… they do add an interesting element to the game, but I do mind the spotting mechanic which means any kind of stealth based boat is immediately negated by their presence.

    Since Reeework, WG seem to have just given up balancing new content and mechanics. Just piling more and more new content in, without really balancing it before or after release. Its exaggerating the power creep, its causing very one dimensional clan battles, its making it boring.

    • @Bhargav Vamsi It’s becuse you didin’t get far enough yet to hate it.

    • @Maciej ODeBe ihave been playing since beta 🤣🤣🤣🤣. Lol

    • Bhargav Vamsi you really think that he’s alone in his opinion? He brought up very valid points

    • But we are getting a TILLMAN! Seriously though it’s very weird to hold US BBs to historical truth which reflects real-world limitations while Russia gets fantasy ships that USSR with limited industrial capacity would never have built anyways even if they wanted to.

    • @Mark Schmaling As a Brit, my gripe is the Vanguard – the last and most advanced BB ever built incorporating all the lessons of WW2 – is a meh T8 with absolutely nothing interesting to play round. Because 15″ guns = Tier 8… except when it doesn’t.

  2. the only thing im sad about cv is the old system where you felt like a cv and not a squadron of planes 90% of the time

    • CV players are now more of pilots than of captains, which I personally prefer but that’s probably just me since I like aviation in general and play flight simulators.

    • @LeckMichImArsch thats fair i mean i wouldn’t go so far as to say that its a horrific experience and sometimes its nice to be in direct control but idk the rts style of gameplay was really empowering and as you are the (usually) only CV felt like you could multi task much more like sending a fighter squad to help defend a destroyer whilst bombing some battleship. (and i think the consumable is gimicky for fighters and feels like you can’t actively defend your team from air attack)

    • @Yuenin
      yes the RTS CVs were awesome and i miss them very much…
      i dont enjoy the new carriers AT ALL. i dont even touch them as its pure suffering and boring as fuck.
      RTS CVs were challenging and demanding…and just needed a few tweaks like longer torp arming distance, AA stronger over time and limit squad spotting data to 1-2 squads at a time.

  3. I’ll be 61 this October and I enjoy the game. I just focus on trying to be a better player!

    • Cheers mate. I am only 50 years young and doing the same thing.

    • +Charles Cook
      Yes, that is the only way you can play a game like World of Warships. You cannot control who will join your ranks, only try to stay positive and support your team and it’s players whenever possible. Accept that you cannot win every game, and try to learn wherever you can and enjoy the challenge.
      And like any challenge, don’t be afraid to take a step away from time to time. I’m currently myself on a like 2-month break because I don’t feel up for the challenge, but that is more a personal problem than something I can blame WoWs for.
      I wouldn’t mind if WoWS to spend a bit more time on the non-competitive gameplay though.

    • Age can be just a number if you want it to be, buddy.

    • I’m closing in on 50 myself and yep, I play the game to enjoy myself and unwind. I try to keep improving as a player. I won’t pretend I’ve got the twitch reflexes I had back when I unwound playing Pac-Man as a kid or playing Sonic in university. I just keep fine tuning my aim, learning from mistakes and trying to plan ahead. Sometimes I’m really into it and taking the game rather seriously and other evenings, I just want to relax and blow up some boats while having a nightcap or a beer.

      Constructive suggestions and plans in chat are always welcome but angry juvenile rants just get ignored (and blacklisted if they feel a need to send a venomous personal message – for some reason people seem to be inclined to do that at 4-5am… why anyone expects a super-alert player base at that hour is beyond me). My clan are a bunch of laid back older guys. I do my best to ignore the angry and toxic types who occasionally turn up.

      I long ago accepted that any karma I build up as a BB main will vaporize the second I undock a carrier for a change of pace (or even when I’m playing a DD, because the bunch in the back line that refuse to push will hand out bad karma like candy at Halloween to any player they think failed as their personal valet and spotter). I understand the balance issues with CVs but don’t think their the devil incarnate (although they do make life rough when I’m sneaking around in a DD).

      I make it a policy to only hand out good karma and I try to do so liberally to players who show skill or good sportsmanship and manners. I figure at least I’m balancing out one of those players who just bad karma everyone out of spite.

  4. Wasn’t expecting to be on a video 😀
    Sad I started the chat with “Haha boobs…”

  5. My Poor GZ Carrier is getting Nerfed to the point where there is no point in playing it you cannot defend that! What was the point in me buying it for?

  6. Zoup I noticed since the last month or 2 there is an issue in your vids. The sound is 2-3 seconds before the actual visual. For example, I would see the ship aiming and ear the sound of the kill then the actual shooting and kill. I don’t have that issue in any other youtube vids so I assume the technical issue is on your side. I am not at all a technical guy just wanted to pass the info to you.

    • Yeah people have been telling him that for ages now, he doesn’t seem to give a shit. How hard is it to review a video before release?

  7. Yes you are correct… They are a business and rule nr. 1 : make profit.
    The thin line between greediness and customer care is thinner than cardi b strings…
    That they take away the CW captain retrain is a good example…

  8. So if my team camp i’m the only trying to push, it is my fault? So next time i’m gonna camp like all the sheep on my team? Not a good reasoning what you said about “who’s fault”.

    • it sucks but its kind of true , when you realise you are the only one pushing you are obviously gonna get focussed and die so you should stop pushing and wait for support . dont get me wrong it drives me mad when people dont seem to understand what a cap is and dont look at the points and realise the need to push or its a certain loss , or the people that continue to sail the long way around the cap on the flank although the enemy teams ships are all spotted on the map and have gone the other way and vice versa you are on the side with all the enemy ships and instead of playing defencive just yolo in outnumbered . i have a friend who plays and he is happy with his scores because its more damage than he got at t4 for example so he considers that a good game , drives me mad lol

    • a lot of his points are bullshit in this one

    • like yesterday, zao player and me (dd jutland) capping enemy base against 3 players. enemy moskwa capping our base. enemy cruiser and bb are some kms away. invisible and 3/4 of cap time are already done. Guess what, he started firing to get deacapped. although many in the chat told him to stay invis and it’s a sure win. guess it was my fault, thanks zoup for that epiphany (guess i should have sunk my zao, at least i wish i had). A lot of players who are capable can put righteous blame and when blame is due.

  9. While they are in business to make money, it’s the way they go about it that most people object to. Premium time, premium ships, that’s fine, the problem is when they go too far. World of Tanks is a good example. They had premium tanks for years, and no one had an issue with them until WoT decided to start making premiums as good if not better than tech tree tanks, and then each new round of premiums power creeped the ones before it. It’s a balance issue. On top of that many of the ways they choose to make money are scummy, lootboxes, the drydock, etc. For example, this Azure Lane go around? I’d happily buy a Georgia commander for my Georgia, but I can’t. I gotta buy lootboxes and hope or buy one of the huge bundles full of things I don’t want. Again, it’s the way they are handling things. No one disputes they have to make money but you can do it without this crap. They’ve done it for years in WoT and WoWS.

    As far as carriers, again, while some people will screech about removing them, most of us do want carriers in the game, but balance wise they are a huge problem and it’s not just a stats issue. It’s a fun one, balance wise they are intensely unfun. I’ve had the joy of a carrier just deciding to delete me in my DD. Total real counterplay for me? Zero. I’m sure the carrier captain enjoyed deleting me but for me it was ten wasted minutes, and since I got dumped on at the start of the game, almost no XP or cash for it either. Much like the Smolensk and other ships that the almighty spreadsheets might declare are fine but are just intensely unfun to face. It doesn’t help when WG does things like nerf AA into the ground (seriously, getting dunked on by a carrier while I’m in my Atlanta is just… fabulous) or make carriers functionally immune to fires it only adds to the issue.

    • The big issue with WoT, in my eyes, is the outright gold mining. Premium tanks and ammo. Get a tank from tech tree or premium that you can’t pen? Load the gold.
      Played WoT for about two weeks. Meh.

    • Yeah, It’s seems that they turning WoWS into a meme much like they did to WoT. For the Azur Lane collab, they used to have the option of buying each commander separate without having to buy the whole bundle. But, it seems WG only cares about what is going to make them the most money fast. It seems that is how most big companies are nowadays, which is pathetic and sad.

    • I would’ve bought Roon, she’s my waifu because of how much I loved Hindenburg funnily enough, but nope. Bought two containers. Both were Baltimore. The nation I don’t need captains for at all. Just keep it affordable, and keep it RELIABLE.

    • @Syntasia I got Roon in a box through Twitch Prime, but still it is the randomness that actually bothers me. If you like a certain commander, why not buy them out right like they used to? But affordablility and reliability is important here as well.

  10. One thing I’ve came to realize is that the dev team serves the share holders, not the players. The majority of the choices they make regarding game design and transaction mechanism is aimed to squeeze out the maximum amount of money in the long run. This aggressive business model is very offensive to me. To justify their behavior by capitalism will not convince me. One thing Zoup got wrong is that he thinks WG is trying to keep the game alive, however the truth is that WG acts out of greed instead of need. I suggest someone acquire the balance sheets of WG for the past fiscal years, I believe that due to the current aggressive transaction model, WG is making a huge amount of profit.

    • That is the attitudes of a lot of big game publishers nowadays. It is sad really and shows a good reason why WG doesn’t really care about their customer base or anything.

  11. Don’t tell me how to play. Oh wait, I choose to watch this. This is my fault.

  12. No, I can’t agree with most of your points. Assuming for the past 5 years, I buy 2 AAA games for a full price each year, it comes to 600 bucks. How much I spend at this game? More than one grand. When I spend such kinds of money, I am wondering a well designed, well-balanced game, instead of using my money to develop new un-history stuff. Loot box, slot machine, azure line collab even Hololive collab I love all of them. But for 200 bucks, if you spend such in Azure Line you will get the full spec account, and yes it’s a freaking mobile game! Bring new stuff only bring short term profit. If the game not fun anymore, who will spend any more? DO A GOOD GAME FIRST AND THEN MONEY COME IN. See Warframe before. I got the feeling that no one care loyalty player at WG HQ right now.

    • They did do a good game, that’s why you play. Then the money came in. Then they employed more people. Then needed ore money. Now they are at a point where they need to keep the money coming in to keep paying the people to make and maintain the game. The server costs alone for running a game that has millions of players are astronomical. Now figure how few of those buy premium time regularly, buy containers or dubloons or ships. It’s not as black and white as you think and right now, I would say they can’t afford for their game designers to be working on maps that won’t bring in more money. They don’t have a guaranteed income. They can’t plan based on a regular monthly sum.

  13. Truth #1 is what Jingles said: “The fewer carriers the better for WOWS as a game”. Since the CV rework I enjoy the game less, so I play a lot less. I used to be a whale, now I am a minnow. Having a CV in the game is like playing poker with all the cards face up. Yes, you can still play poker with all the cards showing, but it won’t be nearly as much fun to play.

  14. Prisoner of the Highway

    I remember the day I quit. I played 8 games in my Vladivostok. In every single game I had 100k+ damage and 2-3 kills at or before the halfway point (10 min mark). At the ten minute mark in every single game, I was the last one alive. That’s when I realized that I not only, wasn’t having fun but that I hadn’t been having fun for awhile. I was playing because I used to have fun. I was playing because it was a habit.
    A grind isn’t a bad thing in itself. A grind for no purpose is. If you’re gonna lose no matter what, what’s the point?

  15. The collaboration with Azur Lane probably didn’t cost either party anything. It’s mutually beneficial cross pollination that requires little investment and yields great reward. If I can have my waifu in both games, I’m more likely to spend more money on her in both games. Everybody wins, even the desperate loners who buy into it, like myself.

  16. Just my 2 cents. . .

    World of Warships, for a while (and I think it might still be) was called “a thinking man’s game”. This eludes to requiring intelligence to play it, to understand it, and to do decently in it.

    And therein is the rub with CVs. They require zero though. Zero. They’re the ships for kids that bragged they were at the top of the SpecEd class. You need an IQ of 50 to play them and not be completely potato. For a ship with so much power, it should be a ship that requires a lot of skill.

    CV unbalanced things and continue to unbalance things. I don’t mind getting deleted by a CV in my DDs. Even a broken clock is right twice a day. But when I watch an entire match and the CV literally doesn’t do f-all for the rest of the match because he or she couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn from inside? Yeah, that’s infuriating. When they’re too inept to even spot? Infuriating. When they can just keep stupidly sacrificing squadrons to mass AA and they can continue pumping out planes?

    That’s when you know something is wrong and imbalanced. We’re not asking for CVs to be removed. Just balanced.

  17. “A Gacha game like Azur Lane is much more forgiving and they did their job so much better than WG”.. Im just sayin’

  18. I know a lot of players have left the game,even whole clans are boycotting cb’s ,face it the game is dying so wargaming is going to dangle all kinds of shiny things in your face to get you to open your wallet till it dies off,i won’t be all that upset when it does

  19. The Invincible Iowa

    >”9 times out of 10 it’s your fault”
    >” a CV picked you and its your day to die and there’s nothing you can do about it.”
    uhhhhh what? care to revise your logic there?
    I’ll counter your point; people should care. I would say nothing is more detrimental than an apathetic player base to a game.

    • You misunderstand what he said. People DO care. Just not about the same things you do. As he said, they want to shoot ships. They don’t care about your strategy, or a WR, or anyone else’s opinion on how they play. They want to have fun shooting things. Some of them don’t even care if they win.

    • The Invincible Iowa

      @Bob J “Just not about the same things you do”

      you dont even know what that is, how about you take a few steps back from the keyboard and think. you may not care, but like zoup said some of us do care, and those of us that do are also the ones paying into the game, and not just people who like to “you you you” (point fingers) on the internet. some of us have a fairly good idea about successful marketing and customer outreach and not satisfying your customers or ignoring your core consumer to chase fads can be a real killer of successful enterprises. I suggest you stop trying to be such a contrarian for the sake of being different and think of things on a larger scale than what you currently do.

      You misunderstand what I said.
      but i doubt you much care about that either as is obvious from your comment.

  20. Oh look My first comment was deleted. (GO CENSORSHIP) Seems I struck a nerve with the comment about you seeming to be WG’s lapdog lately.

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