World of Warships – 5 vs 12 EPIC

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Uneven battles, where 1 team has tier 5 and tier 6 ships and faces a team that has fewer ships but of tier 7 and tier 8. This was a lot bigger challenge than I thought it would be. I knew it was gonna be hard but it still surprised me.

I hope you enjoy it and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Bozkurt'un Oyun Dünyası

    Nice hair nice color Man awesome 😂

  2. Maybe 1v23 would be a “fair” fight for Hans

  3. Had the same situation: me and another player in T8 BBs, 3rd BB, DD and CV were bots. The other team (no bots): 6 DDs, 2CAs and a CV. Our bot DD charged 5 DDs and died, CV did nothing. As a BB (without hydro) against 2 Fushuns and 2 EU DDs – was fun…….. NOT!

    • Asym is fun when its again players. The problem is that the 500 token cost for a high tier ship is too high, resulting in too many matches with lots of lower tier player ships and high tier bots

    • @Ben Jiro True but you still get a ton of XP, free XP, and credits for the win.

  4. Haha 25 tokens only and spend 500 tokens.

  5. I didn’t know that Ninja guy played Warships

  6. Players: “Man sealclubbing should be bannable.”

  7. We can look forward to shimakaze vs tier 3 ships or even Kitakami against tier 4

  8. Well played everyone (for a change)!

  9. It’s when you get 2 carriers, 1 BB and 2 cruisers against 8 tier 6 BB’s and 4 tier 6 cruisers all players controlled you get a challenge.

  10. 9:01

    Your BB is literally fighting the last cruiser alive on their team.

  11. Full secondary Graf Zep is hilarious in this game mode.

  12. Michael Søndergaard

    i tried it once this weekend in my bismarck. i had 4 bots on my team and enemy team was pure players. clearly lost it

  13. Luck guy, I normally am the only real player on the tier 8 side

  14. if the enemy team DD”s have their shit together it could get very dicy! But they prolly don’t..

  15. You need to try being tier V-VI against 5 tier VIII that are not bots. That is way more challenging

  16. Just farming in tirp, Bama, and the Roma.
    It’s the most fun you can have honestly.

  17. I always root for the reds on this one.

  18. This gamemode is hilarious. I really like it. Also easier to make credits.

  19. I’ve been loving the Murmansk in the asymmetric battles. When used with the spotter plane it shocks the tier 8 ships – because I’m hitting them at over 18km.

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