World of Warships – 50/50

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User replay where Th82000 plays the Des Moines on North and tries to keep in the for as long as possible. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier X American Cruiser Des Moines Replay – Discord Server


  1. Woo!!! First one!!!! It feels good

  2. Jadu Nandana Das


  3. I am staying out of ranked. I just don’t have the right ships or the skill to actually compete and I refuse to be the weak link that screws over a team trying to advance.

    • I probably have the skill for a decent rank … but I just want to play for fun and stress-relief after work, and ranked seems too stressful for that.

    • Deckaio Surprised its your stress-relief lol. Even in randoms people are so toxic, if you do something wrong you’re going to get picked up on it

    • just playing smart and intelligent will save you from that…you can at least get to rank 10 with subpar skill. since there s aton of superpoatoes at that rank.

    • Risheen Mukherjee

      Andre Crawford if youre humble enough to accept that, chances are that the situation is quite the opposite – its the others on the team who’ll screw you over. I mean, I’m not a particularly great player, but I am experienced and I have played against every kind of ship, to the point where I dont think there are ships whose weaknesses I dont know (except those in tier 3 and 4 – dont really play those). I’m sure there are many others like me, because you can easily pick up lots of knowledge just by watching and playing matches. However, your teammates are a different breed altogether. Try and help them all you want – as politely as possible – and it backfires. I’ve been reported for being late to start the match because of connection issues, but when I end up at the top of the board, people call me a loser and a shit teammate. I mean… what more do you want me to do? I’m currently at rank 21, and I havent even tried playing ranked after that. Its too annoying to even try. Its just a game, a stress reliever. Why do people pretend its a real warzone out there?

  4. If you want to make ranked better, make it on the ocean map, just two caps, and battle it out. This bs with hide behind islands, BB’s camping in back has to stop since ranked is supposed to be fun and rewarding. So far it has not been much of nothing.

    • That sounds absolutely terrible, and would lead to even more camping from everyone involved

    • Next you’d complain about everyone staying at max range all match

    • here is a little lesson , get a piece of paper. Okay get a working pen. But my guess is you can’t afford a nice ink pen. So go get some palm leafs from outside your hut. Now go get some ink. Now how will you do that? I am sure you have coal you used to heat your hut. Now write this on the sand. Just because you can do something, does not mean you should do it. Any battleships camping at max range in any type of match are retarded.

    • I’m going to guess you don’t play on Ocean very much: either everyone camps at max range, or they slowly rotate around the map.
      Cover is the only reason BBs are able to push on maps. Without cover, they’ll be sailing broadside and die pretty fast.

  5. Is it me or I find aiming in this game is becoming harder than before?

  6. That game is when ranked and wow is fun. Win or lose

  7. Simon Winterstein

    I was his friendly Zao in this game^^ As soon as I died I thought the game to be lost. I couldn’t believe it when the message of the win popped up

  8. What are those DDs doing??? The first time i got hit with radar at what ever their that is 6-7, I learned you can’t hide in smoke! It amazes me that somehow at tier 10… those two haven’t learned that yet! Where are these morons when I’m playing!? I would love those two free kills

  9. Haha it was my battle. The name ThB2000 is not like you said,because it is Dutch, but what matters, the game was great and crazy. Thnx for sharing it Notser really liked it so see it again

  10. Notser please give some news what’s happening in future in world of warships

  11. WoWs has been so stale for a few months now, Ranked is Supposed to be fun and rewarding, last season (haven’t played this ranked season, actually haven’t touched WoWs in weeks), it’s absolutely not fun and definitely not rewarding ( you get what from R15 to R5, a few flags and camos for each rank? MEHHH, it was just camping salty BB’s, Suicidal DD’s and Cruisers that were forced to camp behind islands to survive, oh and don’t get me started on the Pay2Win premium ships now, remember the time when Wargaming said that Premiums were just Different compared to the Main Line ships and not completely OP? Pepperidge farm remembers …

    • Eustace Stritchers

      The issue is that the game has been taking out all the stuff that promotes aggression, so players grow more and more passive as time goes on. This is infecting all aspects of the game as people increasingly cling to islands, repair nodes, and other things that make one feed safe in a world of campers. Too much radar, too much HE fire chance, and so on make pushing just play unproductive for you as a player.

  12. Thomas Bernecky

    Nice drama, Notser…

  13. A we all knowing now, after sseing it in both Jingles and this Video,..Conqueror players dont know about broadside and showing too much XD

  14. Hey thomas netjes man. Hey notser, greetings from the HSG clan

  15. Close game, lots of mistakes by the DD’s too. I feel like the DM should have been shooting AP into the Conq and GK.

  16. I made rank 10 and it’s good enough for me. The struggle isn’t worth it to go further as the players seem to get worse.

    • ? Trust me…the players get higher and higher quality as you get down below 7 or 6. Most games both sides are so good the entire game comes down to just 1 person making 1 mistake that tips the game to a win or loss for you. Past Premier League (5) you feel like you’re in a Kings of the Sea Tourney or something by the quality of the players. Very few scrubs make it to 5 or lower…though it can be done simply by playing tons and tons of games. Most players that get to rank 1 do it in 130 to 170 games. Scrubs that make rank 1 will usually play 400 or 500 games to get there. Luckily there are very few players willing to invest that many games in getting Rank 1.

  17. Is it impossible to draw anymore?

  18. Pretty disappointed in your commentary.

    1. Hydro popped where he popped it was perfect because that’s exactly where and when torps start to fly, as you saw. What was surprising was they weren’t aimed at the DM but at others.

    2. He was aiming perfectly at the Yam’s broad; you don’t want waterline at that range, you want to aim just above the cit armor to get pens on the 32mm armor belt. DM must be within 1.5 KM to pen the citadel of a broadside Yam.

  19. Nah. No stress at all. This was all calculated… (-;

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