World of Warships #54: The Unreliable Friends

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Download the app and use my invite code: “pndqa” for bonus Doubloons.Friends can’t be trusted, had to find out the hard way. I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

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  1. Shubhankar Dasgupta

    Yes I am the first Twannie love your content. Please some more Deja vu !

  2. Nick-Alexander Wüllner

    Could you great me in your next Video?

  3. AntlanticStrawberry

    Heart plz?

  4. I really like the style of your videos =)

  5. Elbough Le Zoreil

    o hai.

    and sorry for this tragically broken friendships :'(

  6. Großartig. Immer wieder ein Genuss. ^^

  7. 7:59 ~ 8:06 what is this song??

  8. My Dog is much more fluffy than Keks’s Cats

  9. Dogs > Cats

  10. Jason Studio TH

    Sometimes, friendSHIP is very unreliable.

  11. Loved it.

  12. 1:49 did that montana shoot to your boardside?

  13. love these video twannieboy ^^ thank you ^^

  14. Raymone Simpson

    Song from 11:20 to the end???

  15. Jonas Drøjdahl

    3:07 torpedobeating like that in Akizuki should count double!

  16. could u do more episode with ur friends its rly funny ;p

  17. 2:16 HOW? The rear turrets are not ready and he can shoot?

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