World of Warships #54 -Tier 8 Battleship Analysis

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An analysis of the Tier VIII Battleships that I own, performed in order to determine which that works best for me. Battleships tested are Bismarck, Kii, Massachusetts, Monarch, and . I am still grinding and Richelieu, and I don’t own the premium BBs Alabama, Gascogne, Roma and Tirpitz (but if anyone wants to gift one of them to me, I’ll happily accept! 😀 My username is glacier_de)

I gathered statistics such as Win Rate, Main and Secondary Battery Hit Percentages, Damage Caused and Received, and more. Hopefully the analysis will prove useful.

Thanks for watching!

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  1. I loved the Monarch, the best part about it is that it’s an unsuspecting ship, so no one goes after you. Usually when I see Monarchs, they’re the last ones alive. I capped more in Monarch than any other ship due to the concealment and I feel like I’ve been able to make more of a difference. Also the HE is absolutely devastating to Destroyers

    Edit: Also I like to have Demolition Expert on my Bismarck instead of the popular BFT, something I don’t put on my Mass.

  2. Jean-Claude Schmidt

    Great information. Would like to see this process for T8 cruisers after the T5 BB’s

    Do you think about explaining capitaine builds for the ships in this video

    • Thanks! I still need to grind some of the T8 cruisers. I do have the Baltimore, Cleveland, Edinburgh, Charles Martel, but I’m still working on getting Mogami, Chapayev, and Hipper. I figured I’d start at lower tiers and work my way up as I unlock more ships, so I’ll get to them eventually. I can make the cruisers more of a priority though. For the captain builds I can start to add information on those too, but usually I follow the recommendations provided in the WoWS wiki.

  3. very interesting about up-tiering and evidence to support my theory that the Monarch is utter shite. nice vid

  4. Im a somewhat aggressive 2ndary brawler myself, and I agree with most of your findings. I surely love my Bismarck and even use a seconady build on my Scharnhorst, though less effective obvously.
    My findings align with yours, I have more success with a manual 2nd build on Massachusetts than on Bismarck, My Kii doesnt even have a 2ndary build atm, but might look into it.
    Hope you get your Cesare to continue this work.
    I highly enjoyed the video and wish there were more “geek’s” like you out there in Youtube land 😀
    O7 captain, and fair seas.

    • I use my Bismarck captain on my Scharnhorst too–the manual secondaries + Scharnhorst’s maneuverability & torpedoes is great. I currently don’t have a secondary build on my Kii; the captain I used for it is Yamamoto, kitted out to drive my Yamato once I get it (in the meantime I mainly use him on the Musashi)
      And thanks!

  5. It’s a pity that no sane person has the time, patience or possibly even means to calculate hit percentage at various ranges.

  6. Awesome review–really excellent analysis, Darkwing.

    Being a KM fan[person], I naturally want to believe that the Bismarck and her sisters retain their position as the best brawlers in the game. My biggest issue, however, isn’t that there are good brawlers like those in the Massachusetts or French battleship line, rather, established lines like IJN, USN, or KM, are losing their identity and are simply being power-crept.

    With regard to secondary damage, it would help to know your ship builds and commander skills. Massachusetts has a huge benefit in that it essentially gets Manual Secondary control for free with its 40% improved secondary accuracy out of the box. It would be curious to see how the Bismarck and Massachusetts would compare if they both had (or didn’t have) this benefit.

    One minor correction at 16:35: the Bismarck’s maximum firing range is 21.2km with the upgraded gun systems. Frankly, this is immaterial because no KM battleship has any business firing at targets beyond 15-16km unless those are the only targets available.

    • Additional question: Can you compare Bismarck’s and Massachusetts’ secondary damage by shell hits? That is, for every 100 (or 1000) secondary hits, what was the secondary alpha damage done by each ship? I suspect a key reason the Massachusetts comes out on top here is largely because its secondaries are simply more accurate, resulting in more damage per game.

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