World of Warships – 6.14 Release

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6.14 is out in America, I’m going to be streaming today will be looking to enjoy the Pan-Asian Destroyers. Also, the American Carriers are getting some love so I’ll check those out too. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next !

Tier IX American Carrier Essex Replay


  1. Am I the only one who is excited for the Colorado HP Buff?

  2. Well Notser, once again you’ve showed us all why you’re such a great youtuber. You make mistakes, but you try again and get better. You’re human, and that’s so refreshing after watching so many Flamu vidoes. Also, do you accept replays? Doesn’t matter, have a great day sir, and I can’t wait for your stream.

    • You haven’t watched enough Flamu vids. He makes mistakes and is more than willing to point them out. They’re rare but he doesn’t let them slide. I learn a lot from youtubers like Notser, Flamu, Jingles, Zerra, Flambass, Mejash, and many others. None of them are perfect and all of them come with their own “flavors”. It’s the education they provide that’s really paramount. The entertainment side is icing on the cake and they all present one with the opportunity to take the good with the not-so-good …. like almost everything else in life. Be thankful for what they do and accept the color their differing personalities provide. Flamu is human and it’s unlikely his life is perfect.

    • It’s true that Flolo makes mistakes, but he rips people for making mistakes, unlike Notser. Notser is play something he’s not good at to get better and help us by showing how to play. Flamu is already unicom in everything so anything he plays will be great. Notser said himself that he doesn’t do great at carriers, but is still working on it. That’s what I meant.

  3. it was cool back in day in CBT when no one had any T10 ships, the like 4 tier difference, with the one t10 ship on each team becoming the capital ship basically. Nowadays everyone has t10s and thats where the game is played, the rest of the ships in the line are just training wheels for how the prime example will function.

    ps and what the hell happened to the Cleveland while im reminiscing… i can actually citadel it now..

    • silent555 Iirc WG merged Cleveland’s citadel into a single entity, so yes, now you can citadel Cleveland easier. 😉

    • I heard they’re moving Cleveland to the correct tier when CL and CA splits, which is nice, they might change the citadel back

  4. I’m very unhappy with the new US Layouts. Not that they are weak in general, but more that this whole ” PTS Thing” was basically worthless since zero Feedback reached the Devs / nothing has been changed. For a Start, the Layout of the Lexington is still nowhere near to be on pair with Enterprise and Shokaku, and while the Essex will be a good Pic now with 2-1-2 the Midway will most likely become crazy because of the US Torp Drop, theres just no way a DD or Cruiser can avoid a Crossdrop from it. Also, the AP Bombs added to the Line from T8 onwards are completely useless, I cannot see a single Scenario where I would prefer them over the HE Bombs, expecially since they are a one trick pony (German BBs) and HE Hits pretty Hard too (20k on a BB is pretty common). And i really tested them a lot, but in the End it’s just a copy/paste from the Enterprise.

    I invested quite some Time and left several Feedback on the German Forums, as well as other Users, but it seems WG doesn’t care. I’m really worried about the Rework, however what I couldn’t really test is the crazy High Tier AA and how it affects the much slower TBs of the Midway ( 133 vs roughly 160knots on IJN) since there weren’t enough players for TX matches on the PTS. I think this isn’t really a Thing in the US, but on the EU Servers full AA Builds are quite common.

    • I’m reserving my final comment on the CV’s until after I download the patch on my country DSL line, but I played a T6 CV match yesterday in which I had 2-1-0 against a 3-1-1. How the heck am I going to compete against that now with a 1-1-1? Even against a 1-2-2 I have to focus on the fighters, but even if I decide to focus on their attack planes, I have one fighter sqn against four attack sqns while they have 1 fighter vs 2 attack. I’m “sure” the AP bombs will make up for it. 😛 Again, saving final comment/rant until after I’ve seen the changes.

    • Well, let this run for a while. PTS is not the same as Live Server. Because PTS is not played as the same as Live server. Most player goes yolo on pts. Should the new USN CV build brings more suffering, and then we can complain.


    • we cant even get on the pts cuz wgc is bugged. cant update and contact support; doesnt get a reply before pts ends

  5. time to buy back the Taiho and fuck up these t8 fighters. time for revenge essex captains for all the pain you gave with 302


    • Ivan Buncic ı use strike bogue, bait fighters w a dive bomber than snipe the enemy cv

    • Well, you must be playing against biggest noobs ever because when I play enemy bougue goes for my TB first and with 2nd squadron goes for DB and im fucked.

    • Ivan Buncic yeah, if ı get spotted, ı camp my AA which is strong or wait for fighters to be vectored somewhere else


    • How do you snipe an enemy cv Sarp with just one dive bomber and a torp bomber? Do you perma flood them? The last time I did that I ended up with one perma flood that left the carrier at 1k and destroyed all my torp bombers. The rest of the game I couldn’t land a single bomb on that carrier. I sold my bogue at that point.

  6. Don’t care about the Pan Asian crap, was happy to sell the tier 1 boat and dismiss the captain as soon as it popped up in my port. Got a nice 78k in free xp and over 10 million credits for the USN CV rework, that put a smile on my face. Still not playing carriers any more though. They can rust in port till the settle on the bottom for all I care. Taking away load out choices, graphics designers not being able to figure out how to model flying 8 signal flags on CVs, crappy carrier UI, and the inability to with from HE to AP like every other damn ship in the game just annoys me too much.

  7. Well, since AP bombs are meant to kill the German BBs, I guess it is time to retire all my German BBs. I’ve been a recipient of the GZ’s 3 AP bomber squadron on my Scharnhorst. 70% health gone in a flash and cannot heal that since it is all citadel damage. I witnessed a Bismarck obliterated by the exact same thing. Now, the US CVs will have it? I’m not even going to bother with them anymore. Thanks WG for forcing me to remove my German BBs from play, great job.

    • Actually, the Enterprise AP bomb only hurts german BB, Moskva, and some IJN BB. But GZ AP bomb seem to wreck everything. It can rekt CL, CA, and all BB.

    • In my Yamato, I was attacked by 3 GZ bomber squadrons. I was hit for 19k damage and healed back most of that damage. It did not reach my citadel. That is the difference. If a ship has turtle back armor (all German BBs and the Hindenburg, Amagi, and a few other BBs), they will suffer for it. That is the design of this magical AP bombs. The penetrate the main deck armor and completely ignore the citadel top armor plate and detonate in the citadel. That did not happen on my Yamato. iChase and Notser showed how the AP bombs of the Enterprise worked against US, IJN, and German BBs. The Germans were completely wrecked or destroyed outright (Tirpitz was obliterated.). So the thought or idea that these AP bombs of the GZ can wreck all ships is false. They must have turtle back armor. However, if a DD gets hit by 3 squadrons (15 planes) from the GZ it will not survive even if 10 of them land bombs.

    • That’s because the Amagi (and Kii) has turtle back armor.

    • I’ve seen Montana lolrekted by GZ. Like 70k damage. On Flamu’s stream he rekt can rekt Aoba. 2/3 bomb hit for 16k. Your Yamato wasnt hit on the critical part from the looks of it.

    • I saw that too. However, that Montana was healing itself back to. What you do not understand is the Montana has 3 layers of deck armor. The main deck armor, the secondary deck (157mm thick) and the citadel armored roof. The Yamato is similarly designed too. These AP bombs cannot penetrate to the citadel because of this layered armor scheme. If by some change RNG magically allows it to happen, then that damage is not healable. However, if it does not, that damage is healable. Watch iChase or Notser’s videos on the Enterprise with AP bombs. You’ll see exactly what I am talking about.

  8. I hear so many times from problems with the ISP´s inside usa,and im verry wondering is this normal in this country?

    • yep its pretty bad over here
      small island counties prolly have the best internet in the world while large continent countries get screwd :/

    • Yup. 2 weeks ago my ISP came to hook up faster internet. Instead, he said the line is bad and left without fixing it. Haven’t heard from them since.

    • its only gonna get worse 14 dec with the abolishment of net neutrality and it will affect all traffic routed through and from USA.

    • surprisingly so many replys from my prev. thinking,i was shocked to hear that guys.
      i was always in the meaning usa has one of the best inets on this planet,super fucking fast,super fucking cheap as hell,everywhere.
      since i have digital cable i have no big problems anymore,2 – 4 x in year no i-net,no digi-tv,no phone over i-net,ect..but thats fully ok for me.
      I´m on Cable Germany with currently “only” 200/12mbit (now called Cable Vodaphone),i´m in deep hope cable germany is setting up my 500mbit on my location because the website says i can get that.

    • It depends where you live too. I recently had to move 20 minutes down the road. That short distance took me from fast, cheap internet, to slow as fuck expensive internet.

  9. Notser you are one of the few warship guys i watch and you have only grown as a player with understanding some changes. At one point I was almost not going to watch anymore but that changed and you realized some of the changes they are doing is creating options in game. Keep it up and do hope I get to shoot you one day. 🙂

    • zarnicolas I agree with u if it wasn’t for notser I would have taken a lengthy break from the game but watching his vids gives me fun idea n way to keep things fresh. Also ap bombs really hurt as German bbs n that makes me sad

  10. No more air superiority Bogue. Hooray! Tier 4 and 5 CVs will actually be playable now

  11. When ride Chung Mu(충무함) Audio launguege is chinese. Not KOREAN……


    also Captain is chinese not KOREAN…


    no National flag

    Well done WG

    • I think they should make pan-asian captains from different countries, and players get a random one when they get the captain, so they can delete and re-roll captains from the nationality they want. Think WG is just being lazy and didn’t think this through.

      However, I can see their reasoning, most of the tree are from Taiwan, so I guess they just didn’t bother and used the time to drink vodka.

    • Hyeon Gyu Yang they were going to put in national flags at first but chinese players that think taiwan is a part of china got salty and complained so WG just took them out

  12. Notser would you please at least take a look at Armored Warfare? Its changed a lot since and at least give it a second chance!!!! PLZ NOTSER!!!! Its on steam too!!!

    • isnt armored warfare dead already ? logged into it a month ago and there were 10 ppl in que and my t1 got matched with T5^^

    • There is around a 8 hour dead period where thats true (you can still play PVE)but now that its on steam and more updates have come and go, population has been steadly increasing and no, its not dead!

  13. jeehaw CV CANCER is back at 100%…now everyone and his grandma will be timing dropped without any chance of avoiding. Rejoice.

  14. well us in the EU get the patch tomorrow and I am still not sure about the Deep Water torps 🙁 not looking forward to this patch TBH ..

  15. Ask them to take a break on ships and add new maps. PLEASE

  16. Mr Notser, You are a wonderful sensei, I learn so much from your channel and you are entertaining to listen to. I hope these changes make game more fun. Worried about CV’s which I do not play. Hope they’re not overpowered but we will see.

  17. Notser you always put out good content and tell it like it is! Thanks and hope you have a Merry Christmas.

  18. Is noster on discord??

  19. AP bombs are hella op. I almost got deleted by 1 AP Lexington dive bomber squadron in my Queen Elizabeth. The 1 squadron took my HP from 90% to 10%

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