World of Warships – 6 Kills Alabama, Clear Sky, Kraken, Turning the Game

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Fa_Bu_1 ier VIII US premuim BB Alabama

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  1. First – and excellent!

  2. Dat arizona xD

  3. I’m a fan of the New Mexico in he’s team! GJ Alabama

  4. that is probably the best way to go. if you re a noob, spec for aa.

  5. I see the enemy CV had a WW1 mentality about spending his resources. You know, because he just threw them away.

  6. My inner potato was screaming “RAM HIM” at the end 🙁

  7. This ship is a beast with AA guns.


    How did he lose? killer all. WTF

  9. I hate how this dude moves the camera.

  10. There’s probably nothing I love more than watching someone wreck a CV – God, how I hate them… A shame it’s hard to carry a potato sack that large.  As ever, you play the objectives or you play to lose…too many teams and players choose the latter.  I’m happy he was able to pull it off.

  11. 14:03
    The least prior target for CV, Alabama.
    Hard for planes to survive, Also deal no damage to her.
    So it is useless to attack her

  12. Вадим Анохин

    Good fight, but potato rules!t )

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