World of Warships- 60,000 Doubloons For A Tier IX????

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Hey guys! Today we take a look at the early access even for Italian Destroyers, and the insane cost of the vent. Enjoy!


Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:


  1. Cimitar (The Grumpy Gamer)

    This is getting beyond a joke 🙁 First they take away the ability to get flags for your hard work in battle and now they are ramping this shit back up. I love this game, I love WW2 ships….. this over monetization is just killing me 🙁 Thanks again for your time, your product is a joy to watch…. even if I do not ALWAYS agree with your point of view.

    • or just not pay? Wait for 2 months and they’re free for research

    • @Lee Benson leveled how?

    • @X Hawkeye Because a bad player will receive the same # of flags for the same # of contains earned. Before the good player got all the flags making him an even better player and the bad player got none giving him even more of a handicap. Still money makes the rich better then the F2P player. Thats life ITRW. A poor player playing on a shit PC @say 480P @7-9 FPS will most likely be a worst player then a rich player playing on a fast PC @1440P
      @75FPS are even higher. Life is PTW!!! there is even more to the story but that will do. IMO

    • @Lee Benson pc gaming isn’t meant to be even in any respect. A person either has money for a quality system or they do not. Same thing goes for talent in a game. You are either good at the game or you are not. Wargambling are just a bunch of greedy losers who do not listen to the community in any way and only care about profits.
      They ruin a fantastic game for everyone by making these decisions to monetize nearly everything and take in-game rewards away i.e.(signal flags earned by medals). I have been contemplating on uninstalling the game for a while now as a result of these actions taken by WeeGee.

  2. Jordyn the Timber Wolf

    Things like this are precisely why I only get whatever’s for free in these Early Access events if I choose to participate in them.

    • I agree. I grind whatever I can get for free, along with spending recruitment tokens I get free via the PT server to maximize what I can get free during each early access event.

  3. 5:57 Just hard turn to either left or right will help both BBs avoid lots of torpedoes. But no, They keep going in a straight line.

  4. It is optional – stupid excuse to abuse what ever good faith the community might of started to rebuild. Thank you for clearly laying this out for us.

  5. Nope. Git Gud

  6. I will be taking any free items but will wait for this DD line to come out in the normal game. Thanks for your view on this wallet grab.

  7. Great video. I obtained the Turbine from the rewards package, and like it, but certainly wouldn’t pay real money for it, just like I won’t pay real money for the other free tech line ships. I’ll take what I get for free from the event and that will be it for me.

  8. They really pissed me off selling basically all the t10 “special” and coal ships for like $140 usd. Im suprised no one made a big deal about that. they literally sold ships that are meant to be for grind only. Completely done spending money on this game, it went from being dimed to death but now your being nickeled to death. They are clearly milking what they can on the way down

    • this is way beyond nickles, 60K dubs is $220 to get a tech tree T9, insane

    • You read my mind. Selling all the coal ships for $$$ that took the rest of us months or years to grind is infuriating.

    • @Rick Wiggins wont be long till we see steel ships for $$ at this rate.

    • @Rick Wiggins i’m playing mostly f2p, so i grind coal, bought several ships already and i’m sitting on 360k,
      coal is not difficult to get unlike steel.
      not going to spend $140 for a single ship, specially if i can get it for free

  9. This business model – early access to tech tree ships for money – is a bad model, at least for me. I participated in the Repulse/Marlborough dockyard event – it was okay. This pan-asian cruiser event – not so much, grinded up to T6, thats all. At least 1 premium ship T6 or above should be put into the mix during such event. I wont give money for a tech tree ship – during these inflated free xp times … you can quite easily get them in a short time.

  10. There are a lot of other dds that can do the job just fine. Paolo Emilio is a highly specalized dd and is therefore unique at the moment. I say it’s fine as is.

  11. That DD almost carried his team in a recent ranked match. Well, our stupid BB that split up so he could pick them off 1 at a time didn’t help things.

  12. What your asking is also like asking for the German light cruisers to get a fire rate buff so they can fight other DDs better.

    That’s not their job. Just like the German light cruisers are there to delete unwary cruisers, Paolo Emilio is there to delete unwary BBs.

  13. And WG wounder why players stop playing or like myself who went from paying for ships to not spend a dime on anything for this game. They become a Nickel and dime company!

  14. Mech Franka T. Lieu

    No its not 150 Doub for a T3, it’s so if only you get it on the first bundle , just another bait and switch ; another the same for T9 Adriatico, then its the same as Asian Cruiser T10 at the end of sequential bundle and you are now allowed to pay more doub just to get your hand on a tech line T10 , and the mos important thing , with all the same money / doub, what can you get in the premium shop or Armory .. which also bring in some issue with DD in this game , there are loads of good choice at T9/T10 for Cruiser player, for CV player, and definitely for BB player, but what’s available for DD player .. well the choice is just like …. not there ….

  15. ToughAncientSpark

    Wargambling won’t stop raising the price on ships until players stop buying them with real money.
    When players stop buying ships with real money, then Wargambling will know that they’ve reached the bottom of players pockets.

    • Too many stupid players. Whales reply =I’m a whale I do don’t care If i ruin the game for other people and high prices. They use this excuse but we help the game to make money,that’s a stupid way of looking at It. A lot more average people buying stuff In game. WG at Its worst again.

  16. The T9 pan Asian cruiser showed up as my first random bundle (at first I didn’t know it was a random bundle and thought that everyone could buy it lol). Anyway, I bought it because why not first bundle saves me the grind, but I got harassed in game every time I played it because people thought I whaled it. also, I only played a few games anyway because I was grinding Zao and Yamato ( been playing since launch and just got my yammy yesterday). Over all, from my experience I will not buy any bundles unless it shows up in the first one.

  17. Great vid, yes, the game went from “can be expensive” to “is becoming expensive”. It’s hard to play for free, especially when you’re new and a bit impatient. I did discover that T7-T8 games are the most fun for me to playing with the Weimar, Lightning, Massachusetts is plenty fun and the gameplay at those tiers is really good. Not much HE spamming and teamwork seems to be much better. T10 gameplay is really bad, lots of people just there to farm, sit in one place and not care about a team victory that much.

  18. I participated in get the Sherman container event Got the ship first try due to the number of ships picked on Black Friday and Christmas containers. Like the second German BB line I played and earned German tokens. I got several ships that way and then ground way up to Schlielffen. I rest the line for double research points.

  19. i have been straight up murdered by the super testers in a div i think it was the tier 8 in a harekaze i didn’t stand a chance and i was in the gunboat config i got one to half and died two dds vs one is never a good idea but it was brutal in a harekaze ask anyone strong ship but these things and keep in mind wg will never sell a tier 10 ship lol

  20. When 0.11.4 comes around, I’ll look into the Italian DD line. If I get a ship in a free bundle, great, if not, no big lose. Tomorrow, the tier 10 Pan Asian cruiser comes out and I’ve already worked the tier nine ship up to 200,000 XP so even the free XP will be minimal. I know I’m missing something, but I don’t understand why anyone will spend real money for a ship that you can get for free.

  21. NO!!! with sSAP it dose way more damage than a nonSAP DD.

  22. I think wows lacks reasonable moneysinks and has overabundant unreasonable moneysinks.
    Another premium tier (with more credit earnings and maintenance reducing) would probably animate more ppl to spend small amounts.
    Same for cheap signals and camos.

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