World of Warships- 62,000 Doubloons For A Terrible Tier IX?!?!?!

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Hello guys, today we are talking about update 11.10 and what you need to know to get the most out of this update! Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418


  1. Playing yesterday , first day of patch had a Yodo on the team. That’s over 80k dubs for a tier 10 tech tree ship or 250 euro’s where I am. Just insane but hey whales like that keep the game going .

  2. I understand WG need income and i believe that they would make more money if these events were cheaper say 4 or 5k dubs to get tier 9 early access tech tree, they are digital products so if they make it cheaper they would sell more rather than relying on the few whales. There is no cost to WG after development and implementation. It all seems counter productive IMO.

    • Those few wales pay for development and implementation. Sure they could make them cheaper and hope they get more buyers, but I imagine they know how much they sell on average per event and have priced accordingly. Lowering prices might not even net more buyers on events like this, I wouldn’t buy any of these tech line event stuff regardless of price. I just get my free tier 5 or 6 then wait for them to be added to the tech tree, thanks for the mid tier start.

  3. A thing that they did with this event that is different from a lot of the others is you can get tokens through free xp, which I find is more easy to get then the community tokens

  4. Got T9 Takahashi in crate 1, and I struggle with her. I play light cruisers a lot, so it’s not my lack of experience of the class… Also Zao was my first T10 and I’ve reset the line for RB points, so the general Japanese Cruiser playstyle or Mogami isn’t new to me either.

    What I think is a huge problem is that they are balanced around the Torps; like with them as main damage source in mind. The guns are so shit, that when you don’t hit Torps, you deal basically zero damage. An that, in my games at least was a problem… Because that means 2 things:

    It’s a “feast or famine” playstyle. If the enemy doesn’t push into you HARD, or even drives away, you don’t hit Torps and thus deal no damage. And that happens often.

    You need to get very close, to use Torps, even when the enemy is stationary, get spotted by planes and then get slapped.

    The problem for me is: you HAVE to hit Torps. Only relying on gus is terrible. Range is good, but arcs are absolute trash (trust me, I played range mod Colbert). Also that reload….. No. Just no. A 7 second reload would be acceptable, 9-10 probably too, but not 15.

    A style that’s been decently successful for me was “DD support” style. So drive close behind the cap with your DD, slap the shit out of the enemy DD and then try to GTFO while spamming Torps on cooldown. And when I say “decently successful”, I mean damage and kill wise, not survivability wise. Heavily depends on the map too. More islands = more survivability, but way less chance of good torp hits.

    What I like is turret traverse and that all guns except the front are 360 degree turrets. That’s the best turret handling I’ve ever seen on any ship, period. It’s perfect. Feels up to par or even slightly better than Ragnar. Also I love the look. They are very nice.

  5. Love how a T8 light IJN cruiser has 4 k more hp than Zao. My poor Zao

  6. When I looked over the stats of the T8, I asked “why this over 155 Mogami?” An edge on gun range? Indivdule torp damage with a bit more range? I run ops alot, the extra 5 km for torps dosen’t really get you much when bots dodge just about everything unless it’s point blank or launched at a crowd. the 155 Mogami has just as many guns, slightly bigger, with 5 sec less on the reload.
    The T10 stock sends less shells down range than many of the T8 CLs, including some with torps

  7. congrats on actually sinking a sub with depth charges! and also 40k subs – almost equally impressive and rare achievements in my view

  8. Congratulations on 40k! Love your videos and dedication! Keep it up good sir!

  9. Yeah the “rabndom” bundles NEVER give the ships up early these days – they don’t feel too random. I’ve noticed that you always seem to get the Permant Camo/Bonus thingo now and then youy get the ship. Seems more like a pattern than random these days.

  10. If they would just lower the reload to 7-8s or thereabouts it would be a LOT more viable

  11. This new line of japanese CLs needs long staying smoke like crazy… I just get the first one, put a top captain and begin the grind for when they are full release…

  12. Mech Franka T. Lieu

    Helena had 15 guns at T7 and much faster reload and a sizeable smaller hull , Chapayev got only 12 guns , yeah but its got lazer ballistic and reload almost half as that of the IJN .. just giving the ships long range ( but questionably in usage O) torp do not negate the need for guns .. this is what its like with almost each and every torp in game, WG just cannot made torp to be able to hit effective, efficient and consistent so any torp oriented platform is at best just situational and at worst just out gunned, out ranged and with torp that practically almost having zero chance to hit …

    for this line of ships, well if I want to play torp platform I go for the IJN DD , if I want to go with guns I had UK, USS, and Soviet CL line ( at least up to T8 for the Soviets )

  13. IMO early access whaling is a good thing; it means that they can add stuff to the game for normal players to earn for free, while still being able to pay for the dev time by getting whales to pay for the temporary exclusivity. I like that better than selling *permanent* exclusivity or adding paid-only content.

    I also like being able to shortcut some of the grind for free as part of the event. I don’t care much (if any) about someone else dropping a bunch of money on t9-10, but I *do* care about being able to jump to t7-8 for free.

    The Cleveland review is really telling. Cleveland has slightly less per-shell alpha and 12 guns instead of 15… but having basically twice the ROF makes up for having only 80% of the guns and 90% of the alpha. And it has radar. Unless you’re getting *a lot* of mileage out of the torps, Cleveland just seems better.

  14. This + the fact that the battlepass is in full effect and the usually “easy” obtain bonuses I felt that were cut in half makes me reconsider a lot, I even had hope that the battle pass will re-integrate the dubloons spend but it’s a rip-off in my opinion, as we say in my country: fu**ing lajas…

  15. The way I could see these ships working with their current Reload. Stagger the guns firing. Like try to seperate the shots from each turret out enough that it creates a somewhat even time distance between ever shot. That would give more shells constantly flying at the target at any point.

    Whether it works or not I have no clue, I haven’t unlocked any of em. It’s just a thought.

  16. To each their own – the TIX was my first random bundle available so I got the ship for just 1000 dubs and I love the ship. I’m a DD main though, so I use it more like a large DD than a cruiser.

  17. Got the Tier 9 IJN Light Cruiser Takahashi in second container. Played her with extended gun range mod (17.5K). Shells are very floaty, hard to hit at range, and do not hit hard. Torps are slow, and armor just a place to hold paint. Agree with your assessment, not worth the dubs.


    Mr. Sea Lord, I have a question. Have you noticed changes in the matchmaking after the last update? Somehow my matches are getting shorter and shorter. In one game, my team lost 6 ships in less than 4 min.

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