World of Warships – 7.5

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Wargaming released details for 7.5, I discuss what you should expect from the patch for US Cruisers. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier X German Grosser Kurfurst Replay – Discord Server


  1. I got damned good with the Pensa at T7, and if they don’t nerf the hell out of it, it is going to be OP I think.

  2. do you have any clues as to what will happen to the ship XP stored up on the “old” ships? i have 1.5m XP on the Cleveland (yeah, i play it a lot. sue me)

  3. But notser what about the azure lane crossover

  4. Going to miss the cleveland for OP missions, with the tier cleveland was in.

  5. Playing a stock Clev at tier8……, again????

    • ME262MKI I actually think you get some compensations from the exp you grinded for the T6 Cleveland modules

    • And how compensation make him to not play a stock Cleve at tier 8 again and grind again what he graind ?

    • Lets say,you grinded 50k exp and spent 70k credits for the T6 cleveland’s modules,you got refund 70k credits and save 50k exp on the new T8 cleveland which may enough for you to research the firing range or hull

    • I have 180k exp on my cleave now all module unloked and mounted,lvl 15 captain,that is a damn lose for me soo they are not going to give me the 180k exp on my cleve back they are going to put it on my Pensacola soo I need to grind again 180k on my Cleveland,you imagine how that is going to fill?to grind again 180k on the same ship?My capatain is gone now they move it to Pensacola,how do you see that a compensation its amazing!

    • Why you care the 180k exp anyway?Unlock the Seattle immediately?You got them in T6 so it’s normal to have them stayed in T6 pensacola.Send the commander to reserve before the update implemented?

  6. Jadu Nandana Das

    really wg… youre gonna split the 7.5 update into 7.5 and 7.6? why not idk… just release them at the same time?

    • @wun1gee I’m actually really happy they’re considering people who don’t have dedicated gaming rigs. I just use my personal computer, and I share a network with a whole bunch of other people. I already can only play when no one else needs to do network-intensive stuff – I don’t want to have to keep my computer hooked up and running for over 6 hours because I need to limit my bandwidth.

      @boreas real You brought up some other really good points – there’s a lot of new content along with the CL/CA split and rebalance, and there’s probably also a desire to stagger the release a bit to allow for more tweaking. It also would improve server uptime, something we only consider on the client side when the game breaks.

    • You also have to think about their server load when thousands of players are downloading the new update. Their servers are already shit when it comes to just translating the data when actually playing the game, so I have no reason to believe otherwise when it comes to downloading files that are many times bigger than the data from games.

    • How’d you download the game to begin with if you can’t handle large patches? The initial download was 30gb…

      I mean, you must shit bricks when they release new tech trees at about 20gb each..

      Large downloads are not the issue. You all know it. Because they don’t hesitate to throw large downloads at us on a fairly regular basis and you don’t say shit.

    • Except they do extremely large patches on a fairly regular basis..

    • Majestic Hotwings

      boreas real why not release all THAT in 7.6 rather than having the branch split be divided over like 3 weeks?

  7. Where is the notser face

  8. gehe i just got that cleveland to get myself a free t6 extra. and a free t8 (my first t8) xD i have no idea what im doing

  9. What will happen to the tier 8 permanent camo that I have on the New Orleans? it would really suck if it gets dropped to tier 7

  10. Thomas Bernecky

    Rehab for WOWS collectors needed?

  11. Hey Notser! I played my first game with you on Saturday In my Dmitri Donskoi you were in a triple Mo division. I just went over to Twitch to check out your stream and you called me out for no camo! I hardly ever do that but clicked next battle and I had run out. It ended up all good though cause you complimented me. I got top spot without kills because i did 192k Damage. The Missouri and Musashi basically ignored me while I rained HE down on them. When you asked what I was doing the Musashi had targeted me so I ducked behind the island until our BB distracted him.

  12. I regret spending 60k+ free exp to unlock the cleveland to benefit from this update… Should have just grinded..

    • SecretIdentity yeah I did same trick and got a super container literally next battle with free xp worth more than I just paid to convert

  13. now that’s just lame… we’ve been hyped with the light cruiser for like half a year now and they won’t give them to us for another patch or so?!

  14. A least the metric ton of money i injected into the game is providing me a constant feed of great content.

    Its so nice here.

  15. Easy carry

  16. 5k damage from secondary guns hardly seems worth the investment required in that build unless this was an unusually poor performance.

    • Steeltrap This was a pretty quick steamroll and he wasn’t up in front so his secondaries didn’t get to see alot of action. But when they do, they’re absolutely a worthwhile investment.

    • I regularly see 20k plus damage with mine

  17. I have the premium camo for the current Cleveland and about 200k exp on the Cleveland. Will these carry over?

  18. Noster, are you doing a video on the new American Cruiser crates?

  19. I’m holding off playing my American cruisers till the split goes live. Till then I’ll be content with American DDs and French BBs.

  20. So my high tier Cleveland captain will go to T6 heavy cruiser and the Cleveland will get a T8? So I’m best off putting my worst captain in the Cleveland before the split? So where should I put my best?

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