World of Warships – 7.7 PTS

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Checking out Operation Raptor Ridge on PTS and discussing the new reticle minimap indicator. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier VI German Bayern Replay – Discord Server

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  1. I think that this should be a 4 point commander skill

  2. NOTSER, what happened to the video on the new tier 10 jap dd? thought you said it was coming out days ago.

  3. I think this mode will make blind firing on British CA in smoke way to easy and spotter planes are gonna be useless! I dont think you should be able to fire on someone just of the map because this will help you get the range no problem. This mod needs to be banned in my opinion…

    • MasterZeeeee thats NGS in a nutshell though. You know the last known position of the enemy and their course and speed (roughly) and you know where your shots will land (with good accuracy). You still need to lead correctly though, this will just cut down on camping as part of the meta which I don’t mind

    • I still think this is a bad idea… Just because a mod is popular and a lot of people use it doesnt mean that it needs to be in the vanila. I used this mod and farmed Devstrikes on CA in smoke a lot more than I did without it… I even stoped using spotter planes on BBs because I didnt need that top down view witch is the main reason people use it.
      I think this will make aiming more easy and that is something witch you need to learn over time

    • MasterZeeeee I smell BS.

    • The only people that this will be a problem for is people so dumb they don’t realize sitting still in a smoke is stupid as you know it’s last *seen* location. For firing into smoke against people with at least two brain cells spotter plane is still going to be king.

  4. Again WG had no idea how to Stop the , till 7.7 clearly CHEATING Players from Cheating by using the Mod, but they also didnt want to upset and in the end punish such a large portion of the Playerbase if they forbid it after such a long time so they simply added it to the Main Game and followed along the Cheaters argument, if you want the same Advantage just download it yourself / flick the switch and turn it. The Usual WG Policy im afraid.

  5. Never was and never will use Mods in WoWs. If I have to get a Mod to be competitive the Mod is more like a cheat and should be banned or put into the vanilla game so nobody has an unfair advantage.

    • It is a GAME if you do not like it go back to single player games

    • There are also some mods which just make the game visually or auditorily more fun or interesting for some players. They don’t change play balance in the least.

    • I use the remove camo mod so I can see skins and other mods for the port. I dont think those are cheating as they are just visual

    • lol retarded. you realize many game features in the game right now used to be player created mods

    • If they are offered “in-game” to everyone at any time then it is NOT an unfair advantage. In fact Captain Skills are far more likely to give an unfair advantage than Mods because Cap Skills take time to get them whereas Mods can be installed by the Mod-Pack which is offered by WG themselves.
      (and the context is talking about Mods offered by WG)

  6. Given their reasoning for the mini map reticle, “understanding game mechanics” basically, I think it would be fine in like tier I-V and co-op games. It’s almost just another thing to make smoke less effective. Maybe smoke will just be used way more for supporting the team. Who knows. Just my $0.02.

  7. Firing into smoke screen will be much easier with this minimap reticle

    • Chew Chia Ling no it won’t.

      Using your eyes to judge location is far more useful.

    • I agree, with the minimap reticle, it will tell you where you are shooting at, not where the ship is in the smoke. Having a spotter plane will show you where the shells are emerging from.

  8. there are multiple mods that are flat out cheating, for example the speed indicator, and the angle indicator. say i’m playing vanilla, bow on to a ship that can pen my bow at 31+ degrees but not 30 and they’re using the mod and can see exactly when i pass that 31 mark so they know for certain they can pen me, not the educated and experience guess work that I do, but literally exactly when it happens. that’s cheating. or again, i’m bow on to another ship changing my speed, going in reverse, going back forward etc. the enemy cant tell i’m changing my speed and direction from that angle due to the smoke, but they have the mod, so a colored indicator over my name tells them when i make an adjustment and they change their shot accordingly. that’s cheating. anyone that uses a mod to give them more information than some random in vanilla is a cheater and should be banned. just look at the clan battle streams when they go up, they’re all using them. how is that competitive play to have an unfair advantage over your enemy? and tell me this, if your argument is something like “all this is stuff you can determine in vanilla”, then why would you use the mod in the first place? your answer to that question is why it is, in fact, cheating.

    • General Cartman Lee

      Mustangride 1 So extended tech tree is cheating? Oh dear….
      But as usual, simple rule, someone using the words “truth” and “fact” is totally wrong.

    • Ray Sheng I totally agree. I did install it myself and tbh, I don’t use the angles mod anymore. I simply don’t look at it in game because I distracts me more then helping me.

      The X marker for the minimal is BS and game breaking in my opinion to a point, where I think of not running spotter plane for shooting smoked ships anymore.

      And the running lights mod isn’t really needed, just quickly tab the M key twice and you see the direction the ship is moving. And it isn’t in the official Mod-Station.

      I personally mostly use the mods for aesthetics und my convenience, like the companion, extended carrousel etc…

    • Twisted Pixel This is a theoretical calculation, in which you made unrealistic assumptions. Choosing to range your shots is your choice, that is not because of the mod. You choose to do so because you do not have enough confidence in landing hits on first try, which just comes from experience playing the game. Furthermore, in the time that you took to range your shots, the enemy would have time to make even more adjustments, so your second shot is not exactly on target either. I presume you are talking about BBs here, because any other ship type will have reloaded by the time you have “ranged” your shots, and I presume that you mean 2 turrets with 4-6 guns. In that case, how many of your shots actually land right where you aim? Go test it in a training battle with a completely stationary bot. Overall statistic says BBs have less than 30% hit rate, so if you hit 2/6 shells you are already lucky. Furthermore those 2 hits that you get, the do not always penetrate the citadel. If you really find yourself in such a situation in battle, do you blame RNG or using mods? There is a reason why RNG is in the game – it prevents players from dominating by “aiming better with the help of mods”. If you play CS:GO you can never out-shoot someone who has mastered the recoil of every gun, but a player with 10k battles in ships is still subject to the same RNG as you do.

      TL;DR: Stop making a fuss out of nothing. You would have blamed RNG instead of the use of mods.

    • You do realize that almost all of the UI improvements and mechanical changes for combat situational awareness and information gathering first came in mods.

      Minimap with range circles, detection circles, etc. was a mod for almost 9 months before it became implemented in the game.

      Armour model viewer was in the game for the longest time before it finally become an easily accessible item for the players but mods allowed you to use it early on.

      Angle and speed indicators have been in the game for ~a year and a half, though it’s dropped on and off quite frequently with different versions. The first ones were very close to being cheating because it also gave you a fairly good indicator of what their exact speed was but then it was changed to a variable color indicator of “slow/medium/fast” so it’s not even remotely as close to cheating as you claim it is. In fact, before the armour angle displays came out for most mods, it was a direction line for a ship so you could easily line up the grid and get a fairly decent grouping if someone was fleeing, this was also implemented into the game.

      Tracer lines were mods for a long time and eventually added to the game, something which makes it extremely easy for an experienced player to pinpoint a person in smoke and rape them.

      I could go on with more specific items that were implemented in the game that you would declare as cheating and so by that logic, the average player is now cheating for using mechanics which have been part of the game for the longest time but were not publicly made available unless you inspected the code.

    • If WG make these mods “illegal” then only those people who use them anyway will have an unfair advantage (because there will always be people who will use them anyway).
      But if WG make these mods available for everyone then there are no unfair advantages, to me, this is no different than captain skills such the one that keeps your ship moving and maneuverable even when an enemy knocks your engine out.
      I think WG knows this and this is why they are making these mods available to everyone….is it perfect? Maybe not, but it helps to keep the playing field even.

      This is only my own opinion of course.

  9. Thiarnach Slave to Darkness

    The advantage is wonky to process at best. Most players can’t even properly aim at 7km, them navigating 3D space for blindshots without real visual confirmation is like a monkey solving string theory while being blind and drunk.

  10. I used the mod and complained several times that it gave an unfair advantage and WG would not admit it.

  11. Mike Kraner-Henthorn

    so some comments
    1) I prefer bots to people. that way only 1/2 of the teams are doing dumb stuff.
    2) In pick up games doing operations, they are hard enough for those of us who are average.
    3) about the mods, they are letting the mod makers experiment and test it before they add it to the game. it saves on WG’s costs .

  12. Notser your blowing this cross hair way out of proportion.

    • Santa Claus yes he is totally.

    • The mod version was absolutely a cheat which should have been banned. Now WG is making it a part of the game, which just ruins DDs and smoke-CLs even more. The whole situation is ridiculous and I’m glad Notser made a video on it.

    • Santa Claus clearly you have no idea what you’re talking about. Typical “I’ve never tried it but I know when something is bad” attitude.

    • Please explain to me how it’s beneficial to tell people the location of their shot on a minimap. Wargaming says it helps people understand the firing and aiming mechanics. How?
      And then secondly, explain why this is not a cheat. We already can figure out the location of a smoked up ship or a stationary one in a cyclone with the minimap, and now we get to be able to aim almost directly at them too?

    • cyclone is a bad thing in the first place. There are many ships that are balanced on their long range by giving them crap armor. Now, suddenly they can no longer shoot from the long distance but their armor is still crap.

  13. Notser let’s be real, this mod had close to no effect on cyclones the ships are still moving at full speed most of the time so there’s no way you’re hitting a moving Target aiming with the minimap that’s just ridiculous the only thing this mod effected was firing at ships in smoke

  14. Notser, not everyone here plays WoWS for a living. 😉 I really like the operations, and they can be challenging, depending on the level of “teamwork”, which can be quite hard to come by.

    • Dude, I’ve rarely failed an Operation, and I only run PUGs. The only one that’s even slightly challenging is The Ultimate Frontier, and that’s only because of the sheer number of enemy ships you face. Unless your teammates are completely incompetent, the operations are super easy.

    • “Unless your teammates are completely incompetent, the operations are super easy.”

      *….remembers watching Jingles fail operations multiple times in a row.*

      oh, wait, you did say they had to be at least partly competent.

    • The thing is; many many (if not the majority) are casual players and are not at the level that others may consider “competent”. I can imagine players (customers) who play less than 1000 games per year….may even 300 per year.
      It seems that the good players forget where they came from…..all were noobs at one point yet NOT all ever get really good at it.

  15. Operations with random pick up groups can be a huge challenge.

  16. I didn’t even know this was a thing until i saw it in the patch notes. Now we know how everyone got so good at smoke firing overnight.

    • Sean Crees No, you can aim in smoke easily. All you have to do is look and see where the shells are coming from and shoot there.

      Being shot at by a Mino or Worcester in smoke gets really annoying really fast.

    • Smoke aiming is not difficult, but it takes some practice. And since you can now see the smoke outline at any range when you zoom in, it’s much easier to fire AT the smoke. I’ve noticed a number of the better players will lay the smoke, then run around the back, so you won’t hit them if you aim at the smoke. As for lateral aiming, it’s usually a matter of aiming between the front and back guns, and if they’re moving, judging the shift between each round.

      Outside of that just radar their ass!

    • I love when Russian ships try to fire from smoke. Their guns are so far spread apart, I can easily get an outline for exactly where the ship is. I know ive killed at least 5 Kutzovs trying to fire from smoke.

    • I like Minotaurs, chubby little boats with no appreciable armor, and they fire so fast, where they are is never a surprise.

    • Smoke firing isn’t hard dude, just get better

  17. THANK YOU! I said this about this MOD when it came out and have VERY successfully used it to KILL ships in cyclones blindly on the test server. And have watched people use it successfully live, into smoke and cyclones. This should NOT be added to the game! Infact this MOD should be added to the banned list. Get better at playing, don’t add crap like this.

    • Wrote about the same thing in the survey WG did for PTS 0.7.7. Needed a bit getting used to but after that i was also able to constantly hit ships in cyclone only detected by teammates. Funny enough you can also use it with the current Ships rendering and visibility bug, that shows ships on the mini map several seconds before the appear in 3D. Just aim on the last known position on the mini map and when the ship reappears correct your aim on the mini map and pull the trigger. I agree, this mode should really be added to the banned list. That said my guess is that WG probably can’t control the use of the mod and hence putting it in the game for everyone.

    • Chann, I think your last sentence is exactly why it is being added in. They cant stop people from putting this particular mod into the game….. so they made it official.

  18. Zachary Schaller

    I’ve used it and it’s really not that much of an advantage. For smoke it’s kinda useless when you can can just predict the location based on shell trajectory. For the cyclone yes it might help but you’re shooting a 3d object off of a 2d model for one so your shots will not be anywhere near accurate meaning you could be high or low and then to add to it you can’t get a sense of speed so your chances of hitting that ship are even lower. I’ve used it and personally I forgot it was there 98% of the time when I would have needed it.

  19. On one hand, yes that mod does seem like it provides a situational competitive advantage to those who have it in the context if the game. On the other hand, this is the kind of thing that I can easily see real life captains having done under the conditions you described during a cyclone.

  20. Wargaming won’t ever oppose mods like these because all the unicum players who pour hundreds of dollars into the game love them.

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