World of Warships- 82,000 Doubloons For A Tier X?!?!?!?!

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Hey guys, today we take a look at the French Battlecruiser event, and the insane price you’ll have to dish out for the Marseille, enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:


  1. The shocking part isn’t the price but the amount of people willing to pay it.

    • Adrian Shephard

      Very true. I suppose it’s not all bad. They are funding the game to keep it going so I shouldn’t look at it so negatively.

    • @Adrian Shephard I brought the entire container bundle and then played ranked to get the XP on Brest for T10 why not? its not like 160€ is a lot of money at least to me its not. When I consider the amount of time I would have to spend to grind ships I don’t want to play. I rather pay. I guess its a matter of perspective. Given that I like aggressive play T9/T10 are kind of awesome because they encourage that kind of play style. Though the reload time is dumb. They need to at least shave off 2-3 sec or make the reload booster better. Right now these ships feel unbalanced AF.

    • @Christian Now that i think about it a AAA game costs maximum 60$ and gives me like 20 – 25 hours of playtime and enjoyment. Now in wows 7k battles 15min on average for battles this means 7000*15 = 105000min.
      Now 105000/60 = 1750 hrs Jesus. This means at market rate i owe wg a lot of money.

    • @Christian 160 is a lot, it would buy my food for two months. Perspective I guess.

  2. Wg could have easily got into the auction process of introducing the early access t10 but they chose this route and that’s interesting to me. Maybe there is more money in this process then the auction or maybe they just want to keep the auction for rare and hard to get ships and don’t want to make it a regular thing who knows.
    Now people were upset about the auction too don’t know why personally I think they are fine but if people are upset about both option then maybe wg just randomly chose to stick with this cus players were gonna complain one way or the other.

  3. Orfeas Dimoulas

    I don’t get why all the hate for wg… I simply can’t understand why people constantly complain about the cost. I salut wg for this kind of tactic. With the population of whales globally in danger due to illegal hunting wg does it’s best to return the number of whales where it should be. Gj wg!

    • @antlerman this is so bullshit. People know what they are spending on and even in this case, the money to reward ratio isnt even bad.

    • yeah…..I’m a whale. Eat this game up. Retired mil like many of the players. I bought aaalllll the French cruiser bundles because it had a 25% deal. I did not do that for the Italian DD’s. As soon as I got the Adriatico….bought no more bundles. I am CaptChoke and I know how to throw a game and I hate campy campers that selfishly camp. I also feel that throwing a few hundred at this game a month is cheaper than one night out on the town. It all depends on what you are into at that point.

    • Robert Cartwright

      @Ken Caryer angryturtle is that you?

    • I just wish they didn’t remove ships for coal only to sell them once a year at ridiculous prices.

    • Orfeas Dimoulas

      I couldn’t agree more. I want a Musashi so much but i know it will be beyond reach for most of us.

  4. The ships’ prices is one of the most historically accurate parts of the game .

  5. People will pay, for all the different reasons, thus motivating WG to keep going with that strategy. Easy as that!

  6. 星川ヒカリ Hoshikawa Hikari

    Tier 5? Is there a tier 5?
    Isn’t it the T8 Cherboug the free ship you can get from completing the French Cruiser combat missions?
    There’s also enough French Tokens to get the perma camo for the Cherboug through the sequential bundles.

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      @Alain Sterckx I too suffer from early on set Jingles Syndrome

    • The Dude Abides

      Great channel, but pronounce Marseille correctly, please. I’m not French, but hearing the way you say it is painful. Heck, the City is not pronounced that way,.

    • @The Dude Abides I concur. It’s up there with Yamato and Preussen pronunciation. Hearing someone properly pronounce it [other streamers/youtubers], and then not pronouncing it properly, seems like laziness at that point.

    • @Sea Lord Mountbatten I believe Marseilles is pronounce Mar-say

    • 星川ヒカリ Hoshikawa Hikari

      @Ben B Did you hear someone say Prewssen?

  7. MysticDragonWolf

    I only spent money if the chance for Tier Xs I missed out on were high and or getting the ship was beneficial to me

    Example: The ARP Yamato
    Yes I bought that ship. Why?
    Now I always had a Yamato and I can get research points off that BB line without seemingly sacrificing one of my favorite ships every time

  8. Do not usually pay for random bundles BUT (never happened to me before) the very first bundle was the Brest. AKA got a T9 ship for 1000 doubloons. Had to do a double take, couldn’t believe it.

  9. No wonder they didn’t start the AL collab right at the start of the patch cycle. Taking up to mortgages at once would’ve been a bit much. You have to space it out a little.

  10. Mountbatten, The Cherbourg is the last mission reward, the Permacamo is the third sequential with Tokens

  11. It’s a shame WG doesn’t have any legit decent competition in this market. They only do this shit because some -people- actually pay them these cracked prices for free shit

  12. There are plenty of games out there that do just fine with a sub fee and a few cosmetic store items. Those games have far more in depth worlds to enjoy as well. For a basic PvP game with a few maps they could get plenty from just a sub fee and the premium ships. What they are doing is taking advantage of the particular type of player base this kind of game has, kinda disguising.

  13. I like the way they did German BB’s/ Battlecruisers. The same with Italian destroyers. I worked my way in to the tier 7 ships in both lines without spending dubloons. I did spend about 200 dubloons to get enough tokens for the Italian tier 8 permanent camo, but that it. I enjoy your content, keep doing what your doing.

    • 名誉Emp名誉

      Yep, I was fine with those events. But to be able to buy theT10 in this way is stupid. Sure, if people want to not grind they can spend money to skip, that was always the case.
      (Stupid how pricey ships at T9/10 get in general.)
      Still kinda greedy to make people spend almost 300€ to get something that they could get for NOT EVEN HALF that price if they free EXP the line.

      To skip from the T7 to the new T10 you would need like ~600k EXP. That’s what … 80-90 €? Why would I pay 280€(!!) then, just to get the ship 1 1/2 month earlier?

      I really can not believe people fall for this.

  14. WG claims there is no $$$ in making lower to mid tier premiums which is why they are going more and more with Expen$ive higher tiers & bundles.
    Bad news for WG- there is no $$$ to be made in those high tiers if players refuse to pay those pie in the sky prices. I am one of those that refuse.
    Kind of like Disneyworld raising ticket prices every year citing lower attendance as the reason , but they can not figure out that the higher prices are the cause of lower attendance………….

    • Gives the impression they’re catering to a specific wealthy group of people. It’s like WG has gone the Gucci business model instead of Walmart.

  15. TheGuardianofAzarath

    It was actually the Schlieffen that WG put in the auction when the German BCs were released.

    My issue with these early access events is, yes the ships are free, but the camos that come with these events, most of which look far better than the ‘standard’ permanent camos, are NOT free, and ARE time gated. And are rarely, if ever, added to the client’s “Exterior” tab.

    • Or maybe wait a year or 5 like how the special Petro skin went back into the shop for a limited time years after the Russian cruiser event

  16. Charles Larrivee

    I got lucky and picked up Brest in my very first random bundle. And I had 4000 doubs on hand. This is INCREDIBLY lucky for me, this has never happened to me before.

  17. I’m sure they are doing just fine regardless of giving up studios. with all the gambling and over charging for tech line ships for early access fattens their wallets quite nice

  18. Stephen Marshall

    Just as I predicted…with WG closing their office in Russia, more and more predatory monetization will be introduced to help compensate a little bit. I saw this coming from a mile away.

  19. I feel like this one feels more predatory, because you only get 1 free ship [The tier 8], whereas the Dutch and German ones gave you a few ships. But even though I don’t like it, it’s not like they’re saying I can’t play without dumping money on the event.

  20. BulletMagnet1337

    I am mesmerized by the CV on your team in this match… Such skill and game sense

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