World of Warships- 9.5 Brings Daily Steel

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Hey guys, today I’m going over all the new stuff coming in 9.5 and boy, is it alot.

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  1. So they messed up the legendary modules and as compensation they throw steel at everyone, Well done WG

    • Crimson Missouri

      @CV no good and it still will be hard to get

    • @MarcusKuann 600 per month isnt anything
      its shit

    • @Lord_crush777 If the stats on the Petropavlosvsk stay as they are, you don’t need a Stalingrad. Petro has almost same pen and improved pen-angles as Stalingrad, but dpm Petro is 264k vs 248k Stalin. Only real thing going for Stalin is the increased hp, I think. If I were you, I would keep my steel and watch how the new russian cruisers will perform

    • Don’t forget legendary’s can only be received thru the bureau, now, too.

      And yamato and Moskov legendary’s are still op.

    • EternalGaming786

      @MarisaTM Steel better then nothing. Steel get it? :3

  2. Steel per day… free premium consumables… RP points without regrinding a line…
    Hmmm… WG is setting us up for something. I wonder what awaits us… any idea?

  3. As someone who does not play ranked or clan, I am happy to see that change for steel, my only fear is what the trade off will be.

    • subs in the real game…. probably…

    • Trade of is that it’ll take you over a year maybe 2 to earn a t10 steel ship versus about 5 months with 3 daily resource chests, 2 daily mission chains and 6 month renewable coal ship coupon, for coal ships

    • It would take 3 years to get a T10 steel ship if you played everyday (that’s if you don’t participate in CB)

  4. I was waiting for 1 citadel the whole time

  5. Vesa Räisänen

    More broken steel ships, oh great..

  6. inb4 “Metal Mario Camo”
    No, the Shimakake Unique Upgrade module got a 10% buff to torpedo tube traverse. The old module gave -80%, the new iteration is ‘only’ -70%

  7. Anyone remember when the game had 4 nations. Jap and us had every line of ship. No split. T4 to t10 carriers(liked them a lot). USSR had only destroyers and Germans only cruisers?

  8. i’m excited tbh, this sounds good

  9. So, they finally figured out that getting people to fight clan battles is hard… to get a team together… or is this another bribe to get people to stay rather than walk away? Maybe they have plans to make subs REAL in that update so the steel is a nice bribe…. yeah, nah…. we are so far beyond being excited by … a whole 20…. of steel…. yeah…. right….

  10. あたまわるわる

    I would buy that steel camo if it add extra 1mm armor on my ship

  11. I’m looking forward to the Ludendorff

  12. Possible steel every day! Great. So if the game survives 5 more years, I may be able to get Bourgone…

  13. So, the rank-outs and clanwars will be more for unique camos to show off your elite status as a player. I’m interested.

  14. According the official WoWS YouTube channel, I think the new rank season is Tier 7 7 v 7.

  15. They need to do something about Henry’s lack of any acceleration. They killed that ship.

  16. 20 steel per day? WOW THIS IS SO HUGE! Now you can get a FREE Stalingrad every 4 years of playing every day! YAAAY

  17. Sir Osis of Liver

    I’m not resetting lines, I’m not interested in clan battles or ranked. The change to steel is okay I guess. Still largely irrelevant to me due to the slow accumulation rate. At least it can be converted to coal at 1:10. It’ll help with getting coal ships, if any interesting ones come out.

  18. Sea Lord Mountbatten

    Hey guys, apparently there is some fuzziness about whether or not steel will be a constant reward or will rotate out with coal, steel, and RP. The DevBlog post DOES NOT CLARIFY EITHER WAY. But it does sound like steel will be a daily reward in its mentioning. I will update this post once we get some clarification on this.

  19. Sounds good , we will see what the real trade off will be when it comes out. Cross our fingers and hope we don’t get screwed again.

  20. 20 steel per day is ridiculously stupid. WG stick your steel up wazzoo.

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