World of Warships – A BEAST of RANKED

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Kremlin all the way baby. This thing can hit you like a truck and can also receive a lot hits, you can bow tank for a long time if you manage your DCP and heals correctly + you can assign Kuznetsov on it as an extra buff.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. I’ve faced so many Kremlins in ranked that it’s not fun anymore.

  2. dont ask flambass to play cv in rank ??? right flambass? i dont care i love your videos you are an osome person ?

    • I thought he would have carried those 3 games easily if you consider how OP CV are and the low skill level required to play them I expected him to easily dodge the broken AA while making the game unplayable for the DDs.

    • DD players aren’t that smart, they go in and try to cap, get spotted by CV and never turn off their AA, then go whining about it, its little wonder do they even take the time to improve their class, in most games I concluded they usually don’t..

  3. WG: “Weakness, only 5 damage control partys!”
    Flambass: “Hold my beer, I only need 5!”

  4. so kremlin bow cannot be overmatched by yamato gun

    • @Sons of Odin Warships a dispersed shell went into superstructure and into cit?

    • @IIISentorIII Unless you get HE spanked by a conqueror

    • @IIISentorIII how i get this russian captain ??

    • VENCHER Gaming technically a bug. What happened, was that the shell bounced off the Captain’s beard into the boiler room

    • Michael Aagaard

      @Natsumei the bow is 32mm thick, with two strips of armor at the waterline, one being 60mm and the other being 150mm.

      It’s the same at the rear with the only difference being that there is a shorter strip of armor that is 300mm instead of 60mm

  5. I’m pissed that I missed you ranking out yesterday, was enjoying watching you play the Kremlin. Awesome work and streams though, keep up the great entertainment Flambass.

  6. The perfect counter to a Kremlin is a flanking Republique. Or a CV, because they’re fun and engaging.

  7. That mino was some help aswell

  8. do ta do, casually shooting at enemy ships, hardly any audio…..BLAM!!! SUPER LOUD WAR THUNDER AD!!!!!!!…. back to casual game play in ranked.

  9. thts why when i entering rank 10….kremlin everywhere….this vid explain everything

  10. how did you get kuzentsov captain?

  11. Damn I missed that yesterday

  12. I’ve taken that kremlin in rank, I’ve had 3 BBs rush killed them all in multiple battles. Easily my favorite ship

  13. These twitch alerts are just perfect. Always cracks the smile on my face 😛

  14. It’s rare I ever need the 5 damage cons on the kremlin

  15. Magic Mike Pence

    3:38 *eddie gluskin voice*
    Darling…you can’t hide from me.

  16. Congrats on ranking out Flambass

  17. 5:40 1 fire only by 2ndaries and 1 from the others ship mainguns

  18. Matthias Darrington

    Strategic diversity is dead. No DDs, no CVs, no light cruisers. Only BBs and Stalingrads and henrys

  19. Wonder what’s the captain skills @flambass running?

  20. Tho guys this is off topic I watched this video and gj on that win it was great game and wp. I didnt play wows before I mean I had it installed but now I do play it. So my question is about this armory what happens with ships that you can pick with steal/coal? I mean is offer changing for what ships you can get or no?

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