World of Warships – A Brief History of Poi

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Quick note: So apparently I got one aspect wrong. is not . This of course is attributed to the fact that I still am not well versed in either. It can be surmised though, that the popularity of both is why WoWS decided to include into WoWS. I will state though that I did get the aspects of the reason for correctly. So forgive me for the /Kantai error. Maybe I’ll make a correction video. I feel I already know more about Poi than I want to 🙂

Have you every started a round of and seen someone or several individuals type “Poi”? Are you as confused as much as I was when you first saw it? Better yet, have you always been intrigued as to what Poi actually means?

You’re in luck because I have broken down Poi and its just for you. And no, it’s not food or some strange cult that happens to like said food.

Poi actually has an interesting history and relevance as it pertains to World of Warships. So sit back and relax as I briefly give you a history of Poi and why players seem so excited to proclaim it boisterously at the beginning of every single round.



  1. welcome to the internet zoup

  2. Arp ships are not part of kancolle. Arpeggio of Blue steel is a completely
    separate anime from Kantai collection. The two are actually in competition
    as to who has the better boat girls.
    Ex. Takao

  3. I’m the evil midnight bomber, that bombs at midnight!

  4. Thank you – I was one of the people that vaguely knew it was from some
    anime thing, but didn’t understand the origin and ignored it/didn’t care.
    Now I can continue to ignore it, but with the understanding that it’s the
    catchphrase of the personification of the DD Shiratsuyu of the IJN!

  5. No offense to anime fans who are all spun up on this video, but this video
    obviously isn’t for you. It’s for the rest of us who are scratching our
    heads about this poi nonsense. I can honestly tell you that none of us who
    really didn’t know what poi was care about the difference between ARP and
    Kancole or Kantai or whatever. In your world it’s a big deal, and that’s
    fine, but in our’s it’s all the same.

  6. lol the Arpeggio ships aren’t from Kancolle, those ships are from Arpeggio
    of Blue Steel, a while different anime altogether

  7. A good friend of mine told me that there was more to “poi” rather than
    being a silly catchphrase, it actually had some history to it, so I did
    some digging and found this on the Kancolle wiki.

    “~poi in Japanese means “maybe”, “perhaps” or “seems like”, it’s something
    you throw in the end of the sentence if you aren’t too sure of the result
    and end up concluding the sentence by guessing. The main reason behind
    Yuudachi’s speech pattern is because no one actually had a clear record of
    what she actually accomplished in the Guadalcanal Campaign. It was
    technically a huge mess during the fight and no one actually knew what was
    happening. Even though Yuudachi did wreak havoc in the battle, there are
    other ships who also claimed the kills. Since her battle records were
    unclear and involved a lot of guess work from naval historians from both
    sides after the war, the game version of Yuudachi landed with the “poi”
    catchphrase just to reflect that little piece of history. (You can see from
    her introduction line that she wasn’t so sure of her battle result in
    Guadalcanal either.)”

    Whether this is true or not, I can’t confirm. But it is kind of funny :)

  8. Great video you nailed it ^^
    sadly there’s going to be less people who don’t know the meme now 🙁 that
    was kinda fun seeing them go “wtf ?”
    i already got the “poi is an Hawaiian food right ?” made me laugh a lot x)

  9. Another note, WG’s licensing with Arpeggio’s studio is supposed to expire
    at the end of the year, which is why they’re making it available to earn
    all this month. (The November mission was useless- can’t believe I grinded
    for that if they’re doing it again) WG will probably license with KanColle
    next year. Rise of *poi*

  10. Maybe I’ll just start every match with ‘Air Raid Pearl Harbor – This IS NOT
    a Drill!” to match all this poi nonsense.

  11. i love how deppending on the tone it a question, statment or feeling

  12. Funtage #6 Poi and chill… SO MUCH POI SPAM

  13. Fuck Poi they are nothing but annoying Weebos. Hail Hydra!

  14. thank you for explaining this : ) I do not feel one of the out crowd
    anymore ; p

  15. Thanx for clearing that up

  16. lol

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