World of Warships – A Cautionary Tale

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Today we’re back on Two Brothers. There’s something about this map, it’s like a giant Stupid Magnet. I’m probably at least partially to blame for that.

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  1. Wow such a consistent upload schedule even though you have been out of it for a while now. also great to hear you are feeling a bit better now. 🙂

  2. Sailing into the middle in the Two Brothers map
    Expectations: Taffy 3 during the Battle of Leyte Gulf
    Reality: Musashi during the Battle of Leyte Gulf

  3. Not even 2 minutes in and Jingles already couldn’t help himself, “the Soviet tier 7 battleship, the Vladivostok.”

  4. Being a console scrub, will mention that every time my router has dropped my system internet; once I get back into a match, my ship if still alive is sitting exactly the same as the start of the battle!! Keep it up great overlord!!!

  5. Jingles, when you go AFK the ship will actually go full stop. It just takes some time according to the ship’s mass

    • @Fitzwalrus WG can choose between getting new, more stable servers and stuffing subs and superships down our throats. What will they choose? (Small tip: they can monetize the shit out of one of the two options)

    • There’s a difference between being AFK and disconnecting. If you’re not gone without touching anything for, idk how much 5+ mins iirc, you just keep going. You are right that the ship stops when you disconnect, of course.

    • PSA: To all players who get frequently disconnected from WG titles or other gaming servers. Some settings in your VPN may block server access. I have had to ditch ”auto settings” mode in my VPN and set just 1 as standard. Apparently some settings will not allow you to gain server access for games. Try and figure out which setting do or do not work and set them accordingly.

    • My ship doesn’t stop when I disconnect, came back still alive on the map border full throttle from middle of the map

    • @Nathan Lowery it does stop, it just doesn’t instantly do so. When you initially disconnect it will continue moving at the same speed and direction for a bit, and then if you do reconnect quite quickly it then changes throttle and rudder to 0, though like if you did that it takes time to adjust.

  6. “Less” refers to uncountable quantities (e.g. “less water”, “less health”). “Fewer” is for countable quantities (“fewer mistakes”, “fewer guns per turret”).

    • Certainly true, but to be really pedantic, in this case “least” applied to the number of mistakes. In that usage, “least” means the same as “smallest” and refers to the magnitude of the number, so it would be (almost) correct to say the “least/smallest number of mistakes”. However, when comparing only two items (here the number of mistakes made by two teams), the comparitive form of the adjective should be used so ideally Jingles should have said either “fewer mistakes” or “the lesser/smaller number of mistakes”.

    • thx for the clarification.
      i always wondered what that meant, i only learned about that in game of thrones, and wondered why everyone was so smart ass about that show …. just because Stannis said that?

    • @Niki You just admitted you wanted to state the same thing. You really think our Mighty Gnome Overlord will spare you just because you were not the fastest?

    • As in “less time in the Salt Mine”? Oh, sorry, that should be “more time in the Salt Mine” 😉

    • I guess our Gnome overlord will have to send Stannis the one true king to two extra sessions in the salt mines?

  7. To be fair to the first Bismark, what else was he going to do. Sit behind the island an wait for the carrier or move and try to get some more damage.

  8. Can we talk about how Our Protagonist moves his fire from a Richelieu to Admiral_Richelieu in the Massachusetts B?

  9. Salty jingles sailing the high seas, don’t pick up the soap 😂…Thanks for your awesome commentary and in depth albeit salty analysis of the wonders of wows gameplay. I love my Monty.

  10. British Admiral Max Horton said in a speech to his crew that naval battles are won by the side that makes the least mistakes, as seen afterwards. ‘As seen afterwards’ is an important point to note, I think.

  11. To be fair, cheers to enemy Bayard.
    Unlike his stupid teammates rushing out and dying there (Mainz and Richelie), he uses the channel well, shoot things, take cover and knows how to angle. After blocking some points of green cap he realises that they are being outcapped by TWO DD´s, rushes back through the mid, kills both of them, thus secure his cap and then return back and stall points again and is able to cap and stall for another minute, bringing their team quite a points lead (only 13 points behind with one ship on sea more).

    Sadly for him, their Kaga has thrown the game and that decided. No spotting and air-bullying, no fighter protection, therefore while Amagi + Kaga start going for him, he cannot run nor kill those planes (cause it is Kaga, you cannot deplane it) and dies while running away. He did nothing wrong and lost only due to his teams stupidity.

    And I do not blame enemy Bismarck for reversing. He miraculously survived Kaga´s drop. He won´t be able to survive the other, cause fun-police can fly over islands and doesn´t care abour angling. This way he at least shoots and do some damage before going down.

  12. Honestly Jingles, whenever Two Brothers comes up on the queue, it is the one time in WoWs when the will to win is superceded by the ability to have fun. As you said, “Chicks dig scars and glory lasts forever”, and sure you may die 4 out of 5 times, but at least you have fun while doing it, but on that 1 time it works, it makes the other 4 times more than worth it 😂

  13. Jingles: Correction. When you disconnect, your ship does stop, after a few seconds. If your ship was moving when you came back, that’s because you came back immediately. The most telling sign is, your funnel stops smoking. That’s a disconnected/quit Amagi. If he was afk, his funnel would still be smoking. He might’ve still rage-quit or simply disconnected.

  14. I have only run the middle once sir. In my Kremlin. Accompanied by radar cruiser and a DD. We won easily and it was a ton of fun. So I would say it works 100% of the time and highly recommend that the bad guys do it any chance they get.

  15. Well actually Jingles, you do come to a complete stop after disconnecting, just not immediatly. Also the turrets revert to there default position, pointing forwards and backwards, by wich u can tell if someone is not in the game ( as not seen here 😉 o7

  16. This was a weird video. I know it’s the ASIA server, because the Amagi was from the TF44 Clan.
    But with the exception of the second Bismarck, the Battleships were actually pushing forward!?
    I mean, it happens on other servers, but the BB camping meta is especially bad on the ASIA server. So it’s very surprising to see BBs pushing forward. Of course, they don’t do it very often, so they’re bad at it.

  17. 7:00 I love how 2 friendly DDs found their way to the enemy cap point by this point in the fight ;p

  18. You’re right that the end screen is Korean. The script is called Hangul and is actually pretty fascinating.
    It’s rather young, being developed in 1443 and has been perposefully created to represent the way sylables are made.
    I can’t read it myself though but it’s pretty recognizable.

  19. To be fair, the enemy division B, with the Benson, Mainz and Bayard that went down the middle at the start got 7 kills between them! (including a kraken for the Bayard). Now, the general skill level in the game was’nt very high, but you can’t really blame them for playing poorly!😊

  20. “The tier 7 Soviet battleship, the Vladivostok”
    The Jingles moment came early today!😅

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