World of Warships – A Close Shave

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In which BlitzTheBritz cuts it awfully close in the tier 8 premium German battleship, the Brandenburg.

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  1. Always know I’ve stayed up too late when I’m here in time for a Jingles video

  2. As always, excellent job from the post-fight commentator: Akizuki !

  3. Matthias Darrington

    it’s not the ship’s fault if the captain can’t aim

    • Plenty of badly aimed shots on both sides, West Virginia and Budyonny could have been dead much sooner and Bismarck definitely should have been able to kill Blitz without basically giving away most of his health.
      So many German BB players just go full broadside all the time not realizing that just because you don’t instantly die, that doesn’t mean you won’t get punished.

  4. Actually, at the point where Blitz had less then 300 health remaining? If he had kicked his heal a SECOND later he would have died to a 300 dmg secondary hit he recieved.

    Also, Blitz did not sink the Pobeda, the NC did. What happened is that a stray Secondary shell found the low-health enemy Kagero and finished HIM off instead!

  5. It’s good to see it is still possible to have decent brawling games in World of CV’s and Sub’s, the best Naval artillery game and clearly the thinking man’s game.

  6. what a fantastic way to start the episode

  7. I hate to state the obvious, but Akazuki is becoming a fine co-commentator. I love the way she analyzes the game and brings it down to its bare essence with just three meeows.

  8. The strongest AA are main battery shells hitting a flight deck.

  9. 14:45 he did NOT kill the carrier. He killed the stealthed DD hugging the carrier with Torpedos.

  10. “Mouth-breathing, window-licker that’s failed his way to T10” I actually had to pause the video to finish laughing at that comment…

  11. While some may see ending up at 150 odd healt as cutting it a bit close, a confident boat driver could argue that he was just maximizing AR potential all along.

  12. Target practice, aim at Moskva = hit Yamato. Just like the simulations

  13. The problem is more with the BS soviet aircraft, dropping their payload in one go.
    Therefore ignoring MOST if not all AA mechanics.

    Best design comrade!

  14. Jean-Sébastien Poirier

    Repair party: “WE GOT THIS CAPTAIN”
    Repair party : * dropped a screwdriver *
    Bradenburg goes * boom *

  15. A highly entertaining watch – thanks Jingles!

  16. At least Yamato firing AP at destroyers is historically accurate.

  17. Imagine being that Moskva. Guy surely had plans, plans wich went out the window everytime he had to dodge torpedos, being harassed by 2 or 3 navy issue ninjas for at least half of the game, and his best hope at winning is some dude on a Yamato thats too good to move out of the way or load HE

  18. That’s what he gets for being a mall cop

  19. love how his secondary accidentally killed the smoked up dd and not the spotted cv and jingles didn’t even notice of course lol

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