World of Warships- A Commander Rework Is On The Way!

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Real quick, they do clarify that the secondaries WILL fire on both sides with this new skill. I literally scrolled right by it in the spreadsheet lol.


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  1. RIP my Haida secondary build i guess

  2. If i still ignore the survivability skills i can now get concealment on my max secondary specked GK. 😆

  3. Henrik Gerner Hansen

    Hi Sealord Still happy with your Zao? can you make a Zao review, now that you got some experince i her.

  4. With the proposed settings, CV and Smolensk thank you WG

  5. Sea Lord Mountbatten

    Hey guys, they do clarify in the spreadsheet that the secondaries do fire on both sides even with the new MFFS skill

  6. I will do what I did last time they did a commander reset. I will reset all my commanders to 0 skills and will only spec a few out while I figger it out and WG works out any bugs.
    I just got my 200th ship in my port, I still have captains I have not respec’d from last time. It will take me hours to clear all my captains. I think this is a good thing, it will have issues that can be worked out.
    The “No commander” into battle might be interesting for a player like me. This might be a problem for new players so a warning for doing such is in order.

  7. “Since the majority of you guys are battleship mains”

    *Cries in DD main*

  8. So here’s an interesting question how is this gonna affect the legendary/unique commanders and their buffed abilities?

  9. So much more specialisation… Which is why secondary builds got “buffed” only when you mess up and get surrounded and are about to die, while typical tank/conceal build can just go pick Marksman, because even if not Slava or Thunderer (12 km conceal ftw), being like 14 km away from the nearest spotted ship shouldn’t be too hard even for a Kremlin and they can still hit very well at that range, now even better with the skill.

    Overall, PT and AR getting rebalanced in point value is a good thing, because they were too cheap for their insane value. Some other skills however are absolutely questionable in a somewhat OP or UP way and the lack of certain skills for some classes will hurt (no FP on Stalingrad, no AFT for Atlanta, no LS for French cruisers…)

  10. Given how long the commander skill tree exists, I agree it need an update. But at 35 percent accuracy vs 60for manual secondaries, i would be hesitant to take it. I still think they should fuse manual and aft into one 4 points skill.

  11. Btw Sea Lord, Adrenaline Rush now also buffs AA damage as your health drains, which is why I suspect it’s gone up to a 3 point skill

  12. rip secondary cruisers T-T

  13. TheGuardianofAzarath

    Actually, Mount, they had a section at the top which had a few extra details, and they did mention that they plan to extend the range of some battleship secondaries at a later time (probably Germans and IJN, and probably up to a base of 8km, inline with the french). And that AP buff skill, on the Shikishima, would take it’s citadel pen damage up to about 20300 damage per citadel hit. I know I’ll be trying it

  14. ‘the mechanics of the manual fire control for secondary armament skills were changed. Secondaries guns fire all the time, and in all directions. however, the bonus to the accuracy from skills, is applied only towards the target designated by the player
    So basically gunz fire in all directions even if you have a manual target selected….. so yeah, thats a masive buff
    im also getting confused becuse the cruisers have different secondaries skills and points…

  15. Notice that BBs lose RPF, making it easier for DDs to hunt them.

  16. Gonna get the Salem now. I can use one captain for the Worcester, the Salem, the Massa and the Georgia and never have to respec. Should I ever get the Ohio then it can serve there too. Awesome.

  17. I’m going to be pissed if I can’t use manual secondaries on my Graf Zeppelin.

  18. What impact will this have on the research system? Don’t you need a certain # of 19 point captains and tier ten ships? Now that captains go to 21 points what will that mean? I was getting close, am I moving back?

  19. On the bright side, DE got nerfed so we may not have to hear about those nasty Cruisers and their fires from BB mains as much. Incoming secondary BB mains complaining non stop about marksman BB mains and how back lining BBs with improved accuracy/pen ruins the game for them. Cruisers can take a break from being the bad guys for a bit.

  20. we don’t need a rework like this just a rework on skills we all ready have. For example changing MFC to allow all guns to fire and -50% dispersion on slected, and ifhe only being 3pts… stuff like that. Only need different tree for CV,SS.

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