World of Warships – A for AWESOME

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Here is match on Okinawa with none other than Worcester.
Yeah I get this map with and with Worcester but than I get hotspot with Conqueror, makes sense right?
Well here is how I deal with crappy MM which decided to put me in one of the most open maps in a ship that’s begging to have a portable island with it 😉
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. nice shootin’ cowboy

  2. Well done Flambass


  4. Nicely done Flambass. Working on getting the Worchester now. I’d like to see a division with a Mino and a Worchester, if possible. Good Night from NY!

  5. hot dogs my man hotdogs hahaha you crack me up

  6. i think you mean cholesterol some cholesterol

  7. What do American cruisers do when there isn’t a rock to hide behind?!

  8. The only difference between a light cruiser and heavy cruiser are the guns its packing,not the armor it has. Light cruisers are armed with 152mm guns, heavies are 203mm.

    • and displacement limitations – at least for treaty ones – light cruisers were limited more in that department but treaty was not limiting amounts of them built as opposedto heavy cruisers – which is why IJN tried to sneak in heavies as lights and USN was workign on sneaking in carriers as light cruisers (flight deck cruiser project)

    • Well yes the definitions of light and heavy cruisers work that way. However in this game light cruisers are actually more lightly armored than the heavy once.

  9. You had like 3-4 good chances to use defensive fire near the end, why didn’t you? could have helped the hindi a bit 🙂

  10. but flambass your roasting a ijn ship so shouldnt you be saying that roasting some beanie wienies

  11. Do you have stock AA on Worcester ?

  12. One out of Fifteen matches might be exciting usually mine are B for Boring. Thank you for the video. 3 or 4 hundred more hotdogs and your accent might be perfect. lol

  13. No Aa build???

  14. Be sure to use that American accent when the time comes in the Ring 😀

  15. Colonel David Davenport

    Nice video despite using the “Wooster” – yet another WoWs cruiser with a science fiction rate of fire

  16. this match is an instant victory for the enemy team: just sit in C and wait for flambass’ team to push out of A, then focus everyone who wants to cap B—>job done!
    the plot starts when the enemy team wants to do something less boring and suicides instead by going more or less 1 by 1 to A making themselves a wonderfull target for everyone at A…

  17. Destroyer Inazuma

    Worcester – good in the right hands even without a friendly -smoke slave- Gearing, OP with one.

  18. Why did you never trigger AA?

  19. Tier 10 Atlanta

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