World of Warships – A Game of Throws: S1E3

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In which st_dasa finds himself having to carry a team of tier 8s in his tier 6 destroyer.

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  1. Clan is FJAKA, so probably (99,9%) Croatian clan – it means something like ”SIESTA” in Spanish.. Also, ST is no SAINT, but abbreviation for SPLIT, town in Croatia. ”Dasa” means cool guy, fighter, so Dasa from Split, from FJAKA clan.

  2. Ah this series is gonna have a lot of seasons XD.

  3. Had a game where a Buffalo was the only one left on my team. At 1k hp he bravely charged in, when we had a 500 point lead with 30 seconds remaining, after I had told him to run off for the past 5 minutes. I was able to take it with a laugth tho, as the enemy Ibuki got 6 kills and got to hard-carry his team. Probably the worst throw I’ve ever seen, but it makes for a fun game I guess!😅

  4. damn. I dont play much WoWs anymore but i dont hold some regret for going down the gearing line instead of the shima line. This snake in the grass playstyle looks so tactically interesting

    • It’s not as interesting as you would think. Gearing line has options in the sense you can be a gun boat or a torpedo boat at will starting at tier 7.

  5. Jingles now has a confirmed kill count XD

  6. World of window lickers, that Alabama didn,t deserve to be defended if ya watch the minimap, he was camping 50% of the game behind a rock behind almost everyone.
    Stuff like this and WG tendency of aggressive monetization and mis communication let me to drop WoWS all together, Glad I did.

  7. If this reaches season 7 we know the quality is going to drop significantly.

  8. When Shinonome needs AA defense, her captain climbs the main mast and waves his Katana.

  9. Ouch! That man did a job of work and it still wasn’t enough. That’s even worse than the 300k Bourgogne loss I sent in, since we were down pretty significantly when I tried to emulate Neo from the Matrix. This guy’s team had everything going for them and just chucked it all away, and no amount of great play on his part was going to overcome that.

  10. Heart breaking for shinonome, GG.
    Alabama… well… just, keep learning ! Lol (what else to say ?)
    It was a nice one to watch.
    And GG to enemy fubuki as well, highly deserved too. 👌

  11. Wargaming turned the CV ship spotted alert into a big beeping road sign and still so many carrier players don’t notice a DD sneaking up on them.

    • well, you do notice, but in many games it is pretty hard to do anything about it, when you are spotted for 14 km on 25 km map 😀

    • not sure if they do not see, or just do not understand it. Also you can get spotted signs regularly when you peek out between islands and such for a small time, so way too many just ignore it.

    • @Thorin well, for a Cv to be spotted it is bad, but usually the radius is quite large. I have been there and, to be fair, enemy Lexington did the best to avoid (and eventually kill) Akizuki that was hunting him. In the end he didn´t play the best, although … we all know how great is autopilot between islands…

  12. The way you can hear the smirk on Jingles’ face when he talks about farming deto-flags. Hah.

    • What happened with those? I haven’t played WOWS in years.

    • @Nigel WarGambling made it so you can’t obtain flags through achievements anymore, and now players can only get them with money. One of the reasons they cited? PEOPLE FARMING DETONATION FLAGS, which was toooooooootally breaking the economy.

  13. That Alabama spent so much on the border REMFing his way north and doing SFA

  14. 14:26 Pretty sure the Kansas was the closest ship to his smoke, all other ships are accounted for on the minimap(other than the carrier, which I somehow doubt was rushing his smoke). The reason it was further away than when RPF switched is that when you said that he had already moved out of the smoke in the opposite direction and hence further away from the Kansas.

  15. While capturing cap circles usually equates to a victory, that’s not always the case. Sometimes your team mates just can’t handle themselves well enough when faced with conflict, especially in these lower rank battles.

  16. I appreciate the editing style for this video. Zooming in on the parts of the screen that you’re talking about like the map or the amount of players left really helps when watching on a smaller screen.

  17. “Actually Jingles” never gets old

  18. I’m almost done with Honorable Service,was hoping to see how this ship plays!!! Thanks for the heads-up vid,Jingles!!!!

  19. “Well Done” said the Shinonome everytime an allied died. You can really feel the frustation

  20. This video exemplifies why I’ve stopped playing WOWS.

    The knuckle-dragging in this game is getting beyond ludicrous and it just breaks your spirit and morale.

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