World of Warships – A Game of Throws, Season 2 Episode 11

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Celebrating those moments when you’re completely screwed and guaranteed to lose unless one specific ship on the enemy team makes one specific mistake at one specific time. What are the chances?

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  1. Oh Jingles… the MM isn’t mirrored because it’s a Clan Battle. But hey, at least you didn’t mis-identify any ships classes today. 🙂

  2. “Unfortunately the team had just lost their one and only radar, the Stalingrad”
    A. Nevsky: Am I a joke to you?
    BTW: this is a Clan Battle, so the MM doesn’t actually do any ship balancing at all.
    I’ll go back to the salt mines.

  3. Geoffrey Richardson

    So, no such thing as to much Jingles.

  4. Secretly_Solanine

    Heh, who needs sleep when you can watch the new Jingles video?

  5. That Shimikaze threw so hard they ought to fast bowl for England.

  6. Thank you Jingles for the early video, its helping me ignore the pain from my fractured spine. Although the laughter is counter acting that.

  7. I am not sure, but I think that the Sevastopol, despite being a high tier soviet cruiser, does not get radar.

    • Adam Marcinkowski

      For me Sevastopol is OMG moment in this video , I have one and mine have hydro if I want or extra AA if I dont , but in Jingles video Sevastopol dont have radar & hydro , then have just hydro , I dunno if that should be funny or what , but lately Jingles make that kind of misstaked on regular base in his videos , I think he need to play wows more = his main source of income …

    • @Adam Marcinkowski Hahaha, no.
      No one in their right mind is watching him for accurate ship stats. And no one can be expected to know the ins and outs of the hundreds(and growing) of ships in this game. And most of all, no one can reasonably be expected to play the piece of shit this game has become over the years out of obligation.

    • on a further notice, despite being a high tier soviet cruiser, it does not get radar.

  8. Gotta love that last comment the enemy team made a split second before the match ended.
    “anyway, gg, your small flag mistake made us win.”
    Would have loved to see the look on his face when his shima left his smoke.

  9. With S2 of the Game of throws at Ep.11, I’m concerned we may see the end of the season before Christmas

  10. That was a good one. Usually Druid or F.Sherman, although fun, can’t do enough damage to carry a game. Unless the enemy does something really stupid.

  11. Jeff Lewis Racing

    It’s rare you get to see 3 throws in one video, love it

  12. Shima went “ok lil buddy, you’ve done enough, here, have the win”

  13. Please_Change_Username

    Jingles algorithm tactic is amazing and never fails.

    Step 1 – make an obvious mistake. Step 2 – people flood to the comments to correct him.
    Step 3 – literal profit.
    Step 4 – repeat every single video and people fall for it every time.

    • you’re repeating yourself as well here. You also feed the algorithm for – SHAME – Jingles income.

    • @Please_Change_Username and by keeping this discussion up somehow, we keep pushing the algorithm into calculating that the video is aktshually interesting…

  14. That last moment enemy team comment is just golden.
    That guy probably threw his screen out of the window immediately.

  15. Jingles thank you for posting this I am humbly grateful. A couple of things I feel need to set the record straight on. This was a clan battle and I was there as a mercenary. The team I was playing with are friends of mine although I suspect after your comments that is subject to change, particularly the shima on our team who is still learning the game but is a decent player. He was doing his best and just got caught out trying to keep the enemy team spotted for me.

  16. A beautifully crafted throw, but well played to the Druids – you have to be in it to receive the gifts

  17. Asymmetric match making, that is likely because this was a clan battle given that 5/7 of Rooke’s team had all the same clan tags. Also love how someone started counting chickens right at the buzzer claiming a red victory

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