World of Warships – A Game of Throws Season Four Episode Five

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In which SeaRaptor returns in a match that should have been subtitled “Obvious Torpedoes are Obvious.”

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  1. @UNICORNSF3ProgameplayProRACER

    Amazing content here👍

  2. Jingles just casually restoring my will to live

  3. the Hill’s capt name is also really fitting: ThisIsClassic
    I mean is there anything more classic than catching some torps on a celebration turn and gifting the dude you just sunk a Just A Fleshwound…

  4. Kudo’s to Sea Raptor for sending this in

  5. The New Orleans is still wearing its Mardi Gras outfit 😂

  6. the QE’s actual mistake was not turning bow-in to the Leander as soon as he saw him – rather he wanted to get all his guns firing, thus opening his broadside to either set of torps. so the main lesson here is to not get greedy – do the safe thing when the game is on the line.

    • Honestly there isn’t any optimal option when you’re faced with a RN cruiser that close- bowing in gives up half your guns, and if you don’t kill him with the 2 front guns you’re basically guaranteed to eat single launch torpedoes to the face. You always want to turn out against torpedo ships, which is why the main mistake here was going to the right of the island in the first place when he knew a torpedo cruiser was there.

    • @@kagakai7729″You always want to turn out against torpedo ships” gasps in Flambass.

    • I don’t agree, the QE made the mistake at 16:00 by choosing to sail towards the Leander’s last known position with the islands on his port (left) side.

  7. This is why I turned on ‘collision avoidance while zoomed in’. People who turn it off completely run into islands constantly.

  8. The number of times I’ve been sunk by someone irresponsibly parking an island right in my path….

  9. @liberalsockpuppet4772

    I took your advice Jingles. I bought the Gniesenope paid for research, and went straight to Bismarck. I sold Gnisenope unplayed.

    • You missed out on a decent ship methinks…..

    • @@jackaubrey8614 great ship*, sadly it only got 128mm guns and some torps, which is barely noteworthy armament for a Battleship

    • Jingles’ opinion on the Gneisenau is so skewed toward subjective bias that it’s not funny. The secret is, the Gneisenau isn’t the greatest brawler despite that it’s a German battleship. It’s a commerce raider and therefore more of a slow battlecruiser. It’s designed to pick on smaller targets than itself: cruisers. It’s not designed to take on BBs solo.

    • @@swordmonkey6635 its not designed to take anything on solo (at least in game). Lots of accurate 128mm guns and some torps might be nice, but you get spotted and farmed out before you get into range.

  10. As someone who does not play WoWs, I enjoy watching the battles on here. I get a bit of a history lesson on different ships, game strategy, and the singling out of both good & bad game play. And sometimes, if the game play [or player’s moniker] is outrageous enough; or if the “chat” is spicy enough – – we’re treated to a “Jingles” laughter.
    I just wish I knew enough of this game to throw in “Well actually Jingles. . . ” once in awhile.

  11. Fun fact about Captain for this ship is that they have kept a pic of a Sikh commander ( northern state of India) with a name Radhakrishna Gautam ( naming convention specifically for South Indian) and his accent is of a typical Hindi speaker… Who both Sikhs ans south Indians don’t have…
    WG like rest of the world underestimated the diversity of the country…😜

  12. I’m a little surprised that SR turned broadside to the DD who ISN”T firing it’s guns, which means it IS torping. Kinda unusual for him to make that kind of mistake. Leander was a rockstar.

    • Mostly because he couldn’t have known my heading when he fired them. I was going the opposite direction when I came out of the smoke and he spotted me. He made a good guess, and I turned back north right into them.

  13. A Jingles-a-day keeps the dark thoughts away.

  14. The thing is with Leander is that despite only being a T6 CL, WG has had to beat it endlessly with the nerf bat because it’s bloody good cruiser, so someone who knows what they’re doing with it, as Demotivated obviously does, are an absolute nightmare to deal with. And SeaRaptor coming second with a T5 version of Leander kind of show that it has at least of that Leander DNA in it.

  15. happens to the best of us. This moment when you have clawed yourself out of an iffy situation with mostly skill, bit of luck and a good portion of situational awarness, killed the enemy ship(s) and then your brain instantly goes from high-alert-trying-to-anticipate-every-possible-enemy-move to all-good-now-lets-have-tea-and-crackers-no-need-to-worry-about-a-thing mode and you get caught by (very predictable) torps like that.
    And that moment when your highly nimble and respsonsive Battleship overturns just that wee bit to not clear the pesky island in front of you, making you either eat torps, getting burned to crisp or a parental citadel paddling, is also a classic.

  16. Cool . . . I watched this Live!

    SeaRaptor has a ‘Thursday Night Ship Show’ nearly every week at 6pm EST; he streams on Twitch and YouTube. Battles and good discussions . . . it’s worth a watch!

  17. @ReallifevsPlayable

    In my opinion the friendly lazo throw, he camps the hole time over the cap and then pushed and died.

  18. If the Leander had sent this replay to the gnomish overlord the title would have been different 😉
    The QE just had a really bad position at the end there, when he spotted the Leander at 16:15 his course was already set and he couldn’t swerve past the islands on the outside. He should have turned south at 16:00 and made the Leander come to him in open water.

  19. if he hit the island, he was dead, if he didnt run into the island, he was dead. thats the way things go.

  20. I haven’t been back to this channel in a while but a game of thrones will always be right back to this channel very quickly just for the lol’s or the nail biter of a game

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